e-Book Gabriel's Eye download

e-Book Gabriel's Eye download

by Chris Wayne Smith

ISBN: 0970152507
ISBN13: 978-0970152503
Language: English
Publisher: Winedale Publishing; 1st edition (February 1, 2001)
Pages: 352
Category: United States
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.3
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Gabriel's Eye Hardcover – February 1, 2001. by Chris Wayne Smith (Author). Smith (Understanding Women; Uncle Dad) pulls the reader into a world of sexual longing and psychological introspection in this plainspoken but complex tale.

Gabriel's Eye Hardcover – February 1, 2001. The plot will catch the attention of anyone captivated by current headlines: Jeff, a 17-year-old boy, and Susan, his beautiful 28-year-old art teacher, develop a relationship that turns romantic and ends in tragedy.

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This intelligent new novel by well known author C.W. Smith examines the process by which a decent and well- meaning young woman makes a moral error with tragic consequences.Twenty-six year old Susan is the kind of teacher every student falls for, in one way or another. She's beautiful, kind, sympathetic - a pal. And she teaches art, where her creative approach and candor have endeared her to all. Her personal life is something else, however, as her biological clock ticks on and boyfriend Curt shows no signs of wanting marriage, and even less of wanting kids.When seventeen-year-old transfer student, Jeff Robbins walks into her art club meeting one night, Susan is transfixed by his good looks, palpable shyness and obvious admiration.The story that results displays C.W. Smith's exceptional sense of detail in the service of character as he reveals every nuance of their developing relationship and the mistakes that propel it.As he has demonstrated in his previous fiction, Smith profoundly understands the pressures at work as adolescent males attempt to comprehend themselves and the world. Never has he created a more sympathetic young man than Jeff, deeply infatuated, forced by circumstance into a nurturing role at home, disturbingly at risk from the intensity of his emotions. What may be more surprising, however, is Smith's stunning ability to inhabit the skin of Susan, a young woman whose lack of a moral compass combined with good intentions sets off a chain of events whose conclusion even she cannot foresee.Interwoven throughout the story is the image of The Annunciation, the subject of Susan's long overdue art history thesis, as she attempts to use it to reveal the many disguises we apply to the power of sexual passion.Beautifully written, with Smith's usual sharp ear for the fine points of colloquial usage, Gabriel's Eye is a compelling read that will deeply reward every reader with an appetite for thoughtful, moving fiction.
Rocky Basilisk
Deftly crafted by an author so convincing in his female persona that the "Publisher's Weekly" reviewer mistakes C.W. Smith for a her, Gabriel's Eye is a fast paced, well plotted, dark and deeply disturbing tale of adolescent longing, professional impropriety, betrayal and redemption that breaks through the binary oppositions that tend to mire us in an either/or (black and white) approach to life, religion and literature. Smith possesses an incredible gift for character development and here breathes life into Susan, a 28-year-old art teacher who listens to classical music, is unabashedly liberal in her politics and is deeply entrenched in an uncommitted relationship with her live-in lover, Curt. When a 17-year-old transfer student named Jeff quietly slips into his first art club meeting, Susan is immediately smitten by his rumpled good looks and shy demeanor, so reminiscent of her first lover, Nathan. Susan rescues Jeff from the rain by offering him a ride home, a ten-minute drive across the Trinity River that becomes the first step in a flirtation fanned by private lessons and good intentions, but doomed to dire consequences. Smith's dedication to the psychology motivating the ill-fated protagonists can be unsettling and will linger long after the last page is turned, but the next time I hear a salacious news story of teacher impropriety I won't be quite as indignant, or so quick to ask--How could she/he? I'll be thinking, instead, of that crush I had on my high school geography teacher and how grateful I am that I never acted on it.

Ever been tempted to pursue a dalliance before solving or exiting your current relationship? This cautionary tale deftly explores the possible lifelong consequences of such an action. Exquisitely plotted and layered with psychological insight, C.W. Smith explores the motivations of two characters separated by age and station. Susan is a teacher and Jeff is one of her students. Susan, unfullfilled by life with her live-in lover Curt, baits the hook for Jeff and step by reversible step reels him in up to the point she chooses to return him to the water as a nonkeeper. However, the hook is in too deep for Jeff and the traitorous betrayal by one of his contemporaries leads to tragic results. You will not be finished with this book when you close the cover after the last page. For a time thereafter you will ponder the moral dilemma, knee-jerk religious cynicism, the attempt to fullfil emotional needs without, or despite, considering the consequences, and finally the possibility of redemption after a monumental struggle.
Reading this book reminded me that I was in love with June Allyson when I was twelve. Pity was June never knew. Or maybe that was a blessing.

On "20/20," on "Jerry Springer," it would be the stuff of tabloid heaven: sex between a teacher and her young student, scandal, disgrace, death. But C.W. Smith weaves this tale of woe and longing with sensitivity and restraint. As in all his novels, in "Gabriel's Eye" he looks past his characters' flaws to reveal the human condition in all its stubborn frailty. In Susan, the teacher, and Jeff, her student, Smith brings alive the yearning for passion, the ambivalent struggle against life's constraints, that have sparked countless falls from grace. Through their story he illuminates a truth that may be hard to face: no one is guiltless; within all of us are needs that can't quite be satisfied by the workaday world. In the respites we seek, in rare stolen moments of pleasure and beauty, we may be granted a glimpse of something finer than ordinary life can summon. But there will be a price to pay for it, and the world, like life itself, will eventually come tumbling down.

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