e-Book In Bed With The Boss download

e-Book In Bed With The Boss download

by Susan Napier

ISBN: 0373120095
ISBN13: 978-0373120093
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (January 1, 1999)
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.2
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Alas, her temperamental boss thrived on confrontations.

Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Alas, her temperamental boss thrived on confrontations. Every damned part! The whole thing is incomprehensible!’ Duncan Royal was used to understanding instantly complex equations, concepts and problems, both real and abstract. The brilliance of his intellect usually put him in control of his environment. He didn’t like being reduced to common human bewilderment.

The ghost of his unsettling presence, however, continued to hover in her consciousness, a spectre at the feast. At least with the chafing-dish already set up at the table any awkward questions from Stephen were postponed and Kalera glued her eyes with apparent fascination on the chef’s hands as he swirled slices of peeled apple in a meld of butter, sugar, lemon juice and honey over the burner on his trolley. Unfortunately the price of her outer serenity was a churning stomach which cringed when the Kirsch was added and set alight.

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This book was kind of boring and strange so I gave up on it. Despite the hero wearing a velvet matador jacket and getting . Despite the hero wearing a velvet matador jacket and getting a dangling earring (maybe because of that since he thought that made him cool).

In Bed With The Boss.

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Romance Books Contemporary Romance Books. For three years, Kalera has been a model secretary to Duncan Royal, except for a one-nightstand which both have tried to forget. ISBN13: 9780373120093. In Bed with the Boss. Or so Kalera thought.

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For three years, Kalera has been a model secretary to Duncan Royal, except for a one-nightstand which both have tried to forget. Or so Kalera thought ...
Duncan has secretly been in love with Kalera for years so when she becomes engaged to his biggest enemy, he is determined to stop the wedding!

I enjoyed this book and really felt that the emotions between Duncan and Kalera were real. I had no doubt in the HEA at the end. However, there were two things that stopped me from giving it higher marks. I did not like the fact that Kalera allowed herself to engage in foreplay with Duncan while she was still engaged. Further,she didn't even seem to be very upset by her actions. Also, the ending was much too abrupt. I needed to wallow in their happiness and satisfaction for at least another page or two.

Despite these two issues, it was a good read.

Things i liked:
I liked Duncan, HOT! and there is a scene in the book near the middle that is really sexxxay

things i didn't like:
didn't care much for her character, such an idiot! how many chances did he give her and she was in denial and pretending she loved stephen when she obviously DID NOT.Oh and i didn't like duncan wearing earrings! UGh! NO! EMBARASSING! and was he supposed to have long hair? no Susan, no no no don't do that! He is much hotter with shorter hair and no big golden hoop earrings thank you very much, it was so embarassing i couldn't stop laughing - oh, and it ended WAY to fast! Susan Napier rarely dissappoints with the ending sex scene which the entire book is supposed to build up to but here i was left wanting more, i don't know what she was thinking, she must have had to rush for a deadline idk but come on! I can't get this in real life at least let me live vicariously through the characters in your book and give me and super steamy and LONG sex scene. Thank you!
Oh and I love Susan Napier. She is the ONLY romance author i read. The best!

I'll admit, I'm an emotion person anyway, but the way the heroine describes her husband's death made me tear up big time. I loved how the author used flashbacks to give us glimpses of the budding relationship. This story had me thoroughly enchanted. I couldn't put it down, and I see myself rereading this one. I read this based on the recommendation of someone who gave a hilarious but scathing review of another romance, and I'm so glad I trusted their opinion. Susan Napier just convinced me to buy anything else with her name on it.

Read this.

The first half of this book is terrific! But then it just drags, I tried twice to finish it but just couldn't. I love most of the books written by Susan Napier but not this one.

This was a good story, but it was in bad need of an epilogue. You never find out what happened between Kalera & Stephen over their engagement. Duncan just whisks her away and that's that. Would have loved to know what happened between Stephen & his ex Teri and their son. Just thought this really needed and epilogue.

This was a good book. I enjoyed it much. I would read it again and recommend it to others. Thanks.

The book was originally published in 1999 and in the descriptions of the clothing and the era, it is dated. However, I found the flamboyance of the hero's dress, in particular, to be so fun to read about that the dated aspect only added charm to the story.

Part of the fun with In Bed with the Boss is that the reader is in on a secret. That is, we know that Duncan (the boss) is in love with Kalera (the secretary), but she is willfully or unconsciously blind. Seeing her awaken to this is part of the pleasure.

Kalera Martin has been secretary to Duncan Royal, the owner of a multi-million dollar tech firm, for three years. She tenders her resignation because she is about to marry one of Duncan's fiercest rivals, Stephen Prior. Duncan is enraged because he has been waiting until Kalera had recovered from the death of her husband before he made his move on her. The idea that he missed the window and that she is marrying a hated rival motivates him to ruthlessly pursue Kalera. Kalera has no idea that Duncan has these feelings although she did share one lonely night with him long ago that she has tried to repress and forget.

Duncan is described in such a way as to plant him firmly in the metrosexual category. He has "lean, manicured hands". At one point he is described as wearing a "velvet jacket cropped like a matador's, the wide lapels and cuffs stiff with flamboyant gold embroidery." He wears an earring, one with an "elongated jet and chased gold teardrop." Duncan, in some ways, seems like the dandies of the late 18th Century-all fabulous dress and ferocious masculinity:

"A stud or ring was a fairly ommonplace declaration of modern macho cool, but the wickedly frivolous elegance of that dangling earring made an entirely different statement. It was the sort of exquisite piece of jewellery that a languid Elizabethan fop might have worn-or a modern rock-and-shock star!"

The earring scene is brilliant. It shows Duncan's anti establishment side, Kalera's helpless attraction to it, her instinctive resistance, and, of course, the boring staidness of Kalera's fiance.

Duncan's force of personality is testosterone laden in spite of his velvet covered body. Kalera describes him as having a near psychic force of personality. When Kalera notes that she didn't know he had his ear pierced, Duncan admits it was recently done:

"For some reason I had this sudden, compelling urge to go out and do something just for the sheer hell of it, something satisfyingly primitive, and preferably masochistic-What prompted urge to go out and do something just for the sheer hell of it, something satisfyingly primitive, and preferably masochistic-What prompted me to feel like that, do think, Kalera?'

Kalera notes that the earring suits him:

'The feminine delicacy of the piece presented an exotic contrast to the hard planes of his face and the square jaw shadowed by masculine stubble. But Kalera would die before she admitted it.'

Conveniently, the reader then gets Stephen's opinion and given that Stephen is boring and wrong for Kalera, there is an instinctive build on the idea that Duncan's flamboyance is all the more attractive because who the hell wants to agree with Stephen?

"I think it looks freakish,' said Stephen tightly, the words spilling out from behind his rigid control. "But then it's typical of you, isn't it, Duncan? Always some outlandish stunt to draw attention to yourself. You'd better be careful: one day people are going to figure out that you're more show than substance.'

Duncan pursues Kalera all out, using every weapon at his disposal. It is all fair to Duncan. He works Kalera through lunch and late into the night so she cannot see Stephen. He figures out where Kalera and Stephen might be dining and invites himself to dinner. At one point, he hijacks Kalera and a part of his staff and takes them to a remote estate with the excuse that his top secret project will be better protected if they work in isolation.

Kalera is no mild mannered miss either. She pretends to be impervious to his rages, which just feeds Duncan's temper. The reader knows that Kalera could wind Duncan around her finger if she wished. There's signalling from the opening pages of the power that only Kalera has over Duncan (only she isn't aware of it until later).

What I particularly appreciated was that there is no actual villian in this story. While Stephen might have been boring for Kalera, he was the right man for someone else. Kalera was a widow and her now deceased husband was honored in every mention, particularly by Duncan. The reveal at the end regarding Duncan and Henry, the former husband, and their relationship was novel and touching. I can't remember another like it.

This book is such fun to read and I loved the ending. I am so glad that it is out in eform so everyone can enjoy it. B+

I kept reading to see if this got any better and it never did. Duncan was an obsessed weirdo that stalked Kalera and wanted to 'brand' her as his the entire book like a friggin piece of cattle. Weird. Wait for it to be free and then try to buy it

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