e-Book Capturing Annie (Wink  A Kiss) download

e-Book Capturing Annie (Wink A Kiss) download

by Patricia Wynn

ISBN: 0505523671
ISBN13: 978-0505523679
Language: English
Publisher: Love Spell (March 1, 2000)
Pages: 390
Category: Historical
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 909
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Welcome back, Patricia! What a delicious, exciting, romantic book! From an author who has been absent much too long comes a tale of pirates, a noble and sympathetic hero, and a heroine who is as funny as she is unpredictable.

Capturing Annie book.

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by Rose Marie Juan Austin. Poetry Is A Solitary Art.

Hall of Fame, wink, kiss, wkbuilder, brothel, Sex, anims, animations, captain, dobbins', cabin, Adult, prostitute, Porn, Romance, erotic, hentai. This is a romance centered module. There are separate stories for male and female characters

Hall of Fame, wink, kiss, wkbuilder, brothel, Sex, anims, animations, captain, dobbins', cabin, Adult, prostitute, Porn, Romance, erotic, hentai. There are separate stories for male and female characters. WARNING: It contains !!!!ADULT MATERIAL, AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS!!!! and should NOT be viewed by minors under 18. As of the latest update, you can Fade to Black on the longer sex scenes, but bear in mind you may still see some erotic text and/or content. More disclaimers: -Imported PC's will be stripped of all items when entering the story mode.

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Disguised as a boy, Anne Bonny lives as a pirate until captured by Sir James Avery, who immediately realizes she is a woman
The premise of Capturing Annie, is not new, I have read several books about female pirates. It is still fresh though because the heroine, Annie is so very sweet and funny, unexpected traits for a hardened sailor.

Annie is aboard a pirate vessel when it is captured by hero Captain James Avery, a British officer who is ambitious and honorable. He believes Annie to be a boy since she is dressed as one and her pirate crewman believe her to be one also. He later inadvertently discovers her sex and knows he must be responsible for the incredibly naïve female.

Annie quickly comes to respect James but is not certain that she can change into a proper woman. She has never worn a dress, spits, lacks manners and says anything that pops into her head. She is witty and sweetly charming. James likes her immensely but also knows she can be trying. The two grow close and soon both are seeing the other in a new light. Annie is coming to grips with her womanhood and she responds to Captain Avery on a completely different level than she has to any other male of her acquaintance. James has an ambition to marry well and even though he likes Annie, he knows she cannot move him into the upper stratosphere of the ton.

This story moves along well and the interaction between the leads has both tender and humorous moments. Annie has no filter between her thoughts and her speech and some of her comments are quite amusing. James is flabbergasted by her observations. This novel is quite enjoyable(due mostly to a riveting heroine) and will go on my keeper shelf.

Throughout literary history, women have disguised themselves as men. But in CAPTURING ANNIE the story is told of pirate's daughter, Anne Bonny, who was raised from infancy as a boy, with absolutely no knowledge of what it means to be a woman. This makes for an exciting premise, well handled by author Patricia Wynn. The journey Anne takes to discovering her female side, tutored by her captor, James Noble. is at once touching, realistic and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Her transformation from rough talking, swaggering innocent to young woman, awaking not only to passion, but to the limitations of her sex, evolves in unforced, believable stages. James restrains his shock, impatience, amusement and arousal as he teaches her to become a woman who needs to find a place outside of her life at sea.
The last third of the book does not fare as well as the first two, partly because the character of Annie naturally will not be as interesting as a lady as she was as a pirate. The couple is also parted as Annie is put in another's care. Time passes through the use of exposition and this reader missed the fun dialogue that sparkled between the two in the beginning. James is bogged down with an engagement to an unwanted, arranged marriage, but is helpless and ineffectual in solving his dilemma. He appears indecisive about his feelings for Annie. Leading to a less than satisfying ending, barriers to their love eventually dissolve on their own, without aid from either Annie or James. Our hero might have put to use a bit of knowledge that seemed apparent to the reader.
This disclaimer aside, the delightful interaction between the hero and heroine in the beginning make CAPTURING ANNIE a recommended read. No where else will you find Patricia Wynn's exploration of the sexes written is such a bright and easy style.

For laugh-out-loud entertainment, you can't get better than "Capturing Annie". Raised as a lad, Annie Bonny is a pirate's daughter with absolutely no idea what being a woman entails. The only life she has ever known is that of a pirate. But her captor, Sir James Noble Avery knows all too well that Annie is 100% female. And he is determined to bring out the woman in Annie, no matter how hard she fights. Annie will try his resolve, his patience, and finally his heart, but Sir James will tame his lady pirate or die trying.
Ms. Wynn has engaging dialogue, multi-dimensional characters, and a storyline that keeps you turning the pages. A real find!

WOW! . This was a one sitting read that had me howling. The author has taken a unique storyline and pulled it off without a hitch. ANNIE and Sir, JAMES are a steamy couple that are full of love, compassion, and loyalty. They overcome many obstacles with humor and devotion.. Her secondary characters are full-bodied and add depth to the storyline. Mr. Bonny and Therese are wonderfully sneaky but supportive, Olivia an unusual addition and the Earl a truly evil villian. I highly recommend this book.

Wooden Purple Romeo
As the foremost scholar in the Western world on Proust, I have the firm belief that this brilliant novel--nay, piece of art--is the next Rememrance Of Things Past. Highly charged, fast-paced, yet brilliant and witty social satire, Capturing Annie made me question the very ideas that our society was founded on:
Who is God?
What is man?
How do I fit in the universe?
Plus it has the madcap adventures of a girl--but she pretends to be a boy! Think of all the wackiness that could ensue! And sex. Lots of that.
Grade A++++!

Jem is Annie but she is not sure, after living as a boy all her life, what that means. Sir James must teach her. Laugh out loud adventures follow as Jem resists and Sir James discovers that turning the scrubby boy into a female will test his patience and his willpower to resist her charms. A can't-put-it-down wonderful read.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. All of Patricia Wynn's stories have touched my heart. Capturing Annie is especially enchanting. The characters were whimsical, yet somehow truer than real life. As with all of this author's books, there is truth and wisdom beneath the fun, sexy facade. Thank you Patricia Wynn for a wonderful tale!

Welcome back, Patricia! What a delicious, exciting, romantic book! From an author who has been absent much too long comes a tale of pirates, a noble and sympathetic hero, and a heroine who is as funny as she is unpredictable. Parts of this book are very, very good and parts are simply brilliant. I laughed; I cried; I found myself in love with Annie at every turn. Ms. Wynn has a winner here. Don't miss it!

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