e-Book Missing Persons download

e-Book Missing Persons download

by Stephen White

ISBN: 0316727881
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Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk; aFirst Edition First Printing. edition (April 30, 2005)
Pages: 384
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Bestselling Author The stakes have just been raised for psychologist Alan Gregory.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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In Missing Persons, Dr. Alan Gregory is investigating a missing persons case, hence the title. Stephen White attended the University of California campuses at Irvine and Los Angeles before graduating from Berkeley in 1972. Trained as a clinical psychologist, he received a P. Meanwhile, a woman is killed in his colleague's office. Later, this same colleague goes missing.

Missing Persons book. I remember reading my first Stephen White book featuring psychiatrist Alan Gregory so many years ago. I thought it was excellent, so I decided to pick another of his books (now many years later) via Audiobooks. Missing Persons certainly contains elements that kept me captivated, but I was rather let down by the unravelling of the plot.

Author: Stephen White.

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Stephen White, author of more than a dozen books that have become New York Times Bestsellers, was born in Long Island, New York, United States of America, in 1951. He spent his growing-up years in New York, New Jersey, and in Southern California. He enrolled at the University of California campuses in Irvine and Los Angeles. He majored in creative writing but stopped after three weeks. It is in Berkeley that he graduated in 1972. Before graduating from Berkeley, Stephen White learned to pilot a small plane.

Stephen White Missing Persons Book 13 in the Dr. Alan Gregory series for Lynn Nesbi. eace is poor reading. Thomas Hardy A girl was missing. In any other town it would have been local news. Even here, on any other day, it might have been just local news. But it wasn’t any other town. It wasn’t any other day. It was Christmas. And a girl was missing. God. 1 The fact that I was sitting with Diane behind Hannah Grant’s office at 6:30 on a.

by. White, Stephen, 1951-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Alan Gregory is at it again in a familiar story of a missing girl in Boulder Colorado. A girl goes missing from her house, a mother left years earlier, a father trying to hold things together. Add a dead colleague, a missing friend and a police detective and you have Missing Persons. Stephen White puts together an interesting story but this one jumps around a lot and keeps important facts from you throughout the book. I love the series and I will finish it but this one was not my favorite of the series.

I have thoroughly enjoyed most of Stephen White's Alan Gregory adventures. Missing Persons started with great promise with the death of a colleague, followed by three other people who become "missing" and whose disappearances seem pertinent to the dead colleague. I was quite intrigued initially but the story slows down as Alan is repeatedly confronted by confidentiality dilemmas, ultimately leading to a fairly lackluster conclusion.

After reading nine of Stephen White's novels, I'm on my way to reading the series. I especially liked getting out of town with the interesting, familiar (but never boring) cast to solve this crime mystery. White is 99% accurate in his setting, intelligent in his writing and humanly draws his characters. I laughed, cried and stayed up all night and I was always entertained.

Stephen White continues to please with Missing Persons. It starts with a bang when Alan and Diane find a coworker's body in her office and doesn't let up. As the story progresses, more people disappear without a trace. When Diane goes missing in Las Vegas, it is her husband Raoul to the rescue. Maybe that is one reason I like these novels so much. The main character doesn't have to always be the hero. His supporting characters are multi dimensional with lives and feelings of their own.

Onto his next novel, Kill Me!

Good read; not as good as previous ones in the series, though.


I loved this book! If you are interested in Psychology you will love this book too. I don't discuss plot but you never know where this story is going. It's got many angles to keep your interest and the characters are fun and thought provoking. You never even know if a crime has actually been committed until things start to move between Las Vegas and Boulder, Co. Stephen White gets better with every book and the dilemnas that face therapists are intricately described. Worth your time.

This author really knows how to hold your attention. There are unusual twists and turns and many surprises. He not only writes trillers, but gives you a different take with a psychiatrist's point of view. I like his reference to particular places in Boulder and the surrounding area as I live in Boulder County.

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