e-Book Hackers download

e-Book Hackers download

by David Bischoff

ISBN: 0061063754
ISBN13: 978-0061063756
Language: English
Publisher: HarperTorch; 1st Printing edition (July 11, 1995)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Joining a group of elite New York City computer hackers, Dade Murphy is drawn into a mystery when Joey.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Born in Washington . and now living in Eugene, Oregon, David Bischoff writes science fiction books, short stories, and scripts for television. Though he has been writing since the early 1970s, and has had over 80 books published, David is best known for novelizations of popular movies and TV series including the Aliens, Gremlins, aka Mark Grant (with Bruce King), Brad Quentin (with Terry Bisson).

David F. Bischoff (December 15, 1951 – March 19, 2018) was an American science fiction and television writer. Born in Washington . Bischoff wrote science fiction books, short stories, and scripts for television. Though he began writing in the early 1970s, and had over 80 books published, Bischoff was best known for novelizations of popular movies and TV series including Aliens, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and WarGames.

David Bischoff - Hackers (Greek)(v. ). Uploaded by Stefanos Sonafets. GEnie, CompuServe, America Online. 1878, 1878, () (,, The hacker crackdown. The new hacker's dictionary , !. 1.

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The best time of Machiko Naguchi's life came in the wake of the Ryushi colony massacre

Thirty years ago The Blob was captured and dispatched to outer space by the United States Armed Forces. Now it’s back as an exploding overwhelming force of evil unleashing unimaginable fear upon the victims. The best time of Machiko Naguchi's life came in the wake of the Ryushi colony massacre. It was then that she abandoned her human heritage and ran with the Predators as a dedicated Hunter.

Joining a group of elite New York City computer hackers, Dade Murphy is drawn into a mystery when Joey, the youngest member of the gang, is arrested by the Secret Service for a computer crime that none of them committed. Original. Movie tie-in.
Hawk Flying
It was quite good for a movie adaptation. Not everything is perfect but it is a great one! Good luck getting a copy.

Okay, full disclosure, I absolutely LOVE the movie, I think its a classic. I also have a thing for novelizations of films, so this is pretty win win for me. The writing is pretty terrible to be honest. For hard core fans only AND completists I would say.

This is seriously my all time favorite movie next to Trainspotting. I remember ditching in high school to go see it. Hack the Planet!

Although almost identical to the movie, the novel Hackers by David Bischoff is about a boy genius hacker named Dade who after crashing 1507 computer systems as a boy with his virus is banished from the world of computers and touch-tone phones till he is eighteen years old. His father left him and his mom and they moved to New York City and again he is swept into the world of hacking. He meets a group of hackers and one of them gets into some mischief while hacking a Gibson (oil company). Their main enemy is a large companie's computer security engineer who is stealing money from the company and tries to blame it on the young hackers. Dade is asked to join the engineer, but he refuses saying "I don't work well with others." Suddenly Dade and his friends are being accused of things they did not do and they must hack their way to Freedom. I thought this book was entertaining but it had no factual information at all. People who have no idea about computers or phones will be convinced that all this information is real. People who know about computers and phones will know that the information contained in the book is fake and made up. When one of the hackers was inside an operating system it was like he was floating in a surreal world, when in truth he would be navigating through a bunch of command prompts. Also, when Dade used his answering machine to record the pay phone tones in order to make free phone calls. Although you could do this, it usually doesn't work on most pay phones anymore. The book has a fantastic amount of New York City cyberpunk culture. The way the hackers all hang around in computer oriented clubs with bright colors and virtual video games adds to the computer underground type atmosphere. The end of the book was very satisfying. I won't tell it to you but they do get their revenge in some way and avenge their hacker friends. Steven Basler

This is the story of five hackers, Zero Cool, Acid Burn,
Cereal Killer, Phantom Phreak and Joey. These five are a
group of hackers who have been framed by a dark side hacker
named The Plague. The plague works as a computer security
officer at Ellingson Mineral, while working there, he
implanted a worm (A computer program that steals little bits
of info, this worm steals money) Joey, the newest hacker
gets caught downloading the file that the worm program is
stored in. The plague uses this to his advantage, he then
launches a virus named da vinci to sink tankers, he then
blames it on the hackers so he can retrieve the worm file,
but the hackers figure out what the file is, and the race is
on to stop the plague from sinking the tankers. This fast
paced sci-fi novel is excellent reading for anyone intrested
in hacking, or in computers themselves.

I'm pretty embarrassed that I even read this book, but at least I checked it out from the Library instead of buying it.

The movie "Hackers" I consider entertaining, but it's more of a visually stylistic art film than a film about actual hacking (for those who complain it's not realistic - I seriously doubt any kind of mass audience wants to see a fat guy entering unix commands into a terminal window for four and a half hours....). The book takes away just about everything that's interesting about the movie (the visuals, the music, the comic book feeling, etc.) and leaves us with the plot (while not completely bad, it just does't work on it's own).

From what I remember, the author does make a couple of changes from the movie. First, everybody is using PCs instead of Macs (specifically Compaqs, I think). Second, there's some amazingly corny dialogue addition - the stand out comes from the scene with The Plague in Dade's room. They're going through the scene and The Plague pulls up the source code for Dade's virus and tells him it could have done a lot more damage by making a small change... and changes a < to a > and Dade is totally amazed by this. Seriously?

If I had to say something positive about the book, it's that it actually wraps up what happens to some of the characters. In the movie, you don't find out what happened to Joey and Freak. In the book, they're released from jail, given community service, and Joey "inherits" Dade's old "Zero Cool" nickname. Pretty glad they left this out of the movie.

Take some advice... don't waste time on the book, just see the movie again.

How do I say this kindly? First I saw the movie and thought it fun and entertaining, but in an unbelievable, wishful sort of way. Then, while perusing Amazon.com, I came upon the novelization of "Hackers." Naively I came to believe that "wow, the book sounds better than the movie!" So many amazing reviews surprised me, and I figured four dollars, why not. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! The dialogue is poor and paltry, the descriptions are bland, and absolutely nothing is added or expanded upon from the movie. It's a cheap rendition of the movie that takes away, if anything, from a joyful romp in the make-believe. I don't know how these other reviewers can be so deluded, but I assure you that this book is a waste of time and money.

Title: Hackers
Novelization By: David Bischoff
Screenplay By: Rafael Moreu
Year: 1995
Rating: 2 stars

It’s been a while (years) sense I’ve seen the movie but I do recall I enjoyed it. I just could not like this novelization of the screenplay though. It was one of the worst I’ve read so far! The writing, the dialogue, just terrible. If you still want to read it, look for it at your local library, don’t waste your money on it. I only paid a dollar, it was still too much.

ISBN: 1435455320
ISBN13: 978-1435455320
language: English
Subcategory: Networking and Cloud Computing
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