e-Book Slacker Girl download

e-Book Slacker Girl download

by Alexandra Koslow

ISBN: 0452288371
ISBN13: 978-0452288379
Language: English
Publisher: Plume (July 31, 2007)
Pages: 252
Category: Womens Fiction
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.3
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Charmingly unambitious in workaholic New York City.

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A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Alexandra Koslow.

A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman

A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman. Charmingly unambitious in workaholic New York City, Jane believes that until corporate life was unfairly glamorized in "propaganda" films of the 1980s such as Working Girl, there were more people like her: connoisseurs of leisure.

Slacker Girl, the debut novel by Alexandra Koslow, tells the tale of Jane Cooper, an artsy, boho New York City girl who just doesn’t want a real job. While everyone can empathize with a certain reluctance to work in a cubicle, the protagonist of Slacker Girl takes it one step further. Jane Cooper informs us that the majority of her life is spent sitting in a café, eating pastry, daydreaming and occasionally asking the universe to intercede on her behalf.

called Slacker Girl, by up and coming new author, Alexandra Koslow.

The final property is a romantic comedy published by Penguin Publishing called Slacker Girl, by up and coming new author, Alexandra Koslow. The book has the fun of Sex and the City, but the style characters of an old Audrey Hepburn or Shirley MacLaine movie in a contemporary setting. Author Koslow added this, I'm ecstatic that these loveable characters and their great friendship are getting their screen time, I really think in these times people need a lot of laughs and just to have fun.

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A hilarious debut novel about life, love, and the pursuit of leisure  Jane Cooper is a different kind of New York woman. Charmingly unambitious in workaholic New York City, Jane believes that until corporate life was unfairly glamorized in “propaganda” films of the 1980s such as Working Girl, there were more people like her: connoisseurs of leisure. Still, a girl does have to pay the rent, so Jane finds a corporate job that supports her lifestyle. Unaware that her cute, hipster boss Ray just put his neck on the line to keep her from being fired, she and her best friend, Rebecka, take off on possibly the worst timed vacation. When Jane finds out that her commitment to slacking may be causing real world problems, she springs into action, putting even Joan Collins’s character in Dynasty to shame to save her job, her company, her friendship, and her heart. Fun, edgy, and starring an irresistible heroine, this is a book for every working girl (and slacker) who has ever wanted to step outside the corporate box.
I'm amazed that some would not love this book. It was hilarious. Jane's obserations of the uptight workaholics around her are a riot. This book is written in a smart & witty way. I've passed this book along to many. FUN, Fun, Fun all the way thru. I love how everything seems to work out for Jane. This is a laugh-out-loud read.

In a world where career women spend an amazing amount of energy putting in their forty to sixty hours every week at the office, Alexandra Koslow pulls in the reins with her debut novel, Slacker Girl.

Jane Cooper, a twenty-something art school graduate in New York City, has it all figured out. Much to the chagrin of her friends and the rest of corporate America. Jane belongs to one religion: leisure. Unfortunately for Jane, her idea of leisure, which includes breakfasting at her favorite café, occasionally working as a waitress, and clubbing until the sun comes up, eats up her financial resources. To maintain her leisurely lifestyle but with more money in her pocket, she accepts a corporate job as a relationship manager at a financial services firm, expecting to set her own bank-like hours.

When the firm's numbers come in too low and the firm cleans house, somehow Jane's job is spared in spite of her poor performance. Jane, who doesn't realize why her boss, Ray Bowen, saved her job, decides to flit off to Florida with her recently-dumped best friend, Rebecka, because she believes she deserves a vacation.

While Jane is away on her poorly-timed but wildly enjoyable vacation, a bad turn of events at the office, prompts her to jump into action to save Ray's career as well as her own. The question is, does Lazy Jane have what it takes to land a big new client and fast - and while she's thousands of miles away from the office?

Slacker Girl has an appealing premise for those of us who often consider reducing our own work hours. The story is at times thought-provoking for working women who struggle balancing work with play. Koslow comedically hooks us in with that notion from the start. Told from Jane's point of view, this humorous story is well-paced, with enough character development and tension to keep the reader engaged. Through Jane's OCD-driven art projects, her lazy but cheerful attitude, and her relationship to the Universe, with whom she often converses, we have a good sense for Jane and where she's headed. Her character is deftly drawn so that the reader sees that Jane's friends seem to know her better than she knows herself.

This novel is primarily dialogue. The reader gets the sense that she is eavesdropping on every page. While there is nothing wrong with a lot of dialogue, it must remain true and serve the story well. Some of the dialogue in Slacker Girl is clever and witty enough to be quotable. However, some passages get bogged down in self-help mini-diatribes by the characters. Other dialogue would have served the story better as narrative description. Having the characters speak about their environment and themselves in order to paint the scene feels forced and takes away from the otherwise natural and enjoyable conversations.

This book might make for a nice light beach read before the summer ends, particularly for the younger woman out there who knows New York City. She may relate to the characters, the slang, and the locations just a bit more than the average reader.

Reviewed by Margaret Andrews for Curled Up With A Good Book.

This books is a jewel and I simply loved it. Jane Cooper is a true slacker, what she values above everything is leisure.

I think I really liked this book because I do work for a corporate and some situation (see the firing speech given by Leetsmann and Jane hilarious remarks ) really made me laugh:

This is from an "interview" scene:

"Gotcha." This job is going to suck. Ray should have just said,
"This job is going to suck some ass. And when it's done sucking ass, it's
going to go and suck some more." That would have been a lot more direct.
Although, maybe he doesn't think it sucks? Nah, impossible.

I also love leisure and I am a huge fun of New York and Foxy Hipster Guys who blush easily. The thing about me is that I can't read romance (with a few exceptions as jennifer Crusie and Julie james) because I usually find that male characters in romance are very masculine and very boring, this is why I stick to chick lit and characters I can relate to.

You don't expect reality from a chick lit and certainly not from "slacker girl", what is so great about this book is the way Koslow is opening every chapter with a wit sentence like "Dynasting noun : When your future depends on acting like anyone in the cast of Dynasty", the bantering dialogues between Jane and Rebecka, the way Jane's mind works (I could really relate to her "to achieve list" but for the Celebrity thing) and Ray (who I totally feel for).

I read some bad reviews about this book but from my prospective It will have to be a 5 star!

I really wanted to like this book, but since it was supposed to be my "fun read" and it took me nearly two months to complete it, the book felt more like punishment by the end.

As a woman in her 20's who has worked the horrid corporate job just to get by (thankfully no more!), I was hoping that this book would be more fun and have more relatable characters, storylines, etc., but it just fell flat. For being billed as "hilarious" I was hoping for a good laugh, but the story didn't deliver in that area either.

Most characters are not very well developed, lots of stereotyping/flat/stock characters -- especially for any characters of differing ethnicities. If you can't write good dialect, don't try it, because some characters accents were over-the-top goofy, if not a little offensive.

What could have possibly saved this book was a decent plot, but Koslow can't even pull that off, for this story has absolutely no character arc at all. Jane is essentially the same character at the beginning, as she is at the end, because the universe always spins things in her favor. I actually got slightly interested at the end when it seemed things were suddenly going to change and the story was going to go off in a different direction, but of course, it ended up being totally predictable.
If you want a piece of fiction that is pure fluff, I assure you, there are many better books out there! If you are looking for something entertaining and a little substance, avoid this book at all costs. I think Koslow, and her editors, should spend extra time revising her next novel.

ISBN: 0762433485
ISBN13: 978-0762433483
language: English
Subcategory: Business Culture
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