e-Book A Groom of One's Own (The Writing Girls) download

e-Book A Groom of One's Own (The Writing Girls) download

by Maya Rodale

ISBN: 0061922986
ISBN13: 978-0061922985
Language: English
Publisher: Avon; 1St Edition edition (June 29, 2010)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.1
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Miss Harlow's marriage in high life London, 1823 A handsome duke. His beautiful soon-to-be duchess. A whirlwind courtship. It is this author's privilege to report on the event all of London is talking about: the upcoming wedding of the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon to the only daughter of the Duke of Richmond. Every detail of the "Wedding of the Year" will be reported in these pages as a London Weekly exclusive. But I, Miss Sophie Harlow, must confess to a secret infatuation with this "double duke" that can only lead to trouble. It is impossible that this notoriously upstanding gentleman would ever jilt his bride for a scandalous female newspaper writer. And yet . . . the arrival of a foreign prince, the discovery of a shocking secret, and one passionate kiss could change everything. Will this perfect duke risk the scandal of the year to marry the woman his heart desires?
At the beginning of the book Sophie is given every worst bride's nightmare when her fiancee walks halfway up the aisle and then tells her he can't marry her. Then all chaos breaks out and the bride is further humiliated. A year later and she's moved to London and works for one of the papers along with her best friend and a couple of other women. A profession that would have been unheard of at the time, but not impossible as the real life papers this fictional one is based on were usually written anonymously. So who is not to say that some of those papers had at least one woman working on it.
In the year since her disastrous wedding, she has worked on a wedding column. While she likes the writing aspect of the job, she still ends up nervous at each and every wedding until the bride makes it all the way down the aisle. On any given Saturday she can end up attending as many as two or three weddings in the same day. Then she is assigned to cover the wedding of Cassandra and Brandon. An assignment that both becomes a joy and a curse as it's attraction at first sight when she sees Brandon and sparks fly. But since he's already taken, there really is no place for that attraction to go. And he can't possibly do that to his fiancee and not just because it could humiliate her but the fact the bride's parents really need the wedding to happen as they are broke and have only just enough money left to keep up appearances.
When Cassandra his wife to be falls for the prince of Bavaria after seeing him at another wedding, things look like they could look up for Sophie and Brandon. But Lady Richmond, his fiancee's mother, is absolutey opposed to her daughter marrying the man even though he's even richer then Brandon as she has a prejudice against his people over something that happened to one of her relatives. Lady Richmond over the course of the book is revealed to be a social climber and it's really hard to feel sympathy towards her in the book. But if Brandon and Cassandra get married as planned, there are going to be four very unhappy people as a result. So is there any way both couples can come up with a solution that bypasses obligation and Lady Richmond's objections before the big day arrives.

This book was pretty well written to me and while the main characters can make you frustrated at times when they place obligation and duty over what their heart wants. But as Sophie and Brandon don't act nearly as much on their feelings beforehand as they could have in the book, I was able to stay sympathetic to their situation. And in my opinion both couples were likeable and sympathetic throughout the course of the book. I will likely try another one of Maya's books in the future.

The Sphinx of Driz
Not sure what the bad reviews are all about, but this book was a perfect love story. Maya is definitely going on my favorite authors list. This was written so realistically. I guess I love this story because I can relate to Sophie to easily, in love with someone who has to be with someone else, whom he doesn't even want to be with. Men feel very responsible in these situations, and Brandon was written so perfectly real. The ending had a nice twist that was wrapped up together quite wonderfully.

one life
Deriding girls books by Maya Rodale are an absolute delight. I read three of the 4+ the novella about Charlotte . All of them take a different look at brave independent women . They are full of funny scenes anguish and love . I strongly recommend them.

I think her style is funny and a bit sassy. It's what I look for in a sexy, fun romance read. I'm not reading them for historical accuracy or reality checks- I want something for warm and fuzzy feels. I give it five stars for the genre. I also read classics and fantasy for other sorts of emotional experiences.

It started off with an amazing premise, but fell flat in the end. Boring, repetitive, and zero fun. Avoid, because it doesn't matter how good the plot sounds, at the end of the day you will be bored to tears. Literally.

I really enjoyed this read. the characters are fun. I liked that the other woman was so likable and you end up with more than one romance in the book. I like that you get to see all sides of the story with each character. I have read one of the other writing girl books and now plan to read the other.

You can figure out where the story is going and how everything should work out, but it is still a story that will keep you reading. Don't we all like happy endings?

This is a wonderful love story with a twist. It keeps you on your toes wondering what will happen next.

Any one who loves Recency Romance Stories, will really enjoy this book.

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