e-Book Betty Zane download

e-Book Betty Zane download

by Zane Grey

ISBN: 0891907521
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Publisher: Amereon Ltd (June 1, 1976)
Pages: 290
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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New cabins dotted thehillside; cabins and barns in all stages of construction could beseen.

New cabins dotted thehillside; cabins and barns in all stages of construction could beseen. The sounds of hammers, the ringing stroke of the axe, and thecrashing down of mighty pines or poplars were heard all day long. On this evening he had just returned from ahard day in the fields, and sat down to rest a moment before goingto supper. A few days previous Isaac Zane and Myeerah had come tothe settlement.

To the betty zane chapter of the daughters of the revolution this book is respectfully .

To the betty zane chapter of the daughters of the revolution this book is respectfully dedicated by the author. For a hundred years the stories of Betty and Isaac Zane have been familiar, oft-repeated tales in my family-tales told with that pardonable ancestral pride which seems inherent in every one. My grandmother loved to cluster the children round her and tell them that when she was a little girl she had knelt at the feet of Betty Zane, and listened to the old lady as she told of her brother's capture by the Indian Princess, of the burning of the Fort, and of her own race for life.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Zane Grey's classic novel about a heroine of the Revolutionary War on the American frontier.

Elizabeth "Betty" Zane McLaughlin Clark (July 19, 1765 – August 23, 1823) was a heroine of the Revolutionary War on the American frontier. She was the daughter of William Andrew Zane and Nancy Ann (née Nolan) Zane, and the sister of Ebenezer Zane, Silas Zane, Jonathan Zane, Isaac Zane and Andrew Zane.

Inspired by the life and adventures of his own great-great aunt, Betty. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Ohio River Trilogy #1).

Betty Zane - Zane Grey. The first Zane of whom any trace can be found was a Dane of aristocratic lineage, who was exiled from his country and came to America with William Penn. Betty Zane By Zane Grey. published by Samizdat Express, Orange, CT, USA. established in 1974, offering over 14,000 books. He was prominent for several years in the new settlement founded by Penn, and Zane street, Philadelphia, bears his name. Being a proud and arrogant man, he soon became obnoxious to his Quaker brethren.

Электронная книга "Betty Zane: Stories of the Ohio Frontier", Zane Grey. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Betty Zane: Stories of the Ohio Frontier" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

Grey, Zane
Betty Zane is an "Eastern" real life adventure story by Zane Grey based upon diaries kept by his great grandmother, Betty Zane, describing her life and adventures after she joined her brother's family near what is now Wheeling, WV in the late 1700's. The settlers built Fort Henry for protection from Indian attacks and Betty behaved heroically in saving the fort during a prolonged attack when they ran out of gunpowder. The story of her life and the life of these early pioneers is revealing about the hazards faced by women on the frontier who were in danger of being carried off by Indians and white renegades. I don't know just how historically accurate the book is--Betty seemed to live a life of ease rather than the housework and cooking you'd expect. But I enjoyed the book and I expect you will too.

Although Zane Grey is an excellent author, I really got this book for my own reasons. Zane Grey was my grandmother's first cousin, and his aunt "Betty" (Elizabeth Zane) was my great, great, etc., grand aunt, her brother Ebenezer my grandfather. I got this book because of that reason, and it is precious to me. Although it is definitely written as fiction, it is apparent that Zane Grey (Pearl Zane Gray, actually) holds his "Aunt Betty" in the highest esteem - as we all do. A good read for those that like Grey's books, and would like to see somewhat of a biased view of a lovely lady in the person of Betty Zane. There is historical truth within the novel, and the real story of the Zanes is quite fascinating - they came to this country in about 1680 (Robert Zane) and have been patriots for the various causes of America in a multitude of ways.

Zane Grey is indisputably, the foremost pattern used by western writers as the epitome of an author who was able to use descriptive scenery, and historical facts, in a vividly realistic manner.
Betty Zane is a romantic novel based on real life people and events. Betty Zane was pivotal during the siege of Ft. Henry, the final battle of the American Revolution.
This book depicts the pioneer times which are the history of America. Grey's perspective is one of gallantry, and heroes saving innocent women.
Luckily, for those who relish the classics, Zane Grey wrote previous to the latter day Western genre where novelists depend upon sex, slaughter, and outrageous acts to sell their outpouring.
Thanks to a nostalgic few, we can still enjoy pinons, prairie dogs, wolves and coyotes. This novel does contain violent scenes, but those also, are skillfully written.
"Sad, too, is the thought that the poor Indian is unmourned. His songs are sung, his deeds are done. No more will his heart bound at the whistle of the stag."
My thanks also goes to Amazon for providing free access to the classics. This is an invaluable, simpatico service.

The story tells the life of early settlers and the costs of life, limbs, and torture they faced to establish a place to live at the border settlements in the early 1800s. Women stood by their men in the face of battle with Indians, the British and white men who were traitors to their own race and country. Exploits of bravery, love of an Indian princess for the son of a wealthy frontier family, near death experiences and torture, intrigues the reader as the story unfolds. The remarkable life of Betty Zane is told of her exceptional riding ability and swiftness of feet and her heroic efforts to save a frontier fort. It tells the efforts of the beautiful young lady and her wooing exploits to have many men love her but stunning them all. Men fall in love with her and I willing to give their lives to protect and avenge her. I'm looking forward to another exciting read in the novel "Spirit of the border" which is the next one in the series.

I just reread this book, which was my favorite story as a young girl. I still enjoyed it. Back then, I loved it because the story shows a real woman who was brave and plucky. She saved Fort Henry, her family, and friends. The descriptions of West Virginia are simply lovely. As a modern adult woman, a number of Grey's passages annoyed me with their paternalism, but perhaps it isn't fair to judge him by my current standards. As we all know, we've come a long way, baby!

I believe this was Zane Grey's first novel, and it is told around some historical true people and facts, including his Zane ancestors. This is a good read, better than some of his later works, and the first in a trilogy. I have not read the two sequels, but I am in the process of doing so. I confess I read Betty Zane years ago, and I have read it twice more now in the last decade or so. However brief the story and romanticized, it also does provide insight into the rigors of frontier life around the time of the Revolutionary War, including some sympathies for the Native Americans being encroached upon and descriptions of the great differences in their culture compared with European ways.

On September 11, 1782 Fort Henry was attacked by Shawnee with the backing the British army. This book tells of the events leading to that event as they appeared around the life of Betty Zane, Zane Grey's great aunt. She left Philadelphia as a young girl and followed her brothers to West Virginia during the Revolutionary War. This book is a great tale, though I think some facts are fudged to keep the book interesting, and preserve the memory of Betty Zane's heroic effort that saved the fort and created a great story.

This is Zane Grey's first book and I wanted to start from the beginning to see why he's so revered and now I get it. He knows how to tell a story and keeps the physical and emotional action coming at you. His writing is embellished with lots of detail of the flowing river and floating clouds, often a bit over the top, but enjoyable. Somewhere in the middle of the book he stops the story and give historical background giving a fresh perspective to the story. I found this informative and enjoyable. I can see where others may have absorbed his writing into their own style, similar to what musicians do, and then make their own. It's a great diversion easy read. I'm now reading his second book, "The Last Trail," and am fully engaged.

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e-Book Betty Zane download

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e-Book Betty Zane download

Betty Zane epub fb2

by Zane Grey
ISBN: 0061005231
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