e-Book The Trade download

e-Book The Trade download

by Shirley Palmer

ISBN: 1551667355
ISBN13: 978-1551667355
Language: English
Publisher: Mira; First Edition edition (December 1, 2003)
Pages: 304
Category: Erotica
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.5
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This book is dedicated to those who suffer from this most heinous of crimes. He took some of his books from the shelves in the living room, his laptop. He already had Barney ready to run.

This book is dedicated to those who suffer from this most heinous of crimes. Thanks, too, to Ken Atchity at AEI; to Andrea McKeown for her invaluable input; to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department homicide detective Sergeant Ray Verdugo, re. and to Hae Jung Cho, former director of the Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking in Los Angeles. That was it.

The Trade Shirley Palmer. Matt Lowell never set out to be a her. ut he wasn't given a choice. As a wildfire rages in the canyons around Malibu, Matt Lowell races along the edge of the surf in a desperate attempt to reach his house and save his dog, Barney. But as he runs he stumbles upon a horror that stops him in his tracks: a newborn baby abandoned in the sand. It gives me much pleasure to acknowledge the work she has done.

I really enjoyed this book and the main character, Matt! Lots of twists and turns that really kept me reading on with anticipation!

I really enjoyed this book and the main character, Matt! Lots of twists and turns that really kept me reading on with anticipation! I have no plans to write about any of those twists and turns.

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The Trade - Shirley Palmer. I really enjoyed this book and the main character, Matt! Lots of twists and turns that really kept me reading on with anticipation!

The Trade - Shirley Palmer. I really enjoyed this book and the main character, Matt! Lots of twists and turns that really kept me reading on with anticipation! I have no plans to write about any of those twists and turns. I wouldn't want to spoil them for anyone else! Completed the book and want to read Shirley's other works! Close Dialog.

Matt Lowell never set out to be a hero.

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Matt Lowell never set out to be a hero…but he wasn't given a choice  . Books related to The Trade.

Shirley Palmer is the name of: Shirley Palmer (actress) (1908–2000), American film actress. Shirley Palmer (Kansas politician), Democratic member of the Kansas House of Representatives. Shirley W. Palmer-Ball (1930–2012), Republican in the .

As a wildfire ravages the land, Matt Lowell makes a startling discovery on the beach when he stumbles upon an infant, who is barely alive, and the dead body of the baby's mother, causing Matt to become the prime suspect in the case, which takes a turn for the bizarre as he searches for answers. 50,000 first printing.
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This is a very exciting and well written book. The hero is a real human. The trade in children is very moving and the ending is exciting and unexpected.

A couple of days before I read The Trade I read Palmer's great book Danger Zone. Although this book is a worthwhile read it is not in the same high league as Danger Zone which could be compared to Harlan Coben, Joseph Finder and other similar authors' great work.

In The Trade, Malibu resident Matt Lowell ignores a police road block and races towards his house to save it and his dog from a fire raging in the neighbourhood. Losing his car to the fire he is forced to run along the beach to his house but on the way comes across an abandoned baby. Eventually when he arrives at his house he notices the baby is dead. After the fire the baby's teenage mother is found dead on the roadside covered in flowers. Upon investigating the scene Matt finds out there's other children in the canyon and brings an injured girl home with him who can't speak English and is terrified of everyone. For reasons only known to him and to allow the plot of the book to happen he doesn't just ring the cops but keeps homicide police in the dark about everything and instead tries to solve the problem himself. Only when those who also unbelievably have also gone along with his plan start to turn up dead does he realise he will soon be dead if he doesn't gather enough evidence first.

The Trade is also similar in plot to another book I recently read called California Fire and Life by Don Winslow which tackles a similar plot a lot more brilliantly and with substantially more substance and believability. The Trade is all right if you are borrowing it or can get one for free but if you're trading money for it you'll get a better deal with Danger Zone or California Fire and Life.

Scoreboard Bleeding
This story surrounds a man, named Matt Lowell, who during one of the infamous California fires, while trying to escape the flames, finds a baby (newborn) seriously injured. While carrying the baby to safety, the baby dies in Matt's arms. During the same time frame, Matt comes across a young girl that is about 14 or 15, presumed to be the mother of the dead child, dead herself. In trying to search for the identity of the child and the mother, Matt comes across 4 children in the bottom of a canyon, neither child talks or for that matter wants to deal with Matt.

When Matt becomes cocerned that the baby and mother do not have family around, Matt becomes interested in taking custody of the bodies so that they can have proper burial...this in return causes local law enforcement to believe he had something to do with the deaths of these two people.

Matt also gets himself enbroiled in sex slavery while trying to find out who the 4 children belong to that he found at the bottom of the canyon...

Throughout the book, it does have some twists and turns, but in my opinion, I think that the author has tried too hard with this one, in giving the reading too many plots to think about. I found the book to have many mistakes in it (editoral) and the author does say that there are mistakes in throughout the text. In my opinion, this is something that the author and editor should do their best to avoid...it turns the reader off!!!

In hindsight, this book was not really that bad. I am not sure that I would read this author again, for fear of running into more of her careless typographical errors. I found this book to be written like it was written by an 8th grade student, not someone who has had other books under her credit...

A redeeming quality is finding out who was behind the deaths and sex-slavery trade of the kids in the canyon...this will not disappoint.

On his way home to rescue his dog before the California wildfires reach his house, Matt finds a baby abandoned on the beach. Thinking to save the little girl, he takes her home, only to have her die before he can do much more. Shortly thereafter, a teen age girl, likely the infant's mother, is found dead. Matt goes to take a look at where she was found, and finds himself walking into a hornet's nest.
He finds a group of run away foreign children, escapees from modern day slave runners, apparently. A good man, Matt wants to help them, even though it might cost him his life or freedom. With the help of close friends and his ex, Matt ventures into a glittering hell to save the innocent.
** Although the Trade is action packed and fast moving, it's hard to build an emotional tie to the story. More details about Matt and Ginn's relationship would have made them easier to empathize with. Still, this shocking story will hold your attention. **
Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

I am a huge fan of Shirley Palmer, have read every one of her books (Danger Zone; Veiled Journey; Lioness) and I have to say this is her best yet! Palmer reveals an underworld that is shocking and eye opening. Highly recommended!

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