e-Book Force 12 download

e-Book Force 12 download


ISBN: 0333906500
ISBN13: 978-0333906507
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan (2001)
Pages: 368
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 539
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James Thayer is the author of eleven books, including the gripping suspense novels White Star, Five Past Midnight, and Terminal Event. FORCE 12 is worth reading if you're a James Thayer fan but he's certainly written better.

James Thayer is the author of eleven books, including the gripping suspense novels White Star, Five Past Midnight, and Terminal Event. An attorney, he lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and two daughters. The plot was a little too unrealistic for me but the sailing scenes made it worth the time, especially if you enjoy seeing powerful men in hopeless situations brought down to earth.

Force 12 - James S Thayer. My heartfelt thanks to

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Электронная книга "Force 12", James S Thayer James Thayer is the author of eleven books, including the gripping suspense novels White Star, Five Past Midnight, and Terminal Event.

Электронная книга "Force 12", James S Thayer. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Force 12" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. James Thayer is the author of eleven books, including the gripping suspense novels White Star, Five Past Midnight, and Terminal Event.

Michael crichton'S airframe meets sebastian junger's the perfect storm in a brilliant, fast-paced techno-thriller about. Michael crichton'S airframe meets sebastian junger's the perfect storm in a brilliant, fast-paced techno-thriller about a yacht race across the pacific that draws sailors ready to run any risk - even murder - to win. James S Thayer. Simon and Schuster, 15 Eyl 2015 - 352 sayfa. From the author of Terminal Event comes Force 12, the story of a world-famous software billionaire, Rex Wyman, who is determined to win the world's longest and most challenging yacht race, from San Francisco to Japan through some of the roughest seas in the world.

James Thayer, author of the gripping suspense novels White Star, Five Past Midnight and Terminal Event, is an attorney writing full-time. He lives in Seattle, Washington. 0 5 Kirjailija: James S Thayer

Force 12. 0 5 Kirjailija: James S Thayer. Saatavilla e-kirjana.

A great story. The book has a good pace, good character development and an interesting plot. I enjoy the writing style of James Thayer and would highly recommend this book.

(actually, I wanted to give 4 1/2 stars) This book, almost seamlessly, merges three separate plots - a 'daredevil' rescuer, a crab-boat-owner-loser and a bunch of computer geeks (not a PC term, but what the heck!). The computer bunch enters into a suicide polar boat race (operative words: suicide and polar), with no crew except for a ton of expensive computer equipment. Murphy's law states that everything that can go wrong will go wrong - and it does.
Read it, it's fun

Good story, very interesting premise but far too much effort to make the action sequences "nail biting".... good opportunities go on far too long and become ponderous.

great read

Great writer with very different and creative stories.

The first chapter describes a very different story from the one that follows. This is more of a science-fiction (man vs. machine) than a sailing epic. I was dissapointed in the lack of involvement from the Pararescueman that was introduced in the first chapter. This book kept me interested in an I-know-what-happens-next-way but I kept reading because I wanted the story line to evlove...it never did.

Following the successful test of his new ship Victory, information technology billionaire Rex Wyman announces the yachting race to end all races. His ship will challenge the best to race from San Francisco Bay to Tokyo Harbor via the 5200-mile rhomb line that consists of the shortest nautical distance. This Pacific challenge will occur in the winter making it that much more hazardous.

What makes the Victory different than its competitors is that it is a "ghost ship" whose crew is a computer. On board during the race will be Rex, his girl friend Gwen Weld (the coding genius behind the ship), and former partner and software guru Toby Odell. The world class rivals seem pale compared to the climatic conditions that places everyone at risk. However, more perilous to one's survival is Rex's need to win at all costs because his company is crumbling, but how far is he willing to go to claim victory?

FORCE 12 is an exciting thriller that tries to be too much for everyone. The story line involving the pre-race and the race is fantastic as readers feel the wet wind on their face. That plot easily could have carried the tale and turn this into a must read great novel. The subplot of a deviously dangerous Rex takes front stage and actually slows down the great race. Still FORCE 12 is a very refreshing novel that proves James Thayer (see TERMINAL EVENT) is a talented author. However, though fans will gain pleasure from the book, many readers will believe that it came in second to what it could have been: a modern day humanity armed with technology vs. nature story.

Harriet Klausner

James Thayer wrote two novels (WHITE STAR & FIVE PAST MIDNIGHT) that are on my top-20 list of most favorite thrillers. Now, he's written FORCE 12, a novel of intense drama and unbelievable courage as man takes on the sea. FORCE 12 is actually made up of three stories that come together in a stunning, climatic ending that will leave the reader feeling as if he's just gone over a water fall in the dead of winter and has almost drowned several times before being pulled out of the water by a set of strong hands. The first story deals with Rex Wyman, a billionaire who's going broke and has once last chance to save his software company, World Quest. Wyman has set up the world's longest and most dangerous yacht race, starting in San Francisco and ending in Japan, and passing through the Bering Sea at the onset of winter. The top ocean racers will be competing. Wyman, however, has the race locked up. There's no doubt in his mind that his yacht, Victory, will win, especially with his genius of a computer engineer, Gwen Weld, on board. In fact, the purpose of the race is to demonstrate to the world the newest technological and software achievements that have been installed on Victory by World Quest, enabling it to function by computer alone. The second story concerns itself with Lonnie Garvin, a fisherman who's afraid of nothing and has worked the harshest seas. Because of serious financial problems, Garvin is about to lose his ocean-going crabber, Hornet, to the creditors. As the Bering Sea begins to claim the lives of those who were foolish enough to pit their feeble skills against it, Garvin receives an offer over the radio that may just save him from financial ruin, but he will have to risk the lives of his crew and the possible destruction of his boat in order to carry out the rescue. The third story is about Jess McKay, one of the toughest members of the 212th Rescue Squadron. As a teenager, he watched his older brother drown in a raging river, afraid to risk his own life to save him. Since then he has been trying to balance the scales by putting his life on the line to save others. Trained as well as any Green Beret or Navy SEAL, Jess may have taken on more than he can chew when he has to helicopter in to the Bering Sea to rescue the woman he's fallen in love with, during the worse storm of the century. It's going to take all of his strength and courage to save her and to get back to safety. FORCE 12 is what's known in the movie industry as a "slow burn." It moves slowly at first by introducing the main characters and the important plot elements, then gradually builds to a roaring inferno that threatens to annihilate everyone within its path. I know absolutely nothing about yacht racing and what it takes to actually make the journey around the world, braving the elements with human skill and superior design. Therefore, I found myself utterly engrossed in the details that Mr. Thayer presents to the reader, especially with regards to the countless dangers any sailor must deal with while on the sea. Also, for any "action" novel to succeed with me, it must have a hero who's capable of facing insurmountable odds in order to save the person he loves or to complete the mission. This has to be a person with honor and perhaps a weakness that offsets him from the rest of the crowd. Such is the character of Jess McKay. A novel must also have a strong villain who equals the hero in tenacity and determination. Quite often the villain doesn't view himself as evil, but rather as a person who's doing what's necessary to protect himself, his family, his company, or even his country. They believe that the end justifies the means. In FORCE 12, it could be argued that that the Bering Sea is the true adversary, but Rex Wyman, for me, takes center stage with his arrogance and his desire to win, no matter what the costs to others. Because of him, as well as a hidden enemy who seeks revenge, a lot of people will die in this book, some deserving the karma that's dealt to them. I certainly enjoyed how the author was able to blend all of the plot points together, directing them on a collision course, and creating a climax that literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat. After the novel was over, I even found myself pacing around the living room for a few minutes, still filled with the sharp rush of its ending. Strange as it may seem, Mr. Thayer seems to feel that he has yet to get it right when writing a novel. I'm here to say that few people do it better than he does. His prose is excellent, his story lines are always thrilling and suspenseful, and his characters come to life in a way few other authors are able to achieve. I'm always at a lost when his books don't hit the bestseller lists, though I know it's only a matter of time before one finally hits the bull's-eye. If you like ocean-going adventures with an in-your-face finale that crackles with adrenaline and suspense, then pick up FORCE 12. If you love action-packed thrillers that will have you ducking from snipers or hiding from the Gestapo, then pick up James Thayer's other novels, WHITE STAR & FIVE PAST MIDNIGHT. You won't be disappointed.

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