e-Book Broken Pieces (Signet Eclipse) download

e-Book Broken Pieces (Signet Eclipse) download

by Carla Cassidy

ISBN: 0451224892
ISBN13: 978-0451224897
Language: English
Publisher: Signet (September 2, 2008)
Category: United States
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 859
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Broken Pieces (Signet Eclipse).

Broken Pieces (Signet Eclipse).

Janice said the next afternoon. Kelsey had left for the pool and Janice and Mariah were once again working on finishing painting the kitchen cabinets ilies about it. The addiction t. . The addiction to meth is as hard to break as an addiction to heroin. The deterioration of the body and of the soul is swift and horrible. Mariah used the handle of her paintbrush to itch a spot on her cheek. It must be terrible, to see somebody you love destroying themselves and be unable to help them. Janice lowered her brush and turned to look at Mariah

I have shivers running up and down my spine. I just finished Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy and I really hope none of my stairs creak tonight or I’ll likely have a heart attack screaming my head off.

I have shivers running up and down my spine. If you like books that scare you and have you looking over your shoulder, this one will fit the bill. Mariah’s childhood wasn’t that great.

Broken Pieces (Signet Eclipse) By Carla Cassidy. Publisher: Signet Book ISBN 13: 9780451224897. Author: Carla Cassidy ISBN 10: 0451224892. All used books sold by Book Fountain All new books sold by Book Fountain.

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Author:Cassidy, Carla. Postage, Returns & Payments. Best-selling in Fiction.

Carla Cassidy ranks right up there with Mary Higgins Clark for a suspense thriller. What did Molly see? What did Molly hear? And who does Molly fear? A great page-turner right to the last heart-pounding page.

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NYT Bestselling Author of More Than 150 Romance Novels. A rancher races against the clock to save the woman he lovesCarla Cassidy’s new Cowboys of Holiday Ranch romanceClay Romeo Madison yearns to find his Juliet

NYT Bestselling Author of More Than 150 Romance Novels. A rancher races against the clock to save the woman he lovesCarla Cassidy’s new Cowboys of Holiday Ranch romanceClay Romeo Madison yearns to find his Juliet Carla Cassidy. 4 March ·. New release!

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Items related to Hot Pursuit (Signet Eclipse). Home Karen Rose; Annie Solomon; Carla Cassidy Hot Pursuit (Signet Eclipse). Hot Pursuit (Signet Eclipse). Karen Rose; Annie Solomon; Carla Cassidy. ISBN 10: 0451217349, ISBN 13: 9780451217349. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately.

Coming back to Plains Point, Missouri, to face her tragic past, Mariah Sayers embraces her return as she is swept up by old friendships and the possibility of romance, until a vicious attack on one of her friends brings the past rushing back and forces her to do the unthinkable to stop a madman. Original.
It's been 16 years since Mariah Sayers was home. Raped as a teen, she finds herself pregnant and unable to turn to her strict parents for support. She runs away to Chicago and starts her life over, but returns to bury old ghosts after her father dies and leaves the family home to her. With the intention of merely fixing it up and putting it on the market, a new romance blossoms with the unlikely boy who sat behind her in class. Jack Taylor is now the town vet - sending women swooning to shelters to get pets to have him treat them. He has always had eyes for Mariah. But the memories of that long ago night continue to haunt Mariah, and just when she starts to think it might be safe to think about staying in Missouri for good, her best friend comes to visit and is brutally attacked and nearly murdered. When the police start to think that the over abundance of runaways might be linked to the attack, Mariah fears that the man who raped her has escalated to murder and she has to decide whether or not to report the crime that caused her to flee in the first place, which might have a devastating effect on her daughter.

Cassidy is an always riveting writer. Her books are like truffles - you just want to devour them. I stayed up late into the night trying to guess who the baddie was - I was totally convinced I was right, and then wham - I was wrong. She creates tension, and tons of red herrings, and takes a storyline that has been used numerous times and makes it seem fresh. My only cirticism is that I would have liked to have more of the aftermath of the killer's reveal, as well as what made them crack. I loved the relationship between Mariah and daughter Kelsey. It was totally believable. And the romance between Mariah and "Dr. Hot" as Kelsey labels him is ... well, hot! I'm convinced that Cassidy could write want ads and keep me glued to the page!

© Tracy Vest, September 2008

I have become a real fan of Carla Cassidy - she writes
a really good mystery
I love a who done it that takes
me to the end before I can be sure I
have it figured out!
I would recommend her books to anyone who
like a good mystery

Another great read by Carla Cassidy. Just discovered her books and have loved every one I've read thus far. She grabs your interest and holds it to the end. Great storylines. She's at the top of my favorite author list.

This was my first Carla Cassidy novel. It was an excellent mystery that I couldn't put down.

excellent reading

One of the things I find fascinating about reading a number of books by one author is having the chance to see how an author's style has changed and grown--or failed to do so. I'm always impressed when I see that an author's earlier works weren't nearly as smooth as their current ones, as odd as that sounds, because it means they were able to set aside their ego enough to realize they could improve their skills and set about doing so. That's a tough thing to do with creative works. So when I say that Carla Cassidy's "Broken Pieces" didn't blow me away the way her later "Last Gasp" and "Up Close and Personal" did, that isn't an insult.

At first I was disappointed; the characters were too-perfect and lacked depth. There's the too-good-to-be-true teen daughter who wants to play match-maker for her mother; the hottie love interest who adores animals; and the graceful and gracious main character who has handled everything with tremendous strength and dignity. I had trouble with the idea that one character who was referred to as street-smart would have allowed herself to be caught in a particular dangerous situation. The language and mannerisms also felt a bit stilted.

However, in roughly the last fourth of the book you can see the talent that becomes all the more evident in Cassidy's later books. The building events brought out hidden depths in the characters, as if that's when they finally took on a life of their own in the author's mind. The language and character actions became smoother. Plenty of suspects had been worked into the story, so although I had a good guess as to who the bad guy was, I couldn't be sure, and there was plenty of tension in how events worked out. (And yes, tears were shed. *sniffle*)

This isn't the best of Cassidy's books, but it is enjoyable. The beginning didn't wow me, but by the end my opinion had gotten much higher. Now I want to go see if there are more recent books of hers I should be reading--as if I need any more books on my to-be-read stack!

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16 years ago Mariah Sayers was raped. She couldn't tell her parents as her father was an abusive preacher who beat Mariah constantly. When Mariah realized she was pregnant and told her mother, her mother said it was Mariah's fault because she snuck out and that's what she gets. Mariah runs away abruptly and never sees her parents again.

After her parents death Mariah returns to Plains Point to get their house ready to sell and spend some quality time with her daughter Kelsey away from the streets of Chicago. While she always tried to tell herself her rapist was a drifter, when she starts getting threatening messages and other girls begin to disappear she feels she may have to tell her secret for it to stop.

But she'd falling in love with the handsome vet Jack Taylor or as Kelsey says, Dr. Hot. Jack used to be a quiet geek who sat behind Mariah in high school and had a major crush on her. Now he's falling in love again but this time it's an adult love.

As Kelsey makes new friends and Jack and Mariah hope to make a long distance romance work a killer is stalking.

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