e-Book Gunman's Chance download

e-Book Gunman's Chance download

by Luke Short

ISBN: 0440209501
ISBN13: 978-0440209508
Language: English
Publisher: Dell (August 3, 1991)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Gunman's Chance book. Once in a while I like to mix in a Western for variety.

Gunman's Chance book. 0440209501 (ISBN13: 9780440209508). If I've ever read a Luke Short (1908-75) oater before, I don't have a clear memory of it. Blood on the Moon, reissued by Dorchester/Leisure this spring before the financial bottom fell out there, offers up sturdy prose, twisty plot, complex romance, and Does anybody read Westerns anymore?

Gunman's Chance book  . Blood on the Moon, reissued by Dorchester/Leisure this spring before the financial bottom fell out there, offers up sturdy prose, twisty plot, complex romance, and a hero.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Hired killer Jim Garry accepts a job in Massacre Basin that includes blackmail, robbing women, and dry gulching.

Luke L. Short (January 22, 1854 – September 8, 1893) was an American Old West gunfighter, cowboy, . Army scout, dispatch rider, gambler, boxing promoter and saloon owner. He survived numerous gunfights, the most famous of which were against Charlie Storms in Tombstone, Arizona Territory and against Jim Courtright in Fort Worth, Texas.

When a Texas gunman finds out his latest job is part of one big double cross, he swaps sides to save a family in peril.

Published 1961 by Bantam Books. There's no description for this book yet.

1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Gunman's Chance from your list? Gunman's Chance. Published 1961 by Bantam Books.

1941) (Blood On the Moon) A novel by Luke Short. Used availability for Luke Short's Gunman's Chance. December 1993 : USA Hardback.

More Books by Luke, Short.

Publisher Description. Riling had a plan-squeeze the Blockhouse spread between a bunch of land-hungry nesters and a crooked Indian agent. Then he hired his buddy Jim Garry to make it stick. More Books by Luke, Short. See All. The Cowboy Megapack. The Cowboy MEGAPACK ®.

Gunman's Reckoning, . 3. No, I can'ttake chances like that. But if I have him shaking in time, I'll shoothim through the right shoulder, George. The blow of the slug, like the punch of a strong man's fist, knocked thevictim out of his chair to the floor. He lay clutching at his shoulder. Gentlemen," said Donnegan, rising, "is there a doctor here?"

Hired killer Jim Garry accepts a job in Massacre Basin that includes blackmail, robbing women, and dry gulching
The story revolves around a man named Jim Garry. He had worked hard for long years before he could fulfil his dream and become a rancher himself. Then he lost everything due to an epidemy of a cattle disease. Embittered, he teamed up with some less than honest folks and resorted to certain questionable ways of obtaining means for living. However, his inner moral core never allowed him to cross certain limits. Now one of his mates has summed him up for a participance in a job which should be very lucrative. Jim Garry soon learns, however, that the job would include murdering innocent people. He is confronted with the choice whether he will cross the limits he has always respected so far and embrace real evil or whether he will take an arduous journey back to regain a place among honest people, earning deadly hatred of his hitherto companions and patiently waiting to regain trust of those he wants to be counted among.
Thus the story, combining western suspense and adventure with a serious existential theme, amounts to a marvellous read.

Gunman's Chance is a great western, it made it to the screen as Blood On The Moon, with Robert Mitchum, Robert Preston, Walter Brennan and Barbara Bel Geddes. One of Luke Short's great stories, a dark tale of a man who seeks redemption when going to work for a friend he sees in the friend a mirror of what he is becoming. Put it on my kindle to read now and again. I already have a hard cover copy on my bookshelf.

A good old time western story. A man who sees the error of his ways, and tries to change.

Another great Luke Short novel

Like all Luke Short stories, it is direct and to the point. A good story, well played out. A different writing style than Louis l'Amour, but good just the same.

Classic author Luke Short.
Great Westerns!

Well written, this story flows better than "Blood on the Moon" .

This novel became the basis for the movie Blood on the Moon starring Robert Mitchum and was published under that title by Bantam several years before this edition came out. It is a tale of how one man became fed up with what his friend wanted him to do because it was such a nasty job he couldn't stomach it. Then he decided to straighten things out himself. This is the kind of novel Luke Short relished writing--lots of action and violence, and historically accurate as possible. He is the master of such fiction, and deserves to be rated as one of the best to ever put the west to paper. This one does not disappoint.

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