e-Book She Was: A Novel download

e-Book She Was: A Novel download

by Janis Hallowell

ISBN: 0061243256
ISBN13: 978-0061243257
Language: English
Publisher: William Morrow; First Edition edition (April 22, 2008)
Pages: 336
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.9
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She lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.

Doreen Woods lives an ordinary life. She is a respected dentist, her son has just graduated from high school, and her husband teaches fifth grade. Doreen Woods lives an ordinary life. The one flaw is that her brother, Adam, has MS. Even that isn't all that extraordinary. Then, out of nowhere, Janey Marks shows up, bringing the past with her. In 1971 Doreen was young, idealistic Lucy Johansson.

She Was - Janis Hallowell. She Was. Janis Hallowell. She Was spans America, coast to coast, over four decades, to give us the story of one young woman who, like many of her generation, tried to change the world and how, thirty-four years later, in a world that still needs changing, she must pay the consequences. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. She Was - Janis Hallowell.

She Was" is a wonderful new novel by Janis Hallowell, the author of "The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn". Set in 2005, it is the story of a secret that has been tightly held for 34 years by Doreen Woods, the main character

She Was" is a wonderful new novel by Janis Hallowell, the author of "The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn". Set in 2005, it is the story of a secret that has been tightly held for 34 years by Doreen Woods, the main character.

She is a respected dentist, her son has just graduated from high school, and her husband teaches fifth grade. Adam was back from Vietnam, damaged and bitter. Caught up in the anti-war movement Lucy committed a crime that changed everything for both of them.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. She Was: A Novel (. 6 Mb. The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn.

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She Was Hallowell, Janis HarperCollins USA 9780061243264 : From the author of the critically acclaimed The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn comes a new novel about a. .She Was, Hallowell, Janis. Варианты приобретения. Кол-во: Наличие: Поставка под заказ

She Was Hallowell, Janis HarperCollins USA 9780061243264 : From the author of the critically acclaimed The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn comes a new novel about a happily married woman whose. Кол-во: Наличие: Поставка под заказ. Есть в наличии на складе поставщика. Склад Америка: 95 шт. При оформлении заказа до: 6 сен 2019 Ориентировочная дата поставки: начало октября При условии наличия книги у поставщика.

She Was is a story about the indelible nature of the past, about hiding in the ordinary, and, ultimately, about .

She Was is a story about the indelible nature of the past, about hiding in the ordinary, and, ultimately, about making amends. Hallowell is a deft craftswoman, and her novel, an absolutely must read, is a masterful braiding of two counterpoint stories: Doreen the passionate anti-Vietnam war Weather Underground activist who plants a bomb that inadvertently kills a man, and her brother Adam, who serves in that war only to prove to their father that he’s not a coward-neither realizing that their.

Doreen Woods is many things: a successful dentist who donates time and skills to the needy, a loving wife and mother, a sister who cares for her dying brother. She has carefully built an exemplary life. But all of this is threatened when a comrade from the seventies shows up. Over the next week Doreen's past rushes in as she is forced to admit to her family and herself the actions that caused her to change her name and identity three decades earlier.

In 1970 she was impressionable and idealistic Lucy Johansson. When her brother, Adam, came home from Vietnam damaged and bitter, they moved to California, where she raged against the war and the Establishment with many others of her generation. She joined an antiwar group and participated in increasingly militant protests designed to bring attention to their cause and to change the world for the better. But all the best intentions and careful planning couldn't keep things from going terribly wrong.

Told from a twenty-first-century perspective, She Was spans the width of the American continent and the depth of social upheaval of the second half of the twentieth century. She Was explores the violent, determining act in one woman's life that mirrors the formative trauma of her age. She Was is a story about the indelible nature of the past, about hiding in the ordinary, and, ultimately, about making amends.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable novel. Janis Hollowell has a talent for developing characters that you want to follow. There are enough reveiws that just give you a summary of the plot, so I wont' go there. What I will say is that I found myself wanting to read far past my bedtime, waiting to see what new development would occur with the characters, and more importantly, how they would deal with it. I don't normally read a novel more than once, but I've read this one 3 times.

This book is based on an interesting concept. It is well written and it definitely changed my view of a difficult subject. The characters were well developed and, frankly, I didn't want the book to end. I've given copies to friends because this book falls into my top ten.

Hallowell commands the reader's attention, like an officer leads his soldiers, deliberately and relentlesslessly through the chaos of the Vietnam War and the actions of a misguided radical. Along the way, we witness life in its everyday splendor and struggle. A compelling read.

Doreen Woods is a law-abiding citizen, community member, wife, mother, and a successful dentist with her own practice and an offshoot that provides dental care for people with minimal financial resources. Her son is grown, about to start college in the fall, and her marriage is at a good and solid place. Although her brother is suffering from AIDS-related MS, there is only one big thing keeping her from being completely content with her place on the earth.

Years ago, at the height of the Vietnam War, Doreen was an 18-year-old terrorist named Lucy Johansson, and is wanted by the FBI for killing a man during a Columbia University bombing manuever that went wrong. For over 30 years, she has moved quickly and quietly through her life without raising suspicions, but the sudden reappearance of an old comrade has her frightened for her life.

SHE WAS by Janis Hallowell is a first-rate thriller disguised as literary fiction. The ongoing chase, during which the present-day state of events in Doreen's life speed up and become more and more intense as the pages turn, has a feeling of complete and utter terror to it. Doreen is the hunted, and the fact that we've met her at a place where her life is happy and moving along without much outward care makes the disintegrating state of her affairs that much more volatile. Like Jason Bourne, she is moving as fast as she can to keep away from the past nipping angrily at her heels. But the faster she runs, the faster the past seems to catch up with her.

In a fury of activity over a few days, Doreen loses her father, admits her secret identity and past to her clueless husband and son, and causes a very dramatic turn in the dwindling life of her brother. Having helped her into hiding after the bombing, her brother is wanted as well, but it is his pain-addled body that is the most aggregious affront to his sensibilities. Neither of them care for the politics of old, and although they have lived through some politically hypocritical times (Adam, the brother, came of age in the gay '70s and '80s as well), their former selves are just that --- former. In post 9/11 America, however, terrorism is terrorism, and everybody is suspect, especially someone who participated in the radical movement so completely.

Hallowell writes with the pinched and efficient verbiage of a suspense hound. The flashbacks to Doreen's former life as a revolutionary and Adam's former life living with a Klaus Nomi-type gay club superstar, as well as his wrenching time spent in service in Vietnam, are poignant but informative --- a straightforward narrative that really does inform and build the characters as we read. You can almost see them like a 4-D computer graphic --- one side is clear, then another, until there is a multidimensional human being beamed into your head as you read. Hallowell manages to put just enough historical context into the book so that younger readers who may not remember these types of inciting incidents, like the Columbia uprising or the Vietnam War, will still feel the sting of the violence, political vitriol and community clashing that comes in wartime (much like today).

It is particularly remarkable that, with such heated backdrops, Hallowell is able to reign herself in and not go overboard in comparing the guerilla tactics of police during the '60s and '70s with the incendiary and insidious tactics of today's conservative government. Reading about incidents like a Berkley rally and a trip through Alabama during the Woolworth sit-ins in the '60s, we see, through Doreen's and Adam's eyes, the kind of violent behavior that sparked the sort of radical activity that Doreen found herself involved in. Through her son, Hallowell gets in some appropriate punches for the current paranoid sweep of young men and women of color and different cultures that 9/11 has wrought upon our civilization.

SHE WAS is a great book --- written with restrained intensity and emotional vibrancy, with a respect for the past and a thinly-but-nicely veiled warning to all of us that the past is always with us and the future is nothing without it.

--- Reviewed by Jana Siciliano

Janis Hallowell's amazing novel SHE WAS lifts off in the first few lines, and soars the deeper one gets into it. Although it takes its initial charge from a young woman's bombing of an ROTC building to protest the war in Vietnam, this is a novel with profound relevance to the present day and political climate. The book draws parallels between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, but its deepest resonance lies in the emotional devastation wreaked on the characters. The activist turned dentist Doreen Woods, her husband Miles, and teenaged son Ian come alive as people I cared about deeply, in their attachments to each other, their love and loss. Doreen pays a heavy price for the political sins of those in power; she's at once our cultural conscience and the one who atones. Doreen's brother Adam, wracked with the pain of MS, bears this cultural pain in his body in an increasingly redemptive way. The significance of the translucent wings on the book's cover emerged as the story unfolded with exquisite suspense.
One person's pain is interwoven with the others', in alternating chapters that allow each of the main characters his or her voice. This unfolding net of pain would be unbearable were it not for Hallowell's talent, affection for her characters, and commitment to justice in the deepest sense of the word. In SHE WAS, Janis Hallowell has given us the gift of a dizzying look into our collective shadow. She's a terrific storyteller, offering a truth that left me in tears.

A well written book about the wars that we fight on a national, international and personal front. Seen through the lens of a protester whose actions led to the violence and death that she wanted to end, I did not come away from it feeling that the choices she made were held up to be applauded. War, be it in Vietnam, Iraq or in the streets of the USA, is never what what people think it will be and nobody comes through it unscathed. Having been actively involved in student protests during this time, it was easy for me to connect with not only Doreen, but with the complexity of issues and personalities presented in the book. (this is not to say that you "had to have been there" to appreciate the novel) I agree with another reviewer that the author's attempts to hit every social issue from immigration to gender discrimination was a tad overdone, but it did not detract from overall story.

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