e-Book The Closer I Get To You (Arabesque) download

e-Book The Closer I Get To You (Arabesque) download

by Melanie Schuster

ISBN: 1583145214
ISBN13: 978-1583145210
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani Arabesque (March 28, 2006)
Category: United States
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.6
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No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever including Internet usage, without written permission of the author. Ebook formatting by Maureen Cutajar. Chapter One. Chapter Two.

Melanie Schuster is an excellent writer and I truly enjoy reading this series The Closer of get to you. If you like love stories you will love this one really enjoyed it is so good chould not put it down hope you e joy it margie.

Melanie Schuster is an excellent writer and I truly enjoy reading this series. This book is very intense and hard to put down. This series is for the true romantic. The Closer of get to you.

The Closer I Get To You (Arabesque). It's wonderful because we get to catch up with old characters like Donnie and his lady love, while getting a glimpse into the present and future of the Cochran/Deveraux clan. We also meet new characters such as Alicia's brothers who I hope will appear in future novels of Ms. Schuster. Ms. Schuster's novels are keepers and "Something to talk about" doesn't disappoint

Schuster, Melanie, 1951-. Books for People with Print Disabilities.

Schuster, Melanie, 1951-. Internet Archive Books. Gutierres on October 21, 2011.

The Closer I Get to You (Cochran/Deveraux Series Book 8. Angelique Deveraux and Adonis "Donnie" Cochran have hated each other ever since Lucky in Love, the book in which her oldest brother Clay married his only sister, Bennie

The Closer I Get to You (Cochran/Deveraux Series Book 8). Melanie Schuster. Angelique Deveraux and Adonis "Donnie" Cochran have hated each other ever since Lucky in Love, the book in which her oldest brother Clay married his only sister, Bennie. They took an almost instant dislike to each other and have bickered and battled their way through Until the End of Time, My One and Only Love and Let it Be Me. Donnie even coined a nickname for Angelique that describes her personality perfectly; he calls her Evilene.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. The Closer You Come.

Books related to The Closer I Get to Yo. I really enjoyed this book. As with all Miss Schuster books It was well written and had a good story line. by Stephanie on April 25, 2015.

Books related to The Closer I Get to You. Skip this list. The Closer I Get to You. by Melanie Schuster.

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An exciting and touching love story about Paris Deveraux and Titus Argonne

An exciting and touching love story about Paris Deveraux and Titus Argonne. They've finally reached the point of making love when Titus realizes that she's in it for the long haul, but he's sure that he's not. When her life is in danger he's the only man who can protect her, even though it means losing his carefully guarded heart to her forever.

The Closer I Get To You by Melanie Schuster released on Mar 28, 2006 is available now for purchase.
I know that I am not alone when I say that I am a fan of this series featuring the Cochran/Deveraux Families and friends. From Book 1 (Lucky in Love) to this one, Book 8, the stories involving these two dynamic African American families have provided hours of great reading! In The Closer I Get to You, we are reintroduced to Paris Deveraux, the heroine and Titus Argonne, the hero. Their story is one of courtship, separation, love connection, suspense, and family drama. I was a captive reader from the first chapter to the last. Not only was there drama between Paris and Titus, but also between Paris and a nemesis who threatens her life. Titus has plenty of drama going on in his life that makes for an intriguing subplot that ties neatly into the main plot. So, just when you think things have settled down, something else occurs. Melanie Schuster is a great storyteller. I can always count on her when writing about these families to 'throw down' !
I can't leave out the engaging side characters; some who could easily emerge into a story of their own. The Closer I Get to You has become one of my favorite books in the Cochran/ Deveraux Sagas. It's another winner by a prolific writer.

The love story of Paris and Titus was a long time coming! I believe it is the best one to date. Although Paris was a shy young lady in previous books in this series she's blossomed into a beautiful mature woman and she finally snags her man. Titus had a rocky beginning in his life, but it made him into the man he is today and led him to the woman he didn't know he needed! A great read but make sure if you want to know the history of the Cochran/Deveraux clan to read books 1-7 in the series. Love, love, love this family thanks Melanie for bringing me into the world of the Cochran/Deveraux clan!

Love the story line but there are way too many grammatical errors it causes you to lose the meaning of the context at times. There seems to be things missing from the book too. For example who is Corey and what was it that Julian did while Paris was in Chicago? Was that a reference to Gayle or what? I would've loved for Titus to confront his grandfather, that would've been interesting. When he showed up at the mortuary was it to really get to know Titus or to tell him never to come back? That would've made for an interesting story line. But I do actually enjoy the Devereaux Series, just need a new proofreader.

This is one of the most sensual books I have read! I just loved the book and I want more, if possible! I know this was book # 8, but I don't see a book # 9 and I would really like to continue reading about the families depicted in this book! I have read quite a few of the books on the families in this book, but I read them out of sequence, but they are still superbly written. I am so in love with the stories in all the books that I have read and I know I will be reading them again! Keep up the great job and put some more out there!!!

I enjoyed Part 8 just like part 1-7. I almost forgot about Titus and Paris. I recall her going off to learn the family business and it was nice to finally see her story after some growing up. Even though Titus 'said' he couldn't be with Paris -- all his actions 'said' otherwise. They were a great couple and their growing pains together were easy to understand. Oh man, Titus learning about his family was so heartwarming. Way to right a really nice ending for him. Hope to read about Mac and Aunt Ruth...(hint, hint)

Paris Deveraux reminds me of a beautiful flower in full bloom and Titus Argonne is the bee drawn to it's loveliness. I have watched Paris grow from a tongue tied shy girl smitten by her cousins sexy best friend, into a confident national known talk show host who is no longer afraid to give Titus more than a glimpse of the woman she has become.

Now it's Titus who can't control the turbulent emotions Paris inspires in him and after a special night of giving into the passion and desire that's been building between them, Titus realizes too late the mistake he's made but is more than capable and willing to do whatever it takes to rectify his error. Paris is a true Deveraux and won't waste time on a fantasy, she is not about to allow Titus rejection to interfere with her life or career regardless of how deeply hurt the incident has left her. Fate though, has other plans for the couple after threatening letters puts Titus' firm in charge of protecting Paris from a culprit to dumb to know it's them who needs to be careful. Titus is determined to keep Paris safe and the closer he gets to finding the person who has put Paris life in jeopardy the closer he gets to understanding just how much she means to him.

Readers who enjoy Ms. Schuster's Deveraux/Cochran saga will appreciate this story of the long awaited romance between Titus and Paris to finally have a voice. We find out more about the "big man's" family, and past as well as being treated to more of those ultra fine Deveraux cousins and their "MAC daddy". Thank you Ms. Schuster for giving us men who love their women and family heart, mind, soul and body.

This was worth the air. This author is great. Loved all the charcters new and old great love story with depths and emotional aspects and great love scenes nicely done believable. Strong leads and enjoy seeing previous characters. Loving forward to more great stories of these familie Nd drama that follows. Love, lust ,protection, family drama. Draws you in and kerp you hooked. Very detailed loved it

This book was the best one out of all her books. it was sweet , romantic and with very funny characters. you will not be disappointed after reading this book. it goes to show you that true love does exist for unexpected people. even though misunderstanding and bad judgements. this book will have you Ohhing and ahhing throughout the whole book. and will have you laughing thoughts the end. a must read! A+++

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