e-Book Only Mine (Only Series, Volume 2) download

e-Book Only Mine (Only Series, Volume 2) download

by Richard Ferrone,Elizabeth Lowell

ISBN: 1402502753
ISBN13: 978-1402502750
Publisher: Recorded Books (2001)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.4
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Only Mine (Only Series, Published 1992 by Avon. Elizabeth Lowell (Goodreads Author), Richard Ferrone (Translation). Only Mine (Only Series, Volume 2). Published 2001 by Recorded Books. Audio Cassette, 0 pages.

Only Mine (Only Series, Published 1992 by Avon. ISBN: 1449878679 (ISBN13: 9781449878672). Author(s): Elizabeth Lowell (Goodreads Author), Richard Ferrone (Narrator). ISBN: 1402502753 (ISBN13: 9781402502750).

Series Volume Number. A best sequel in the "Only" series in my opinion because of the diversity of the Jessica character and the strength of Wolfe. The way Wolfe handled the innocense of Jessica was enduring and attractive.

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Written by Elizabeth Lowell. Narrated by Richard Ferrone. Her "Only" series is popularly and critically acclaimed

Written by Elizabeth Lowell. Her "Only" series is popularly and critically acclaimed. Wolfe Lonetree, the illegitimate son of an English viscount and a Cheyenne woman, has agreed to rescue his friend, Lady Jessica, from an arranged marriage to an abusive Englishman. In return, she will accompany him to America to live in the Rockies as his frontier wife. Despite the frightening passion her handsome husband arouses in her, Jessica fears a man’s touch and is determined to be married in name only. But Wolf has other plans for his naive young wife.

Books by Elizabeth Lowell Only Series -2 Only Mine (1992) Prologue 1 2 3 4 5. .Jessica’s mouth flattened.

Books by Elizabeth Lowell Only Series -2 Only Mine (1992) Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1. You were protected by my second husband and raised as gently as though you were a child of his own loins, Victoria continued, her voice cool and relentless. You were educated in managing a great house and a great fortune. Despite that dreadful American maid whom you imitate, you were taught to speak proper English and to be a proper lady.

By: Elizabeth Lowell. Narrated by: Richard Ferrone. Series: Only (Lowell), Book 2. Length: 12 hrs and 9 mins. Categories: Romance, Historical. The hero has to be the most obtuse, blind, stupidest person out. I finished it, but only because I'd paid for it.

The Only series, including Only Love, continues with this sensuous tale of fiery . Lowell's flair for creating romantic, lusty drama is unsurpassed.

The Only series, including Only Love, continues with this sensuous tale of fiery passions in the old-time wild West. Desired by many, cardsharp Evelyn Starr Johnson will go to any lengths to recover the treasure map stolen from her murdered foster parents. It's her deal, and she antes up the only thing she has left-her innocence. Richard Ferrone's versatile narration not only captures the tension of the high stakes poker game, but also sweeps listeners into the sizzling tension between Evelyn and Reno.

Аудиокнига "Only His", Elizabeth Lowell. Читает Richard Ferrone. Richard Ferrone's tantalizing narration lets listeners experience the thrill of a dangerous liaison from the safety of an armchair. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента.

Download the Only (Lowell) audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. uk online audiobook store. This New York Times best-selling author holds a Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award. With more than eight million copies of her books in print, Elizabeth Lowell has won a huge following of readers who yearn for romance as much as she does. Left alone on her family's Civil War-ravaged farm, Willow Moran wants to find her gold-mining brother in the Colorado Rockies and start a new life.

I like Elizabeth Lowell and usually find her stories fascinating. This one just didn't hold the usual appeal or emotional tug I expect in her work. The two main characters were actually a bit annoying and seemed to be caught in the same cycle for the first 80% of the book. A less than superb Lowell is still better than most romance novels. Read this author, just don't count this as her best work.

While I feel that it's necessary to read this book in the series, this was definitely my least favorite. I was okay with the antagonism between the characters through most of the book because I felt that Jessica gave back as good as she got. I disliked how Wolfe wasn't understanding or compassionate about Jessica's fear of sex. Instead of trying to understand or comfort, he bullied and verbally insulted. When he verbally ripped her to shreds and humiliated her by listing everything that he thought was wrong with her in front of all their friends at the Black household, I found myself wishing (even though I knew it wasn't going to happen) that she end up with Reno or Rafe (Whip). In spite of this, I do think this book should be read if someone plans to read the whole series. Don't let your dislike of Wolfe, which is completely understandable, keep you from reading the other books. This book will bring back Reno, Willow's brother, and introduce you to Rafe and you'll find yourself looking forward to their stories.

It's Lowell and the Only series what more can I say. A real eye opening look at prejudice from from an inside point of view, and proves it's no more or less than you make of it. This series I read a while ago and love to revisit. If you are new see all 4 Only books but read Autum Lover and Winter Fire next as they all fit together. Enjoy once and they will be a group of those KEEPERS that we all have. This is book 2 so check for the rest to complete the whole saga.

A beautiful romance that will take your breath away. Elizabeth Lowell has a way with words that makes you feel every emotion. Only Mine is a story that stayed with me long after I read the last page. A one click buy. If you love historical romance that will make you laugh, cry, and sigh all in one this is the book for you.

Some may not believe that a love like this exists but I do because I have it. So, b loo I've it. it's out there and this author does it, shows it, so well,so very well.

This book is on my keeper shelf at home.

This is a story based on misunderstanding and personal demons that drive both Wolfe and Jessi to fear the worst. Wolfe's sin is to push Jessi harder and harder away, and Jessi's sin is to never trust him with her personal demon though she started it all by reaching out for him alone.

I've read this story many times. By the time I get to the breaking point scene when Jessi finally names her demon I am in tears. It is written with such ferocity and realism that you are shaken. It's frustrating to spend so long building up to that revelation, but that also adds the terror and turmoil.

I was really looking forward to Wolfe's story. I was a little disappointed, but I still liked it. Now I am going to have to explain some things I do not think some of the negative reviewers did a good job at explaining. Jessie forced Wolfe to marry her she was attacked by her fiancée. She runs into Wolfe's room for help with clothes torn, and Wolfe is naked because he was sleeping. People hear the commotion and find her with him. She says she is not a virgin, as she doesn't want to have to marry the other man. Wolfe doesn't want her for a wife. She won't be able to survive in the wild with no servants. She doesn't even know how to brush her hair. Plus she is afraid of men and wants never to have sex with Wolfe. She wants the marriage to be friends only. Wolfe decides he will treat her like crap, force her to work hard, and belittle her until she agrees to the annulment. He tells her every time she refuses he will make things even worse for her, until eventually he tells her it will be hell when he finally explodes about it. It hurts him just as bad or worse to treat her like this, but he knows if he is kind she will never get the annulment. Beside he has his moments he gives in and takes care of her. So yes he treats her bad, but she was told from the start out how it would be. He can’t find her a job as she is useless. He wants her to go back and marry someone who can pamper her. She does however take on every task and tries to learn without complaining. So she does have want it takes to be his wife. Wolfe's biggest problem she he thinks she should be pampered and not dirtied by marrying a bastard half-breed. Though he never admits to himself that is the issue. Once he finds out why she is afraid of men, then he doesn't treat her bad anymore, thought he still tells her they will get an annulment as she is the wrong wife for him. So you will have to decide if you want to read it or not based on how he acts. I can't personally hold it against him since he tells her from the beginning how it is going to be and she is unrealistic since she says she will never had sex with him.

Sexual content is high

I have to say I started out not expecting much from this story but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. This book had me laughing out loud one chapter and crying so hard I couldn't see the pages. I loved that the h was strong and never gave up and I love that the H turned out to be a man worthy of her. I will be reading many more of mrs. Lowell's novels in the future.

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