e-Book Ocean City M.D. download

e-Book Ocean City M.D. download

by Tom Croft

ISBN: 0966199405
ISBN13: 978-0966199406
Language: English
Publisher: Palmer & Stewart Pub; 1 edition (May 1998)
Pages: 260
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 391
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. While fishing in the estuary behind Ocean City, Maryland, Billy Lee, a down and out reporter for a third rate local newspaper. There are dozens and dozens of spelling, typographical, grammatical and usage errors and awkwardnesses, virtually one every few pages, sometimes several on one page.

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While fishing near Ocean City, Maryland, third rate newspaper writer Billy Lee stumbles upon a smuggling ring run by a depraved physician who imports "illegal Chinese aliens for body parts in an illicit transplant enterprise. Fearing he knows too much, Billy is set up for murder, is betrayed by his ex-wife, and "is hunted down by corrupt local police officials as he attempts to clear himself.

Ocean City Cool, Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City Cover-up: A Jamie August Novel. Life Is Vague Death Is Reliable.

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Tom Croft (born 7 November 1985) is a retired rugby union player. He played 173 games for Leicester Tigers between 2005–17 winning four Premiership Rugby titles, played 40 times for England between 2008–2015, was part of the squad for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and was a tourist with the British and Irish Lions in 2009 to South Africa and 2013 to Australia. Born 7 November 1985 in Basingstoke, England, Croft went to Oakham School in Rutland where he was in the same year as England cricketer Stuart Broad.

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Published 1998 by Palmer & Stewart Pub. in . Written in English. Fiction, Illegal aliens, Smuggling, Transplantation of organs, tissues, Journalists. Ocean City, Maryland.

I am a former resident of Ocean City Md. so I take to heart any author who attempts to set a book in my favorite city. While this book was worth my time, and certainly not a waste of time, I guess in the end I wish there could have been a bit more depth to it all.

A resident of Ocean City MD, I enjoyed the book's verisimilitude about the town, its geography and character, the moods of the bay, etc. -- mostly if not 100% accurate. Plus, you gotta like a protagonist, Billy Lee, among whose loves are flounder fishing, a beat up little Boston Whaler boat and a balky old outboard motor, and who lives in a scruffy trailer with spare posessions including his "favorite and only necktie."
The yarn author Croft spins is imaginative and interesting and his language is economical and crisp and would normally have carried the tale along nicely. But the book suffers from awful editing. There are dozens and dozens of spelling, typographical, grammatical and usage errors and awkwardnesses, virtually one every few pages, sometimes several on one page. Examples: "Jeep's" for "Jeeps", "wastein" time for "wastin' time", wretch" for "retch", "aptly know has" for "aptly known as", "shot gun" for "shotgun", "door way" for "doorway", "dead bolt" for "deadbolt", "oceans" for "ocean's", "their" for "there", and on and on. Dangling participles and whole disjointed sentences, e.g., "Slowly inching his way down the hallway toward the warehouse door." Inconsistent usage: local practice here refers to Ocean City's main tourist attraction, the Boardwalk, with a capital "B" but Mr. Croft refers to it in different places as both boardwalk and Boardwalk.
These dozens and dozens of goofs arrested the reader's eye and definitely interfered with enjoyment of the book. Indeed, they were so frequent that at first I thought they were some sort of a pun on the local language a la Anthony Burgess' inventive language in "A Clockwalk Orange". But not so, alas. Wherever the fault may lie - Tom Croft himself, his editors or publisher - the flaws ruin what otherwise would have been an engaging read.
As to Jill, she's fundamentally ambivalent. I incline to the view that she did finally come around to carrying a torch for the estimable Billy Lee. -- Tom Longo in Ocean City, MD

This is one of the best books I've read in years. I loved the story but what I really liked about the book was how it was written. To many authors write books that are 400 and 500 pages long and all they do is fill them with miscellaneous garbage to pad the book. Not this book. It was written real tight and jumps from one place to the other without a lot of extra uncessary garbage. I wish other people would write like this!. Jill is a tramp!

Like all the other reviews, I think this is a fantastic thriller. I gave it to my girl friend to read and she loved it to. I'd never heard of the book before last weekend. I picked it up at a book signing in of all places Ocean City, Md. I didn't expect it to be much of a book but I was blown away by it. It's fantastic!. I'll stick with the group that thinks Jill's a tramp (my girl friend think she's an innocent victim).

My daughter brought this book home from college. She gave it to her father who raved about it. Our two sons also read it and they raved about it. I rarely read a book. I started it and could not put it down. My daughter showed me the reviews in here after we argued about Jilll. I think she is basically a good person dealing surviving in a bad situation. My daughter thinks she's a horrible person.

Risky Strong Dromedary
I loved the book. But, I'm writing in because my friend said she wrote a review in here. Jill is not trailer-trash. She's a really great woman who triumphed over the attempts of men to beat her down in this world. SHE'S Great! I also thought Oliver was a neat guy too.

This book is so poorly edited (I am giving the author the benefit of the doubt here!), that it is actually a chore to read it. There are glaring grammatical, spelling and continuity errors on almost every page. I read a lot of books and have never seen a worse editing job!

I really loved this book. I thought the characters were fantastic and I loved Billy Lee. Jill's the scum of the earth an embarassment to women. Fantastic Story! Hope this guy writes another one this good.

ISBN: 0871568144
ISBN13: 978-0871568144
language: English
Subcategory: Social Sciences
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