e-Book Countess Confidential download

e-Book Countess Confidential download

by Barbara Dawson Smith

ISBN: 0312932391
ISBN13: 978-0312932398
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; 1st edition (February 7, 2006)
Category: Historical
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.2
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Barbara Dawson Smith is an American writer of historical romance novels. She also writes under the pen name Olivia Drake. Barbara Dawson Smith obtained a degree in Journalism at Michigan State University.

Barbara Dawson Smith is an American writer of historical romance novels. Shortly after graduating she sold her first historical romance only two weeks after sending it to a publisher and joined the Romance Writers of America in 1981. Smith lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and their two daughters.

Countess confidential. Countess confidential. by. Smith, Barbara Dawson. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio). Barbara Dawson Smith. Barbara Dawson Smith is wonderful!" - -Affaire de Coeur. If you must read Barbara Dawson Smith, I'd recommend Once Upon a Scandal, where the plot is much more consistent. A master of storytelling!" - -Romantic Times. Published on January 13, 2000. by Barbara Dawson Smith. New York Times" bestselling author Barbara Dawson Smith mesmerizes readers once again in her latest novel of a woman forced to enter the aristocratic world she despises-only to find a man she can't live without "Dear Reader, "" This is the story of how I, a penniless upstart, became a countess. I never set out to be the heroine in a romantic tale of derring-do. Author:Smith, Barbara Dawson. BARBARA DAWSON SMITH is the bestselling author of twenty-three novels. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Country of Publication.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 0 Mb. One Wild Night (Kenyon Family Novels). Category: Домоводство, досуг.

Dear Reader, This is the story of how I, a penniless upstart, became a countess.

Barbara Dawson Smith - The Duchess Diaries. Читать pdf. Barbara Dawson Smith - A Glimpse Of Heaven. Barbara Dawson Smith - Countess Confidential. Barbara Dawson Smith - One Wild Night (Kenyon Family Novels). Posts About Barbara Dawson Smith. lt;p

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Dawson Smith mesmerizes readers once again in her latest novel of a woman forced to enter the aristocratic world she despises--only to find a man she can't live without…Dear Reader, This is the story of how I, a penniless upstart, became a countess. I never set out to be the heroine in a romantic tale of derring-do. As a spinster of five-and-twenty, I was much too practical to imagine myself tracking a dangerous criminal or falling prey to ardent nonsense. Nor did I ever envision myself entering the gilded ballrooms of society where indolent aristocrats nibbled cake and traded gossip. But that was before my father was wrongfully imprisoned as a jewel thief. Determined to uncover the true criminal, I posed as an impoverished widow and secured a post in the grand household of a noble family - the very family that had cruelly cast out my mother many years ago. Of course, they knew not who I was. To them, I was merely a servant, an invisible hireling. And little did I know, my daring plan would throw me into the path of Simon Croft, the almighty Earl of Rockford. Arrogant, charming, and too handsome for his own good, he might have walked straight off a pedestal in a museum. I had no use for such a rogue, yet from the moment of our first meeting, he tempted my unruly heart. And soon, he threatened my schemes as well, for Simon had secrets of his own…. --Claire, the Countess of Rockford
Golden Lama
I don't know who said that, but it's NOT rushed. It goes too slow, in fact. Their love scene doesn't happen for a while. In fact, Smith's stories are written the same way like that. Right after their first sex scene, the story suddenly picks up and everything happens at once. Nonetheless it this was an adventure and a joy to read :)

Great! once I began I couldn't stop, l had looked for over year under different name (title and author).stop that's it.

I like page-turning romances that contain elements in addition to the romance. COUNTESS CONFIDENTIAL brims with two of my favorites, humor and mystery, in a gripping story that solves the puzzle within the last few pages. The heroine, Claire, is exactly to my taste, a strong, no-nonsense woman who does what she must despite the disapproval of her so-called betters. I also like the hero, Simon, a strong man who loves Claire precisely the way she is.

Claire's father stands accused of being the Wraith, the cunning jewel thief who's robbed a spate of aristocratic houses. Knowing her father is innocent, Claire takes a job as companion to the granddaughter of the Marquess of Warrington. The marquess's daughter eloped with her tutor, Claire's father, and bad blood has reigned between the families ever since. Claire is convinced the marquess is behind the robberies, and determines to prove him guilty and rescue her father.

In the process, she meets Simon Croft, Earl of Rockford, who secretly works for the Bow Street Runners, and is the man who arrested her father. Simon is intrigued, and increasingly attracted, to the not-at-all-servile companion, even as he courts Claire's cousin as part of a silly wager. Claire detests aristocrats who have the world on a string, and struggles against her growing fascination with Simon. As they continue to fight their love, the clock counts down to her father's trial and a foregone verdict of guilty.

Since COUNTESS CONFIDENTIAL is a romance, the story ends happily, but you don't know how until the very end. Ms. Smith's heroines tend to be martyrs, which I find irritating, but not Claire, whom I loved. I enjoyed this book very much. One for the keeper shelf.

Claire's father has been wrongly accused and imprisoned for being the jewel thief known as the Wraith. Claire is desperate to free her father so she poses as Mrs. Clara Brownley, the chaperone for her cousin, Lady Rosabel. She hopes to obtain information that will clear her father by searching the house for proof that someone in her estranged family is the real culprit.

Simon needs to take a wife because he is at the age when he needs an heir. He decides that at the ball he is attending that evening that he will choose the first respectable lady and mold her into the ideal countess. Simon bumps into Claire in the gardens on his way in and without getting a good look at her in the dark he is intrigued by her. Discovering that she is a servant, he dismisses his thoughts of her and decides to court Lady Rosabel instead.

Simon is more intrigued and attracted to Claire every time he sees her. He works in secret for Bow Street and Simon is investigating the crimes of the Wraith, trying to prove he placed the right man behind bars. Claire is another mystery that he's compelled to solve. The attraction between Simon and Clair is growing stronger and Simon must choose between the lady he thinks he should marry, and the woman he craves.

Claire cannot deny her feelings for Simon any longer so she decides to accept his advances, but the plot thickens when Simon and Claire suspect each other to have committed the crimes. Could one of them be the true criminal or is the villain still out there?

Countess confidential had me reading with eagerness, anticipating the discovery of the Wraith's identity. Simon and Claire are a great match; Simon is handsome and noble, and Claire is beautiful and intelligent. The sparks fly between them right from the start. Countess Confidential offers mystery and romance along with many interesting characters. It is a pleasant story to read and I enjoyed it very much.


Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed

In 1817, aristocratic detective Simon Croft arrests Shakespearean scholar Gilbert Hollybrooke as the notorious jewel thief the Wraith, who leaves behind quotes from the Bard at his crime scenes. Gilbert's daughter, Claire, a teacher at a girls' boarding school, knows her dad is too busy with his studies to purloin jewelry though the diamond brooch found in his home is difficult to explain. Claire believes someone from her late mother's estranged family found a means to punish the tutor for marrying their daughter. She vows to learn the truth so taking a leave of absence from her job Claire obtains a position as a servant at the home of the Marquess Warrington.

Her plan to be an invisible servant falls apart from the start because Simon sees her as a desirable woman with a secret that he plans to uncover one kiss at a time. To her chagrin Claire is attracted to the male; justice aside why she wonders of all the men in England does Simon make her love. Still in spite of her cheating heart, Claire continues to seek evidence that her father is not the Wraith.

COUNTESS CONFIDENTIAL is a tremendous Regency romantic amateur sleuth tale. The exhilarating story line smoothly combines the undercover initially ineffective inquiries of the invisible granddaughter with the romance by the one aristocrat who notices her. Claire is a delight as she tries to stay focused while avoiding sleeping with the enemy. Fans will wonder who the Wraith is with even Claire becoming increasingly convinced that her dad did the dastardly deed. Barbara Dawson Smith provides a fun historical that deserves a sequel investigation starring the sleuthing combo.

Harriet Klausner

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