e-Book Shifters' Captive download

e-Book Shifters' Captive download

by Bonnie Dee

ISBN: 1605049190
ISBN13: 978-1605049199
Language: English
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (November 2, 2010)
Pages: 208
Category: Erotica
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 768
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Shifters' Captive book.

Shifters' Captive book. The Holy smokes! This novel was way better than it had any right to be for a menage, erotica novel. No disrespect intended, but unlike so many other books in these genres, "Shifter's Captive" actually had a plot! The storytelling is top-notch, the dialogue fantastic, the plot intriguing and the erotica smoking hot!

Bonnie Dee. He couldn’t suppress a purr. Arching his back in pleasure, he brought her hand to his chest and pressed her palm against it, then bent and kissed her luscious lips.

Bonnie Dee. Arching his back in pleasure, he brought her hand to his chest and pressed her palm against it, then bent and kissed her luscious lips er soft mouth yielding to his made his cock hard as rebar. In an instant, he was starving for her as if he hadn’t just fucked her earlier that day-and the night before. Sherrie gave a soft whimper, and his dick throbbed painfully

Shifters& Captive Dee Bonnie Неизвестно 9781605049199 : Animal . Hes poised for battle-until he learns his panther shifter clan suffers the same fate as Johns pack.

Shifters& Captive Dee Bonnie Неизвестно 9781605049199 : Animal attraction is the essence of their power. A Magical Menages Story. When the three of them touch, the primal, erotic power surge swells like the waves of an earthquake.

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Magical Ménages Series, Book 1 · Magical Ménages. by Bonnie Dee. ebook.

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Animal attraction is the essence of their power…

Sherrie's minding her own business, living her quiet life, when she is kidnapped while walking home one dark night. Proof that there are wolf shifters in the world comes in the form of John, her kidnapper. This is followed swiftly by Grant's materialization, and proof that mountain lion shifters exist, too. Then there's that profound power when the three of them touch, and all those sick people. How are all these things related?

I received this book from Amazon one Friday after work and read until my eyes would not stay open that night, and then finished it off as soon as I got up the next morning.

The successes:
1. Definitely an extra-special relationship between the guys and her, sexually and otherwise.
2. Well-done characterizations of John (wolf) and Grant (cat) in terms of those breeds' actual animal characteristics.
3. Hot three-way sex, in-the-flesh and otherwise. Whew!
4. A smudge of real-feeling D/s in one out-of-body sex scene with my pick for the best character, Grant the cat-shifter.

The less successful bits:
1. Too tidy ending. I really dislike a great book-length set-up, follow-through...and then a too quick ending. This sort of felt like that, especially with regard to Sherrie and Grant's relationship.
2. It left me cold that John was *so* uncomfortable with Grant's touches during the threesome sexuality. Either do or do not, in the words of Yoda, but don't sit on the damn fence.
3. Short book. At 203 pages of big-font type, the book flew past. I actually spent less than five reading hours on it. That's a fast reading time compared to most of the books I read.

Pretty good book. Not the very best in terms of the ménage subgenre (try Shayla Black's Dangerous Boys and Their Toy for ménage excellence) but it does, at least, avoid most of the really appalling writing/editing crimes foisted upon readers in that group. I'm not going to keep it but I'm not sorry I spent time reading it, either.

Four stars out of five for sitting on fence in terms of the m-m sexuality. Either do it or do not do it...

Overall this was a fun quick read.

Shifters are going into comas and Sherrie has been shown in a vision (to village wisewoman) to be the answer. John kidnapps Sherrie and trys to explain that they need her help - that they don't plan to hurt her. Of course her 1st reaction is yeah - right... After showing her his wolf, she initially looses it but after calming down, they go to visit one of the coma patients. This is OK - but nothing too exciting or original.

She is surprised when she actually gets feelings / visions about a 'bad man'. Sherrie starts to believe and wants to help, but doesn't know what she, a mere human, could possibly do. Thought that this had some potentional, left me guessing what was involved vamps, demons, other???

Sherrie and John's connection happens fast and furious. I like that Sherrie does not moan and groan and beat herself up. She accepts what is happening as best she can and goes on. Grant shows up, also following a vision quest.

Did not really understand why Sherrie and Grant have dream sex vs actual sex, other than setting up the need for the astral connection used later in the book. John had to go back into town for 'stuff'. He brought food when he originally kidnapped Sherrie but no clothes. Very convient..

Characters were OK, would have liked a little more development and feeling between the three. John is never comfortable with the threesome and the ending of the book leaves some doubt if Grant will be more than just a friend or occaisional partner. Thought that the Shifter community also lacked development.

Lot of unawsered questions about Sherrie's parents / father / possible family connections. The power of Sherrie, John and Grant also seems to be fleeting after the big show down between good vs evil.

Left me wanting more. But did have several good point.

I wanted to like this more but it didn't have the umpff that it needed to get there. Any time the hero kidnaps the heroine and holds her prisoner in the first few pages, it needs to really heat up after that, but it didn't. It was rather slow and the relationship between the couple is strained, so if you like those kind of relationships this is for you. I find menage stories interesting most of the time but this one was luke warm. The other guy is just a sometimes drop over to spend the night like the couple have some kind of swinger situation. There are several situations that put me off so I can't give this book a good review. Its not that it was a thoroughly bad book, I'm sure many people would enjoy this. I would not read this again although I regularly re read books. The heroine spent quite a bit of dialogue trying to figure out how to escape her captor, that's not romantic, but I don't want to list all the sticking points here. It may ruin the reading for someone else. It's just a book that missed the mark for me.

I gave it 5 stars because I was looking for a good erotica book that had some plot, some characters, and some sex. It's not BDSM. It's not worth remembering as a favorite. But, if you're looking for either a book to read on vacation or a bedtime story, this is good.

All I can say is OMGosh. This is one interesting book.I had a hard time putting it down. I want a book #2 of it to read.

This book is just dumb. The lack of internal consistancy both in the alternate world and within the characters is extremely annoying. The author changes the characters' motivations, emotions, logic and reactions on a whim, to the point that they cannot be taken seriously as people but are, rather, two-dimensional approximations. Don't waste your money -- and try early Lora Leigh if you want shape-shifter stories with some depth.

I'm going through a shapeshifter faze right now and I liked this story. It was a bonus having some metaphysical points added in. Since it's a Book 1 I will be looking out for Book 2.

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ISBN13: 978-0263234329
language: English
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