e-Book Single Wife download

e-Book Single Wife download

by Nina Solomon

ISBN: 0451212118
ISBN13: 978-0451212115
Language: English
Publisher: NAL Trade (June 1, 2004)
Pages: 320
Category: Literary
Subategory: Literature

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Grace Brookman's husband is missing. He wasn't kidnapped or murdered (she's fairly certain); he just seems to have run away from home.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. He got up one morning.

Single Wife A NOVEL BY NINA SOLOMON Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill For Nathaniel Contents 1. The Duro-LitesĀ . The Duro-Lites 2. Jane Meets the Invisible Man 3. A Perfect Match 4. Innocents. All major events for Laz seemed to occur in November-his birthday, the publication of his first book, the signing of the movie deal, their wedding day. He always called it his lucky month. They may have even met in November, although it was still up for debate.

In the spirit of Laura Zigman and Jennifer Weiner, Nina Solomon gives us a portrait of a young woman unraveled, who attempts to pull herself back together in the face of a most unusual crisis. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Grace Brookman's husband is missing. In the spirit of Laura Zigman and Jennifer Weiner, Nina Solomon gives us a portrait of a young woman unraveled, who attempts to pull herself back together in the face of a most unusual crisis.

Nina Solomon's first novel, Single Wife, was a Book-of-the-Month Club, Literary Guild, and Quality Paperback Book Club selection and was optioned by Warner Bros.

Like a particularly sharp episode of Sex and the City, the novel poses a provocative question-does a woman need a man to feel 'married'?-and goes about answering it with both flair and heart. Elle) Grace Brookman thought she had it all-until her husband went out one day and never came back.

Single wife : a novel. by. Solomon, Nina, 1961-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Married women, Runaway husbands, Missing persons, Deception. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Andy Wilcoxon on April 22, 2010. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

When her husband apparently decides to run away from home, Grace Brookman copes with the upheaval by pretending to family and friends that he is still around, undertaking a life of deception as her charade becomes ever more elaborate, but clues gradually emerge that suggest that her spouse is not the man she thought he was. A first novel. Reprint.
The main character is a wife with a husband that disappears at random times during their marriage. He usually comes back within a few days and the wife never questions where he's been. She is so happy that he returns that she chooses not to think about where he's been. The book revolves around her husband's most recent disappearance that lasts for months instead of days. She goes to great lengths to cover up his absence and make it look like he is still around. She leaves evidence of him around the house for the maid to see, she lies to everyone she knows about where he is and I guess their friends and family are okay with him being late or away on business a lot.

The whole book is about her efforts to cover up his absence so the outside world doesn't know he's gone. She also creates some pretty impressive denial regarding what a jerk her husband is. She discovers more and more proof of his indiscretions and secrecy, only to wrap her denial around each one.

I actually would skip through several pages in an attempt to find where this woman would stand up for herself and either research his indiscretions or just up and leave their home. I understand how she could pretend their marriage was a good one for many years through his 48 hour disappearances, but come on!!! He does this sort of thing for years and when he's gone for months she doesn't even try to find him or ask him where he's gone or what he's doing?

Very frustrating, but well written.

Having recently finished this book, I was utterly disappointed with the plot and the way the story ended.
Grace, a seemingly intelligent, well-bred woman accepts the fact that her husband disappears on occasion? In addition, with the news that his prize-winning account of a Kosovo prisoner is fake, she chooses not to read a newspaper or listen to the news to better understand what the three-month disappearance is all about? I somehow doubt that, in this particular case, this woman would simply stick her head in the sand and hope for the best...and that her *good* friends (Chloe and Kane) would actually let her live in denial like they did.
In a nutshell, this book takes too long to get to the point and, when it finally gets around to determining who Grace *really* is, the book ends far too quickly without completing the story in a manner similar to how it was developed. There were several times that I thought about putting the book down unfinished, only to persevere in the hopes that it would get better. It didn't. My disappointment is obvious and I would have given it 1 star; however, the author's choice of words for much of the book is quirky and unusual, so I felt it deserved bonus points for that.

I loved this novel. I read it over a weekend and continue to think about Grace, and all the other characters in this sweet,funny,thoughtful and engaging first novel. Nina Solomon did a fine job of weaving the secondary plotlines with the main plot of the missing husband. The satisfiying ending to this unique story left this reader eager to read her next book.

the monster
I read this book about a year ago and really enjoyed it. Unlike some other reviewers, I thought it was well written and in fact just did a search on amazon to see if she had written anything since.
None that I could find here, but looking forward to it...

Could have been better. A bit disappointing.

This book caught your attention right away and kept it throughout the book. I even liked the ending, even though it was unexpected.

And the story was ridiculous. Or at least her way of "dealing" with her husband's frequent vanishing acts is ridiculous. She just pretends it doesn't happen and carries on, covering for him and frantically messing up the apartment every day for the maid's sake, so she won't know. It was hard to have any sympathy for Grace. What was her problem? She was too coddled? Too spoiled as a child? Her parents adore her and she is attached to them in a childlike way and all three of them make goo goo eyes at her fabulous husband, when he happens to be around. When he disappears the final time and is gone for months, she chooses to lie to everyone, damage the few friendships she has, all to cover up for this selfish jerk. The subplot with his long lost son makes no sense. Also the idea that Grace was once a quirky hipster her friend Chloe wants back rings false. Nothing leads one to believe she ever anything more than a clingy, needy sheltered rich girl. Where is the money coming from when she finally faces the pile of bills she finally realizes won't just vanish if she pretends long enough? Casually writing a check for a few months rent on an NYC apartment? Yeah, right.
This could have been a good story if Grace was not so tedious and unsympathetic. I was actually hoping Laz would just tell her to grow up.

ISBN: 0800756347
ISBN13: 978-0800756345
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