e-Book The Caretaker download

e-Book The Caretaker download

by Thomas William Simpson

ISBN: 0553100521
ISBN13: 978-0553100525
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam; First Edition edition (February 2, 1998)
Pages: 432
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 949
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Thomas William Simpson (Author). Simpson's narrative voice makes the book sound at times more like a documentary: the emotional impact is often muted, and the characters never come completely to life.

Thomas William Simpson (Author). Still, the ending has some great surprises, and readers out for a good time will enjoy the story. Recommended for large fiction collections.

The Caretaker is a wholly twisted and terrifying thriller. Nothing inside these pages is as it seems. Lies, manipulations, and seductions abound.

The Caretaker will make your eyes pop. Los Angeles Times. A clever thriller with an original plot and twists that will keep fans of suspense fiction spinning the pages until the last. The Caretaker is a wholly twisted and terrifying thriller. The Caretaker will keep you dangling until the last word. For just when you think you may hold the truth in your hand. hink again, and watch it slip away.

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Samantha Henderson is a devoted wife and mother

From the acclaimed author of This Way Madness Lies comes a slightly twisted and wholly terrifying new thriller. Samantha Henderson, faithful wife and mother, is about to have her every wish granted.

Thomas William Simpson is the author of four previous novels, including This Way Madness Lies, which has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. Mr. Simpson lives in New Jersey, where he is at work on his next novel, The Hancock Boys. Библиографические данные.

by. Simpson, Thomas William, 1957-. New York : Bantam Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Complete summary of Thomas William Simpson's The Caretaker. The offer involves selling his home and living in a mansion, complete with cook and caretaker. He and his family quickly settle into their new life. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Caretaker. The narrator lets the reader know of events to come, as well as of events past, that will affect the Hendersons’ lives, and that things are not what they seem. Gunn will end up in jail, the reader is told, but his crime is not identified until it occurs. Gunn’s new job goes well at first, but eventually his own character faults betray him.

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It all starts when Sam's smooth-talking husband accepts a once-in-a-lifetime job. The perks seem too good to be true: an extravagant salary, a country club membership. Even a seaside mansion, complete with a cook, a limo driver, and the perfect caretaker, Brady. Brady is thoughtful and honest. He's eager to please.

Be careful what you wish for. Samantha Henderson, faithful wife and devoted mother, is about to have her every wish granted, her every fantasy fulfilled. But in return, she and her family will pay a price, a very high price, for all this love and luxury....It all starts when Sam's smooth-talking husband, Gunn Henderson, the King of Sales, the Chairman of Charm, is offered a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity.  The proposal: Come aboard as national sales strategist for Creative Marketing Enterprises and reap the enormous rewards--$250,000 a year in salary, country club membership, private school for the children, a beachside estate on the eastern tip of Long Island, complete with cook, caretaker, and limo driver.Sam can hardly believe the offer. It all sounds too good to be true.And it is. It most certainly is.For Sam and her family are about to meet Brady, caretaker of the estate. Brady is the perfect gentleman--thoughtful, honest, hardworking, willing to see to the Hendersons' every need, especially Sam's. But the caretaker is also a man of certain peculiarities...and a peculiar effect on Sam.There's more to Brady than meets the eye. And now, thanks to the caretaker, Sam Henderson is about to see every wish granted. But make no mistake: Sam and Gunn and their two young children are in big trouble. Their lives are about to be sliced open and placed under a microscope manned by a psychopath. But why? Who has gone to such extremes to terrorize them? The answers lie within.But know this: Someone will have to pay the price for love and luxury...in a masterful novel in which the only sin is a wish come true.
However, since it was recorded by Brilliance audio - the performance was the same and the only odd thing is that it is one 3 more tapes than the original unabridged version in this library form in the always unattractive clamshell case. Tapes sound fine.

Strange book. I liked it a lot but the ending sucked.

very interesting read with an ending that is surprising

A real page turner. M

When things are too good to be true, they almost always are and that is the premise of this rather unrealistic book. It starts out well and the story is strong for the first half of the book. The story centers around Gunn Henderson, an enormously successful salesman, who receives an excellent job offer with perks far beyond anything that he had ever expected. As with something this good, there are always many things that will be expected of him as well as sacrifices that will be made by his family. The story loses its momentum when the writer begins explaining the machinations as well as the motivations of the characters behind this elaborate charade. The story is so far fetched that it is laughable in many ways. It is somewhat like a poor B movie, at the sake of being impolite to the genre. Although this book is placed in the Suspense Category, it never really makes it. The characters are not well developed and it is difficult to comprehend one who is successful in his line of work making such a radical career move. All in all, this is fast harmless reading ehich, if taken as such, is passable escapism. It would be folly for the reader to for much more.

I was cleaning out my basement when I ran across a box of older paperbacks. I was not sure if I read this one or not.

I brought it upstairs and needless to say all basement cleaning stopped. I really enjoyed this book. It kept me in total suspense most of the time. I do feel they gave away too many of the plot twists a bit too soon, but found that also intriguing. Wondering how is that going to happen? It was a fun read and much better than a lot of the junk written recently. I find this to be true of many older novels.

I highly recommend for an easy, suspenseful summer read.

Inch by inch, layer by layer, Mr. Simpson builds upon a story that, more than anything else, reveals the frailties of man's character to allow revenge, greed, suggestion, and lust interfere with his own success. The Caretaker shows how even the most elaborate bluff resorts to chaos, manipulation (even by those you'd imagine or appear to be the most unlikely to twist one's life) and death. Allowing hints to creep into the narrative Simpon produces a story that will keep the reader turning the pages, allowing the mind to carve its own story. The ending, though mostly not a surprise, will lend the reader to sigh a big "oh, oh", wishing that the next book by Simpson produces a sequel to The Caretaker. All in all, a book well done.

Since the first page till the end, this book has the perfect crime, "More know the devil for old than for devil", is the first book that I read that since the beginning is telling you part of the finish, that keeps you interested in the story all the time, and as I like from many writers, T.W. Simpson doesn't put Sam like a woman that doesn't know what to do and how to handle any particular situation, I like when the women can defend their selves alone or almost alone, and at the end you will see how to do a perfect crime... many times.

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e-Book The Caretaker download

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