e-Book Dreams from Bunker Hill download

e-Book Dreams from Bunker Hill download

by John Fante

ISBN: 0876855303
ISBN13: 978-0876855300
Publisher: Black Sparrow Press; First Edition edition (March 1982)
Subategory: Literature

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Dreams from Bunker Hill. So I was back again, back to LA, with tw. bout the Author. Other Books by John Fante.

Dreams from Bunker Hill. Chapter One. My first collision with fame was hardly memorable. I was a busboy at Marx’s Deli.

Dreams from Bunker Hill book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Dreams From Bunker Hill" is the last novel by noir master John Fante. He weaves a darkly humorous story of flawed character, Arturo Bandini, a struggling writer trying to escape decaying Bunker Hill in 1934 Downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Fante's prose is light and fresh and makes the decades gone past come so alive, I could almost smell the dust and sweat. According to the book's endnote, Mr. Fante wrote this novel by dictation during his later years after he lost his sight.

The Duke was five feet two and weighed 235. Richard Lionheart was six feet eight and weighed 235. They moved about, sparring for a grip. the big man’s flowing coiffure

The Duke was five feet two and weighed 235. the big man’s flowing coiffure. He went down like a ton of coal. The Duke leaped upon him, and managed a scissor hold around his neck. Lionheart kicked helplessly, his face turning blue. The crowd was on its feet, shrieking in rage. A woman climbed through the ropes and smacked the Duke in the face several times with her purse. I was twenty-one years old, living in a world bounded on the west by Bunker Hill, on the east by Los Angeles Street, on the south by Pershing Square, and on the north by Civic Center

Dreams from Bunker Hill. I was a busboy at Marx's Deli. I was twenty-one years old, living in a world bounded on the west by Bunker Hill, on the east by Los Angeles Street, on the south by Pershing Square, and on the north by Civic Center. I was a busboy nonpareil, with great verve and style for the profession, and though I was dreadfully underpaid (one dollar a day plus meals) I attracted considerable attention as I whirled from table to table, balancing a tray on one hand, and eliciting smiles from my customers. I had something else beside a waiter's skill to offer my patrons, for I was also a writer.

John Fante began writing in 1929 and published his first short story in 1932

Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. John Fante began writing in 1929 and published his first short story in 1932. His first novel, Wait Until Spring, Bandini, was published in 1938 and was the first of his Arturo Bandini series of novels, which also include The Road to Los Angeles and Ask the Dust. A prolific screenwriter, he was stricken with diabetes in 1955. Complications from the disease brought about his blindness in 1978 and, within two years, the amputation of both legs.

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Dreams from Bunker Hill: An Origin Story by Fante, John.

Dreams from Bunker Hill: An Origin Story by Fante, John. 1 081,94 RUB. Показать все 6. Сравнить похожие товары. Dreams from Bunker Hill by John Fante (2002, Paperback, Reprint). This is a very enjoyable book that you will not put down especially if you want to be a writer. Проверенная покупка: да Состояние товара: Подержанные. Наиболее популярные в Художественная литература. Dreams from Bunker Hill. by. Fante, John, 1909-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

My first collision with fame was hardly memorable

My first collision with fame was hardly memorable. The place was Third and Hill, Los Angeles.

I can't believe Fante dictated this one to his wife while suffering the debilitating effects of diabetes, so close to death. The Bandini character that Fante cultivated since he was a young man is here, as passionate and tumultuous as ever. The story takes place in a California of bygone years that will be recognizable to anyone who's read Nathaniel West. "Bunker Hill" captures the hunger for recognition, for artistic and commercial success, for women and validation, that haunted Fante's alter-ego through his roughly fifty years of fictional forays. The writing is deceptively simple, with a beauty and passion that is unmatched in the annals of American fiction. For those interested in the "missing link" between the Lost Generation and the Beats, look no further than Fante, and this, one of his last and best books. Highly recommended.

Fante's books are like watching a car wrecks happen - his thinly veiled alter ego tortures himself. It feels sadistic, but Fante also makes it fun.
Everyone is partly a lazy dreamer - someone who wants, but doesn't want to do - Fante is able to quarantine that part of him and create Arturo Bandini. I am amazed by Fante's ability to process this part of himself. I either get mad at myself or get mad at the world.
Through Bandini, Fante explores his uncontrollable lust. Bandini purses the most desirable woman directly and is routinely rejected. He can't control himself. When the girlfriend of a gigantic wrestler is impressed with his ghost written poem, he can't resist confessing. The girlfriend is upset and Bandini is lucky to escape. After multiple rejections, he settles for the elderly hotel owner. When he is with her, he is repulsed. When she rejects him, his love for her is renewed.
Bandini also experiences the hell of working for and with other people. Fante's stories of failed collaboration and being owned my a corporate machine have to be ripped from his real life experience. Fante is a kindred spirit.

The best novel of the Bandini's saga! Ok, Ask The Dusk is the most complex and tridimensional one, but Dreams of Bunker Hills is about dreams, is about a "kind of" successful Bandini! Even if he'll destroy everything as always here the happiness is there, you can feel it! Fante wrote this in his very late years, dictating it to his wife because he could not see anymore... and I think he recollected all his past adventure through the lens of melancholy and overestimation of youth days! I loved it.

Joyable. Funny. Good and fluid prose and a worthy continuation for the Bandini's saga, but far in achievement from "Ask the dust", or any of his predecessors. A sort of premonitory book of the Bukowski's "Hollywood".

elegant stranger
These were interesting slice-of-life stories from old Los Angeles. Since I live here now, the contrasts between then and now were quite interesting. Worth reading, but not mind-blowing.

it's a great slory. especially if you read more of the Arturo Bandini saga.
i really loved it and it's highly recommended.

Great ending to the series!

This story is absolutely hilarious. This guy Fante was nuts! I know I am not a shrink, but I think it's safe to say that his elevator didn't quite go up to the top floor. However, I challenge anyone out there to pick up one of his books and see if they can easily put it down. The guy knows how to write. He may be insane, but the man holds your interest and he makes it real hard to stop reading.

"Dreams from Bunker Hill" takes place in Los Angeles in the late 1930's where Fante's favorite protagonist Arturo Bandini is a struggling writer who is given a job as a Hollywood screenwriter. Obviously, the world of Hollywood is no place for our wacky anti-hero. To me, Bandini seems to be a cross between Howard Stern and Jerry Lewis (obviously not the real Jerry, but the comedic characters he played). Arturo never stops with his antics, each antic seemingly eclipsing the one before it with its stupidity and insanity. There are more than a half dozen scenes in the novel which had me actually keeling over with laughter. Of course, not everyone shares my strange sense of humor. If you are the self-effacing, not too serious type, then you will probably love this guy. This is my third book of his, and so far my favorite. I may not like him as much as Bukowski, but I am really enjoy the majority of his writing and will continue to read more of his work. Like Hank, Fante grows on you, like it or not.

Fante definitely isn't going to be everyone's favorite dish. However, love him or hate him there is definitely no denying this guy was a true original. He was Bukowski's hero (he actually referred to him as 'God') and it is overtly clear after reading one page of Fante where Buke drew his inspiration. If you are a true fan of Hank's, then you positively must read this man. Most of his fans and critics agree that this is one of his better novels. I give it four and a half stars.

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