e-Book Betrayal download

e-Book Betrayal download

by Robert D Morrow

ISBN: 0809280922
ISBN13: 978-0446893978
Language: English
Publisher: H. Regnery; 1st Edition edition (1976)
Pages: 229
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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It has to be said that the bulk of the book, detailing Morrow's versio 'Betrayal' (1976) is Robert D. Morrow's first attempt at 'the truth behind the JFK assassination', which reads like a James Bond fiction. He followed this up in 1992 with his 'First Hand Knowledge' which apart from one or two variations follows the original script.

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by. Morrow, Robert D. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on November 19, 2013.

Other Books by This Author. This was no sudden transformation of loyalties to Moscow by Robert Hanssen. He did not have an epiphany in Foxstone Park. He had secretly been a Russian spy, on and off, for almost twenty-two years.

According to Robert Morrow, the CRC informed John F. .In his book, Morrow argues that Lee Harvey Oswald went to the Soviet Union as a CIA agent. Kennedy of CIA plans to invade Cuba during the 1960 Democratic National Convention. Morrow also claimed that Kohly met Richard Nixon and the CIA in October, 1960. In 1976 Morrow published Betrayal: A Reconstruction of Certain Clandestine Events from the Bay of Pigs to the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. On his return he became a FBI informant.

With nearly 56 percent of the 47,000 ballots cast, he unseated chairman James R. Dickey in the primary election held on March 1, 2016. Morrow gave up his post when he filed as a write-in candidate for president. Morrow is local to of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at which his father was engaged in the real estate business.

The Bourne Betrayal, . Part of Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum.

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Morrow, reportedly scheduled to testify on material he supplied to the Senate's Church Committee, says that . This won't necessarily detract from the book's enhancement of the thesis that the assassination implicates the so-called intelligence community.

This won't necessarily detract from the book's enhancement of the thesis that the assassination implicates the so-called intelligence community. Large promotion announced, large readership expected.

Book by Morrow, Robert D
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Morrow claimed to be a former CIA operative. Many researchers have been highly skeptical of his claims, and it is quite impossible to know how much (if any) of his story is true. Morrow says that Guy Banister and Clay Shaw arranged for delivery of Carcano rifles for the assassination team. Betrayal portrays Jack Ruby as one of the assassins, and claims that the motive was Kennedy's failure at the Bay of Pigs. "Oswald, who went to Russia for the CIA and was an FBI informant by the summer of 1963, was brought into an assassination plot led by CIA consultant Clay Shaw, using right-wing CIA operatives and anti-Castro Cubans headed by Jack Ruby in Dallas and Guy Banister in New Orleans. This group, operating outside Agency control, manipulated events to insure Oswald being named as the assassin. They also used an Oswald lookalike to incriminate the ex-Marine by firing shots from the Texas School Book Depository. Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit was killed by this Oswald substitute when he failed to go along with the group's scheme to have Tippit kill the real Oswald in the Texas Theatre. With the capture of Oswald, Ruby was compelled to stalk and finally kill the accused assassin."

This book is a purposefully fictionalized account of the JFK assassination. It is one in which the author, a self-admitted (and proudly self-proclaimed) CIA/Mossad contract employee and convicted counterfeiter, weaves a highly politicized anti-JFK narrative that in the end seems in retrospect to have had only two clear purposes: to make sure the reader got the point that the JFK murder was not only justified, but also, necessary.

Here JFK is portrayed as a traitor who sold out America to the Communists by not facing the evidence that USSR nuclear-tipped missiles were being implanted in Cuba, soon enough. The brothers, according to Morrow, consistently played electoral politics with US security. And then later, and perhaps more importantly, because he failed to provide air cover to the Cubans left to be massacred on the beaches of the failed "Bay of Pigs" fiasco, JFK's treachery was seen as unforgivable.

As Morrow, (who more recently in various blogs, has been just as staunchly committed to his newest JFK thesis hobby-horse, that "the scumbag LBJ" did it), tells this story, the assassination was carried out by a small renegade "CIA/Mossad outfit," whose nucleus included himself, Clay Shaw, Guy Bannister, Dave Ferrie, Charles Cabell, Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, plus a handful of others CIA/Mossad/mob operatives -- who can still be recognized even though they appear in the narrative wearing thinly disguised pseudonyms.

It is a "first person spy hero's tale," the narrative arc of which clearly has been "cut and pasted" from the E. Howard Hunt genre of spydome fiction. To wit: Morrow drives fast cars, jet sets across the globe, screws loose but beautiful women, and then gets about the business of being a one-man wrecking crew, single handedly undermining Castro's communist revolution. As an electronics wizard and master counterfeiter, Morrow is seem plying this latter trade to the Cuban peso, all the better to undermine Castro's Communist regime and presumably return it to its former glory days as the mob's Caribbean playground. That is to say, return it to those halcyon days under Bastista, where all the Cuban women were "turned-out" as whores for American tourists, and all the Cuban men were either their pimps or doormen for the mob-run Casinos. Morrow's crowd within the CIA/Mossad/mob complex may have called this form of Bastista-rule, democracy, but apparently the Cubans failed to see it that way?

The book's only saving grace, in my view, is that despite having a heavily rightwing CIA disinformation format and smell to it, its fictionalized narrative arc, nevertheless fills in some of the missing gaps -- such as the cause of the Tippit murder. As told here, Tippit, who was supposed to ferry the "real killers" to Red Bird airport, instead "got wise" and decided to arrest them for JFK's murder. This may have been the honorable and heroic thing to do, but was not the wise thing to do, as Tippit ended dead up with five bullets in him.

Overall, the Morrow narrative "channels" the Garrison's investigation so closely that one cannot dismiss the fact that maybe a more important reason for its creation was to "get out in front of the Garrison's revelations" being revealed at the time to the HSCA, which, in 1976, frankly were much too close to the actual truth than was comfortable for either the CIA/Mossad or the mob. Thus, it cannot be coincidental that the book was being published and was made available to the HSCA, just as it was preparing to release its findings that the assassination "probably was a conspiracy" involving unknown mob elements?

In any case, one of the many tantalizing oddities of this narrative is that Morrow makes a claim similar to one made more recently by mob contract killer Frank Sheeran, who also claimed in his book "You paint houses, don't you?," that he (Sheeran) too was ordered to procure from Baltimore, four guns for the JFK assassination. However in Sheeran's case, the guns were to be four 7.62 German Mausers to be delivered to mob contacts in Miami. Morrow, on the other hand, claims he was instructed to procure four 7.35mm Mannlicher-Carcano sniper rifles to be delivered to the Clay Shaw-led outfit in New Orleans.

The reader may not be old enough (as I am) to recall that in the days right after the assassination, the Dallas policemen that had rushed into DH Bryd's Texas Book Depositary building, first reported finding a German Mauser, a very accurate sniper weapon, at the East end of the building -- not in the West end Sixth-floor sniper's nest. Only after Oswald was arrested and "stamped" as the designated "patsy," did the media began reporting that they had found a sniper's nest on the sixth floor with a single, ill-equipped 6.35mm Mannlicher-Carcarno lying on the floor there. Various reports did later upgrade Oswald's weapon to the more accurate 7.35 Mannlicher-Carcano, but somehow, this lie failed to stick.

Another interesting aspect of this book is that it also mentions the mysterious CIA/Mossad "cut-out" and drug laundering entity, Permindex. The reader may also recall that it was Permindex -- this strange hybrid business entity -- called by one researcher as a "Fifty Million Dollar ATM" for Allen Dulles' assassination projects, and by Jim Garrison himself, as the Rosetta Stone of the JFK assassination. Here, it is only mentioned in passing, but as being one of Clay Shaw's international connections. For Morrow himself, Permindex was like the local Western Union office where he got and sent his instructions while traipsing about Europe.

As a final note, it does not take a Rocket Scientist to see that those hiding behind the pseudonyms in this narrative, are just other CIA/Mossad higher-ups, in particular, E. Howard Hunt, (as noted above, whose spy novels this book closely mimics), David Atlee Phillips, Ed Lansdale, and James Jesus Angleton, just to name the more obvious ones. Two stars.

very good book. gives firsthand account of events leading to assassination and why. no wonder its out of print. as for the previous review, it stated in the book that there were some very fortiutous events that helped out and also some things that didnt, such as the printing of false cuban money, that led up to the assassination. there are some references in the back to the whereabouts of the participants afterwards, if one was given to following those leads.


ok, the author bragged a little (maybe a lot) but he included enough detail to convince me and I found the book to be absolutely fascinating.

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