e-Book The Sister Switch download

e-Book The Sister Switch download

by Pamela Ford

ISBN: 0373781490
ISBN13: 978-0373781492
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance Large Print; Original edition (March 13, 2007)
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.9
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The Sister Switch book.

The Sister Switch book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. With Kids by. Pamela Ford (Goodreads Author).

Award-winning author of romantic comedy, contemporary, and historical romance. Hi Pam! I was so glad to find you on here! You look exactly the same! Congrats on your books! That’s so awesome! English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. October 14 at 12:16 PM ·.

Harlequin Superromance. By (author) Pamela Ford. But backtracking on her borrowed stilettos seems like the smarter move when her sister's new 'client' turns out to be a surgeon at the hospital where Nora works in real life. The attraction between Nora and Erick is undeniable, but what will happen once he discovers the truth about her lies? Singles& Kids.

Pamela Ford is the award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance. She is a Kindle Book Awards finalist, a National Readers' Choice Awards finalist, a Maggie Awards for Excellence finalist, and a two-time Golden Heart Finalist. She grew up watching old movies, blissfully sighing over the romance; and reading sci-fi and adventure novels, vicariously living the action. The combination probably explains why the books she writes are romantic, happily-ever-afters with plenty of plot.

Her first book, Highland Fling, was published in 1931. Pamela The least assuming sister, Pamela stayed out of the headlines (despite several proposals from John Betjeman and a long-term female companion in later life)

Her first book, Highland Fling, was published in 1931. The Observer, 15 March 1931. Pamela The least assuming sister, Pamela stayed out of the headlines (despite several proposals from John Betjeman and a long-term female companion in later life). 6 July 1928: Pamela was briefly engaged to brewing heir Oliver Watney.

I write books about love.

Find nearly any book by Pamela Ford. Pamela Ford (Ford, Pamela). used books, rare books and new books. The Sister Switch: ISBN 9780373714049 (978-0-373-71404-9) Softcover, Harlequin Superromance, 2007. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Find all books by 'Pamela Ford' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Pamela Ford'. Dear Cordelia (Super Romance . by Pamela Ford. ISBN 9780373715213 (978-0-373-71521-3) Softcover, Harlequin Superromance, 2008. Find signed collectible books: 'The Wedding Heiress'.

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Pamela "Pam" Freeman-Mitford (25 November 1907 – 12 April 1994) was one of the Mitford sisters. Pamela Freeman-Mitford was born on 25 November 1907, the second daughter of David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, and Sydney Bowles (1880–1963). John Betjeman, who for a time was in love with her, referred to her in his unpublished poem, The Mitford Girls, as the "most rural of them all", due to the fact she preferred to live quietly in the country

What single mother Nora Clark knows about style would fit on the head of a pin. Yet with her identical twin begging her to cover her job as a personal shopper, she wriggles into her sister's clothes and does what she has to do.But backtracking on her borrowed stilettos seems like the smarter move when her sister's new 'client' turns out to be a surgeon at the hospital where Nora works in real life.The attraction between Nora and Erick is undeniable, but what will happen once he discovers the truth about her lies?Singles—with KidsIs it really possible to find true love when you're single—with kids?

March 16, 2007

Rating **** (4 Stars)

Another book in the Superromance series "SINGLES... WITH KIDS", the reader returns to San Francisco, where last we enjoyed daily cups of soup at Margo's popular bistro. Now, we're back with the same cast of characters, but it's Nora's story. Nora is a single mom whose husband had died tragically five years ago. They were together long enough to have created a son, Danny, now five. Danny's current preoccupation is his search for the perfect daddy, and so far he's come up with Mr. Rogers (Danny doesn't know Mr. Rogers is dead) and Ronald McDonald (Nora tells Danny that Mr. McDonald is married). But Danny is not her only problem.

Nora makes the mistake in agreeing to help out her identical twin, Suzanne. Suzanne is a personal shopper, and her most important client, Camille Lamont, needs Suzanne to help out son Erik. Unfortunately Suzanne is on a cruise ship, (originally meant to be her honeymoon) so Suzanne asks Nora to take her place. Suzanne lives with Nora, and Nora desperately wants Suzanne's personal shopper career to take off so Suzanne can move out. Nora agrees to help her sister, thinking this will only be a one-time deal, maybe two. But impersonating her sister is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Nora is not a good dresser and couldn't tell the difference between "business casual" and "casual chic".

Things go from bad to worse. Nora has an exhausting time pretending she's her twin, basically because the two are very different people. But with Suzanne coaching from overseas via cell phone, Nora thinks she's pulled it off. She's managed to get Erik dressed for a fancy shindig thrown by his mother, but then Erik invites Nora (who he thinks is Suzanne) on what she thinks may be a date. And it doesn't end there. She finds out that Erik Lamont is really Erik Morgan, a famous Olympic skier, and he also happens to be a sports doctor, working at the same place as she does.

This was a very fun and lighthearted look at love and deception, and one cannot help laughing out loud to what Nora has to say and do to protect her sister's career. As one lie leads to another, Nora knows she's over her head but can't seem to fix things before it's too late. She tries to tell Erik the truth, but the opportunity never seems to be there for her. The reader will sympathize with Nora, who has been a single mother for all of Danny's life, and she has yet to really let go of her husband's death. It is Erik who is able to get her interested in dating again.

Danny thinks he's found a new daddy, which isn't a good thing since Nora knows that once Suzanne returns from her trip, Erik is going to want to stick with Suzanne, not boring dependable Nora. Danny's obsession with finding a father worries Nora, as she tries to explain to her son time and time again that she can't just marry the next man she meets. The humor in this novel is everywhere, and the reader will enjoy Danny's vision of what makes a good dad.

Nora's good friends, part of her coffee bistro group, are there for support, and Margo, who was the featured protagonist in the previous book in this series, plays a supporting role as she helps Nora out at the events where she is impersonating Suzanne the Personal Shopper. It is a comedy of errors as the two fake their way at one of Camille's luncheons, with Nora giving fake fashion tips to the wealthy women in the audience, all dressed up in gaudy outfits that would certainly please Suzanne.

For readers who love humor with their romance, THE SISTER SWITCH is highly recommended. Lovable characters, a funny plot and two people who would be perfect together but don't know it yet, THE SISTER SWITCH is a wonderful addition to the series "Singles... with Kids". -- Courtesy of Love Romances and more - M. Lofton

Nora Clark is impersonating her twin sister, Suzanne, so that Suzanne doesn't lose an important client in her personal shopping business. The only thing Nora and Suzanne have in common is their looks. Nora is a physical therapist raising her young son Danny on her own and she knows nothing about fashion, but she reluctantly agrees to help Suzanne anyway.

Erik Morgan is an orthopedic surgeon facing some changes in his life. Meeting "Suzanne" changes things even more. He's attracted to her and as things get personal for them Nora realizes that she's getting in too deep. She's acting as herself and Suzanne at the same time. Nora needs to tell Erik the truth, but will she lose him when she does?

The Sister Switch is a great story. The characters are wonderful. Nora and Erik are terrific, Danny is a sweetheart and Suzanne is a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Sister Switch. It's heartwarming, romantic and fun.

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

Good book!

This books has a very exciting story line -- sisters switching places!

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