e-Book Court of Shadows download

e-Book Court of Shadows download

by Cynthia Morgan

ISBN: 0345366514
ISBN13: 978-0345366511
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books; 1st edition (February 4, 1992)
Pages: 644
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.2
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She didn’t intend to defy the conventions of Elizabethan England. But willful, impulsive, and strikingly beautiful gentlewoman Kat Langdon disguises herself as a boy, masters the sword, and entangles herself in a treacherous web of intrigue with Queen Elizabeth’s spies.   Their quarry is Lord Harwood, a baron suspected of conspiring to assassinate the English queen and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots. The charismatic and dangerous Harwood is as devoted to his mission as Kat is to hers. He unmasks Kat and takes her captive, hoping to force her to reveal her secrets.  But an attraction between them grows and they risk falling into a dangerous trap—one that may lead them to betray their causes . . . or their hearts.   The opulence of the Court of the formidable and commanding Elizabeth I, the savage games of London’s underworld, the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition, the streets of Paris during the Huguenot uprising—all these form the rich tapestry of Court of Shadows. Its exciting swordplay, religious and political conflicts, and authentic portraits of sixteenth-century life dazzlingly recreate the Elizabethan world.
This novel is a very odd combination of excellent historical background blended with the romantic fantasies of a teenage girl. It seems as if the author did a lot of research to place a hackneyed plot into an authentic historical setting. The result is a very strange polyglot of interesting factual details and laughable melodrama. Not a single cliche is missed as we follow the overused plot line of a noble lady who disguises herself as a lad to join her brother in snooping on the traiterous goings on of dashing Lord Harwood who is seeminly involved in dastardly plottings against Queen Elizabeth I. Now all those of you who actually believe that Our Hero is in reality a traitor, raise your hands. Exactly. The "shocking outcome" is obvious from the outset. Essentially, the entire plot is one familiar to any reader of historical romances. Thankfully, the steamy clinches are pretty much omitted here, and we get a lot of hand holding and smouldering looks in lieu of pulsing members and heaving bosoms. As mentioned in other reviews, Morgan attempts to use the authentic speech of the time, but the result is distracting overall. After reading her 30th use of "Cry you mercy!" in the span of about 5 pages, I was tempted to give up reading right then and there.

This is a long novel and became tiresome and tedious before it was over. Nonetheless, after the long build up and introduction of many players, I felt the author rushed her ending and left too many loose ends. After she had taken the time to introduce so many characters the reader deserves to know what happened to them.

This would be good beach reading, but those reading for the action only will be bored by the historical discourse throughout. Contrariwise, those looking to be informed and educated by the interesting historical passages will doubtless be distracted by the juvenile tenor of the silly plot. Pretty much a no win situation. Not recommended other than as a time passer.

I can't say enough good things about this book. It takes during Elizabeth's reign. Mary of Scots is already her prisoner, and the Catholics are plotting against Elizabeth. A beautiful woman named Kat forces her way on an adventure with her brother to spy for the queen's intelligence. Unfortunately she falls in love with the man, Justin, that she is spying on. Justin catches her spying, yet he doesn't know who she is working for. So he keeps her with him on his tratirous journey to Spain and the home of his Catholic cousin. This book is well researched, historically accurate, a great story! There are a couple of chapters that make you yawn, but for the most part you will be up all night. She is good in the way that Sharon Kay Penman is.

This is a really wonderful book. Full of romance, deceptions, friendships, love, all a book needs. Kat is a noble woman, who happens to overhear a conversation between her brother and a man from the Queen. She decides to help her brother, and dresses up like a man, to help spy. She is eventually caught, while her brother isn't. He though,is in a predictament of his own. This book is totally a no-put-down book. However, there are times when the author tells you a bunch of history, and that can get a little boring. I skipped over those parts, and understood the book fine. READ IT!

ISBN: 0312326920
ISBN13: 978-0312326920
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