e-Book The Drawing Of The Three (The Dark Tower II) download

e-Book The Drawing Of The Three (The Dark Tower II) download

by Stephen King

ISBN: 0340707518
ISBN13: 978-0340707517
Language: English
Publisher: New English Library; New Ed edition (1997)
Pages: 426
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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The page for the book The Dark Tower II: The . Stephen's Personal Twitter. The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three. Release Date: May 1991. Read by: Frank Muller.

Stephen's Personal Twitter.

The Drawing of the Three is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King. It is the second book in The Dark Tower series, published by Grant in 1987. The series was inspired by Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning. The story is a continuation of The Gunslinger and follows Roland of Gilead and his quest towards the Dark Tower. The subtitle of this novel is RENEWAL.

Stephen King is the author of more than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers. He is the recipient of the 2018 PEN America Literary Service Award, the 2014 National Medal of Arts, and the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. His recent work includes The Institute, Elevation, The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties (cowritten with his son Owen King) and the Bill Hodges trilogy, End of Watch, Finders Keepers, and Mr. Mercedes (an Edgar Award winner for Best Novel and an AT&T Audience Network original television series).

Author : Stephen King. Genres : Fantasy, Horror. While pursuing his quest for the Dark Tower through a world that is a nightmarishly distorted mirror image of our own, Roland is drawn through a mysterious door that brings him into contemporary America

Author : Stephen King. While pursuing his quest for the Dark Tower through a world that is a nightmarishly distorted mirror image of our own, Roland is drawn through a mysterious door that brings him into contemporary America. Once again, Stephen King has masterfully interwoven dark, evocative fantasy and icy realism.

The Drawing of the Three is the second book in the Dark Tower series. It was published in 1987. The subtitle of the book is RENEWAL. On a beach, Roland encounters three magical doors to our world, hanging in mid-air. Through one door, Roland encounters Eddie Dean, a junkie transporting cocaine on an airplane for crime boss Enrico Balazar.

The second book in King’s The Dark Tower series, published 5 years after The Gunslinger, this really .

The second book in King’s The Dark Tower series, published 5 years after The Gunslinger, this really begins The Dark Tower series. From my limited experience at having ready two of these, and myself more than two years in between, The Gunslinger seems like a prologue, a table setting. Maybe, just maybe, The Gunslinger is to The Dark Tower series as The Hobbit is to The Lord of the Rings. What the hell did I just read? The Drawing of the Three is as far as I can tell, a unique literary experience.

In the second novel of Stephen King's bestselling fantasy masterpiece, Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger, encounters three mysterious doors . He must draw the three who should accompany him on the road.

In the second novel of Stephen King's bestselling fantasy masterpiece, Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger, encounters three mysterious doors which open - for Roland, and Roland alone - to different times in our world. In 1980s New York, Roland joins forces with defiant Eddie Dean. The second door leads to the 1960s and conflicted civil rights activist Odetta Holmes. The final door reveals Jack Mort, a deadly serial killer, in the 1970s. Mort is stalking Jake, the young boy Roland met in Mid-World.

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I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and took my time reading it. I could "hear" Mr. King's "voice" in my head as I read this on my iPad Kindle app. I felt like I was reading something from a friend---as if he had written a personal letter to me--- to give me an understanding of what he went through to become the person he is today. I think that his directives about the "how-to's" and "don't do's" were very practical. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got the feeling that writing classes and clubs are kind of a waste of time. Just write, is what I think he was telling me, I mean, his audience. I will probably read it again. What I got from his personal, real-life-lessons is this: Read a lot. Read good stuff. Write all the time. Find a place and write. Don't share your stuff unless you share it with someone you can trust. Go with your gut. Write all the time (I said that already because he said it or inferred it frequently). Don't use the same adjective over and over. Stick to the point. Don't over-do it on the descriptions. Let your audience see the movie you see in your head, because if you write it well, they will. I am glad this wasn't a "point by point HOW TO WRITE a story or a book" book, because really, writing isn't something you can do easily from a bulleted list. Writing is something you do from your heart, and you keep doing it until it's right and good. And then when that person you trust reads your stuff and offers some criticism, you can take it for what it's worth and use it or not.

I have been an on-again, off-again reader of Stephen King’s over the last decade or so (I was more loyal prior to that time) as sometimes I like his stuff and sometimes I don’t. The last one I read was the awful "Under the Dome," which was long, pointless and ultimately just silly, and I wasn’t thinking of reading anything else by him until I read a couple of reviews by Charles de Lint in a recent Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I trust Mr. de Lint’s tastes, so when he praised "Mr. Mercedes" and its follow-up, I figured I’d give them a try. Mr. Mercedes is the nickname given to a man who stole a car (guess what make) and plowed into a group of job seekers standing outside a building waiting for a job fair, killing 8 and wounding many others. Recently retired cop Bill Hodges has been drifting since his retirement, regretting that he didn’t catch certain bad guys, including Mr. Mercedes, but when he receives a letter purporting to be from the villain, instead of succumbing to depression as the writer intended, he begins to investigate. And, of course, the investigation just becomes more and more dangerous as he continues to delve into the mystery…. The reader knows who the culprit is from early on in the book, so the appeal is following the cat-and-mouse hunt as the suspense builds. King is as good as he ever was with respect to his characters and plotting, and he’s always great with the gross-out scenes (which here are not too many, thankfully). This turns out to be the first book in a trilogy, and I’ve already picked up the second, "Finder’s Keepers," with the third due out in mid-2016. Fast-paced popcorn reading, "Mr. Mercedes" just hits the spot; recommended!

Though far from the definitive writer's guideline, this book shines a unique perspective on the craft. Stephen King lays down the law and then teaches it. He shares his techniques, his pet peeves, and his own personal horrific experiences - both as child and adult - and he does it all within the cerebral classroom of the printed page. He wraps a juicy filling of personal tragedy, growth and experience within a tight covering of his famous story telling style.
As a human, I was touched by his childhood anecdotes and often laughed with him about his insecurities. I am still in awe at what he has recently had to overcome physically. I mean, damn.
As a writer, I am grateful for a brief glimpse into his vocational world. I gained confidence from learning about things I have been doing right and have changed many bad habits (may the adverb rest in peace). I've read several tomes on the subject and believe his reigns as the most complete.
I've been a fan of King's since the seventh grade when I was given The Dead Zone and Cujo as an Easter present. A year later I had read every book he'd published (with the exception of the dreaded Limited Editions of which I could opine negatively for hours - suffice it to say that writing should be for everyone to read, not just the rich). I've read or listened to all his books since. I can honestly say, that this is my favorite.
Sometimes the coldest hands to wrap around your neck are the true ones.
The only bad thing I can say about this book is that it's too short, something one rarely has the opportunity to state regarding the beloved author.
A huge thank you to Mr. King for a brief indulgence into the life of a genius.

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