e-Book Falling Angels download

e-Book Falling Angels download

by Barbara Gowdy

ISBN: 0921051220
ISBN13: 978-0921051220
Publisher: Somerville House; First Edition edition (1989)
Pages: 192
Category: Literary
Subategory: Literature

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A couple of nights ago a boy told her he loved her and pleaded with her to go steady. Well, okay, she said at last, seeing as he loved her. They were sitting in his car in her driveway.

A couple of nights ago a boy told her he loved her and pleaded with her to go steady. and she floated a long way away from all of him except for his mouth. She forgot who he was-she thought he was the boy she went out with the week before-and when she opened her eyes, his face gave her a start. What’s the matter? he asked. She said, I’ve changed my mind, thinking she’d better. But she wouldn’t tell him, she wouldn’t be that mean

Barbara Gowdy was born in Windsor in 1950 but grew up in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills, after having moved there with her family in 1954

Barbara Gowdy was born in Windsor in 1950 but grew up in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills, after having moved there with her family in 1954. After graduating from high school in the late 1960s, she studied at York University and the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has also taught creative writing at Ryerson and the University of Toronto and has worked as an interviewer for the TVOntario program, Imprint.

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Falling Angels is a rare novel. Well-developed characters, wonderfully compact prose, and a simple but interesting premise. If you read one book this year, read this one. Innocent yet worthy. Published by Thriftbooks. the author really draws you into the story.

Barbara Gowdy Falling Angels To my parents for not being the parents in this book. Contents Cover Title Page Resurrection 1969 Christmas 1959 Paradise 1960. for not being the parents in this book.

And whenever their mother's coffee mug is empty they hurry to refill it with whiskey, for they know she's living precariously in the wake of the strange unspeakable act she once committed against the family. These falling angels - tough-talking Lou; sensible, sentimental Norma; chic, naïve Sandy - go through rites of passage each in her own way. They turn to drugs, swinging sixties sex, schmaltzy fantasy - and, repeatedly, to one another.

Barbara Gowdy is a novelist and short story writer. Helpless won the Trillium Book Prize. It was also longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and shortlisted for the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction. She is a three-time finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award and two-time finalist for the Scotiabank Giller Prize.

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192 pages of excellent text. First Edition.
This novel is narrated by each of the characters in the first person. This is difficult but generally successful here; the only false notes to me were the early sections of Maude's and Livinia's narrations. Even allowing for the differences between Victorian and modern child-rearing they simply sound too precocious to be completely credible. Otherwise this is a beautifully done picture of thoughts both said and not. You have to wonder which has more effect.

I have actually been to this coastline in the United Kingdom and have watched various shows about Mary. It was fantastic to get the feel for the difference in class and how it affected the future of the women in the book. It strikes me that we are told the women were over protected/controlled by the men yet they seemed to do pretty well in the end. I do not see so much different from todays women who struggle to juggle work and their family/home. It is great to have so much detail in a book that you feel like you are really there. Loved previous books by Tracy Chevalier - The Lady & the Unicorn, Remarkable Creatures and The Virgin Blue just to name a few - they have all been really good reads.

I enjoyed this book by Chevalier, but not as much as Girl with the pearl earing or Remarkable Creatures. I would have liked it to include more on the suffragette mouvement. I got attached to the characters, many of which are children. It is an original book that reads well. I was surprised when it ended (perhaps because I am still getting used to reading novels on a Kindle!).

This book covers the period in the lives of two families that stretches from January 1901, the end of the Victorian era, to May 1910, the end of the Edwardian one. The lives of these two families, the Colemans and the Waterhouses, converge and become inextricably woven together when they inadvertently meet at a cemetery while paying their respects to deceased loved ones. Unbeknownst to them, their lives are moving inexorably towards a tragic denouement, one that is to have ramifications for both families.

Two of the daughters of these respective families, Lavinia Waterhouse and Maude Coleman, find that they have formed the beginning of a friendship during the brief interlude at the cemetery. The two girls also befriend Simon Field, the son of one of the gravediggers at the cemetery. The friendship of the two girls is cemented when they later discover that they are to be neighbors, as through happenstance the Waterhouse family moves onto a property adjacent to that of the Colemans. Despite differences in social class and personal taste, as the Waterhouses are definitely sentimentally bourgeois and the Colemans have pretensions to more refinement, the families are brought together, however unwillingly, through the friendship between Lavinia and Maude.

The mothers of these two girls are unable to form a true friendship, as stolid Gertrude Waterhouse and pretty Kitty Coleman are unable to find much common ground. Gertrude is bound in tradition, while Kitty, dissatisfied with her marriage and her life, is looking to escape tradition and expand the role allotted in society to women. Never the twain shall meet, as these women will never see eye-to-eye, despite the friendship between Lavinia and Maude.

This is a well-plotted novel with each character adding his or her perspective to the events that unfold, many of which are of a secretive nature. Even the husbands, Albert Waterhouse and Richard Coleman, have something to say that contributes to the development of the story, as does Richard Coleman's mother, Edith, as do the Coleman's maid, Jenny Whitby, and their cook, Dorothy Baker. Lavinia's younger sister, Ivy May, who plays a small but pivotal role, also has her say, as does Kitty's admirer, John Jackson. There are also a number of twists and turns in the tale.

The story is told in the clean, spare prose that fans of the author have come to expect. It is told through first person narratives, and it is almost as if the narratives were taken from the personal diary or journal of each character. Therein lies the rub, as the author is unable to make the voice of each character truly distinguishable from that of the others. The book suffers somewhat from the failure of the author to develop a truly unique voice for each one. This is, however, the only failing of this otherwise absorbing and intriguing story that is suffused with period detail. This is an otherwise excellent book that fans of the author will enjoy, as will those who love historical fiction.

I think you will like this if you read 1 or 2 of the authors other books but if you have read more than that, you will likely be thinking "Ugh... this, again??" Just like a comedian is cool at first but you get bored of hearing them re-tell the same old jokes, this author sticks to repeating the things you first adored in her writing. While I appreciate that each author has their own style, it might be nice for Chevalier to take longer on her next works to try to develop a more unique flavor for each book.

Interesting characters set in an interesting time in history, and the writing is very good. It tipped toward some familiar judgments on female characters, though, and for that reason, I didn't give it a 5.

The dialogue in this novel was so artificial and trite that I stopped reading the book after a chapter or so. I was particularly bothered by the language of the children in this book, which did not ring true.

I thourghly enjoyed reading this novel. I liked the separate chapters each telling their part in the story. Tracy Chevalier is a great story teller.

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