e-Book A Lady By Chance download

e-Book A Lady By Chance download

by Cheryl Bolen

ISBN: 0821768913
ISBN13: 978-0821768914
Language: English
Publisher: Gem Historicals (2000)
Category: Historical
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 240
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This book by Cheryl Bolen captures the adventure and excitement of the time when the aristocratic lifestyle in England carried strong boundaries.

This book by Cheryl Bolen captures the adventure and excitement of the time when the aristocratic lifestyle in England carried strong boundaries. Love eventually conquers these boundaries but not until spies and the troubles in France are interwoven in this complex but very enjoyable story. Since being named Notable New Author for 1997, Cheryl Bolen has published more than 35 books with Kensington/Zebra, Harlequin, Love Inspired Historical, Montlake, and independently. She has broken into the top 5 on the New York Times and hit the USA Today bestseller list.

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Cheryl Bolen is an American author, educator and journalist. Bolen's books have won several awards, including the Holt Medallion and the International Digital Award. A Lady by Chance (Kensington, 2000: ISBN 978-1-484975-02-2, Author Re-Issue 2013)

Cheryl Bolen is an American author, educator and journalist. She is known for writing more than 30 historical romance and romantic suspense novels, many of them set among Regency aristocrats in early 19th century England. A Lady by Chance (Kensington, 2000: ISBN 978-1-484975-02-2, Author Re-Issue 2013). ISBN 978-1-939602-33-6, Book 2 in the series, 2015).

Books related to Lady by Chance (Historical Romance). This book is a cleverly written adventurous love story set during the Napoleonic era. I just love the way Cheryl Bolen grabs your attention from the very first sentence and keeps you turning the pages and thirsting for more.

As they did each day, they walked to Piccadilly and hired a hack for the journey to White Chapel. nce in so undesirable a borough would likely insure the dowager's wrath, Anna thought. Mindful of their safety, Anna had solicited Jimmy's protection for these afternoon trips. It was highly unlikely that their dependents in the East End would allow a hand to be brought against the former Miss de Mouchet and her French maid.

Book in the House of Haverstock Series). Format:Mass Market Paperback. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780821768914.

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Lady By Chance by Cheryl Bolen is an outstanding historical romance. Ms. Bolen has provided readers with a well-written book and a cast of characters that are phenomenal

Lady By Chance by Cheryl Bolen is an outstanding historical romance. Bolen has provided readers with a well-written book and a cast of characters that are phenomenal. Believing he is a spy, Anna cheats in a card game to force Charles to marry her so she can pass on information to her mother's friend that works in the Home Office. Charles and Anna's story is loaded with drama, humor, sexy bits, action and suspense. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading more from Cheryl Bolen soon

This has been sitting in my TBR pile for years. I must have had a sixth sense warning me to avoid it, but I decided that, as I had bought it, there was a need to read it. Having done so, I'm flabbergasted by the many positive reviews.
The original scam is laughable. The ease with which the H is forced to marry the h is ridiculous, as is the timing of getting a special licence. The forced consummation and splendiferous moaning of the h's name had me in fits of laughter. The naive and dishonest h causes a noble man to be assassinated and the H has only a momentary qualm before pining for her again? (Bolen devotes more time to him getting het up by the attention she receives from and shows to other men, even though he admires and relies on the agent she causes to be killed. I don't think so! )
The East End visits are contrived and implausible. The rescue trip to France is even more so. The h is a gullible and dishonest and traitorous twit. The H is supposedly responsible for many of England's victories against Napoleon. Once again, I don't think so. When he isn't being ridiculously manipulated by his wife he is behaving like a petulant ass. And his remorse for the jealousy that was undeserved is about two sentences long. Ridiculous.
ETA The two stars are for the cover (which I love) plus Bolen's competent grasp of syntax and spelling, which are not always present in current HRs.

Fun story set about 1815 in London. England is at war with France. The heroine, Anna, is the rich, beautiful daughter of a British nobleman and his mistress who was born in France, but who was very pro-British. Another noble family forced the heroine out of a prominent school, so she caries a grudge against the family. An official of the British Foreign office approached Anna and told her that the government wanted her to spy on the target. After declining once, he told her that this was her chance for revenge against the current Marquess. (Marquess is just below a duke and above an Earl.)

Anna marries the Marquess and finds that she is actually attracted to the current Marquess, who has a very different personality than his father who was the one who got her kicked out of school. There is considerable tension between Anna and her mother-in-law.

The process of learning that it was the first official who is actually the traitor for the French has many ups and down.

The author uses real street names in London.

The violence is pretty mild. The sex is between husband and wife, but pretty graphic.

I read the third in this series "Countess by Coincidence" first and felt compelled to look for the first in the series. Glad for it. Quite a mystery and quite a bumpy start to a relationship. French and English spies, the Foreign Office, nasty intrigue and a heap of misunderstandings had me racing through to the end of this engaging story. Several times throughout the book I would exclaim quietly, "If they only had telephones!" How silly is that? In this second Cheryl Bolen book I've read, I am now a true believer in her ability to draw me into the story, become involved with the characters, and close the book feeling well entertained. Ms. Bolen has a knack with dialogue, and I find it appears true to the time and place. No apparent anachronisms jarring me out of the tale. I have purchased the second in this series "Duchess by Mistake" and plan to take a leisurely afternoon to enjoy meeting new characters and old friends within its confines.

Cheryl Bolen creates yet another classic romance. She is the Queen of Recency. Her characters are well developed and the plot is intricate yet moves along at a good pace.

Anna is the bastard daughter of a duke. He dies when she was young. Her mother, a Frenchwoman, wants nothing more than her daughter be part of the ton. By the time she is 13, she is an orphan. A very rich one.

Charles is the Marquess of Haverstock. His father was cruel and gambled away most of the family money.

Anna tricks Charles into marriage. Each thinks the other is a traitor to Britain for France.

Can love truly grow in these circumstances?

What a lovely ride at an enjoyable pace.

Swift Summer
Anna is an illegitimate daughter who is regarded with ill repute by the upper ten thousand. She is orphaned and her only desire is to satisfy her dearly departed mother's last wish, that she become a true lady of the ton. Anna is manipulated into believing that she is working in the best interested of her country by marrying and spying on Charles, the Marquess of Havershock, the son of the man she blames for her mother's death. Anna is led to believe by Sir Henry Vinson, that Charles is working as a double agent for the French and that England needs her help to stop him from selling English secrets. Meanwhile all Anna truly wants is a family and a husband to love her in spite of the circumstances surrounding her birth. Anna falls in love with her new sisters in law and does everything she can to help them each find a match. The story in written with several unforeseen twists and turns. The hero is not quite sure if he should follow his heart or believe what his eyes have shown him. He decides to fight against his heart which causes him to have several misconceptions about his new wife. He wonders if she is a spy for the French or is she truly innocent. He questions whether her affections are real or just an act. Meanwhile, Charles best friend is trying to help the marchioness with her new life, not realizing at the same time he has been hiding his adoration for Charles' sister Lydia. The story is well written and it brings to question Will Anna and Charles reach their happily ever after or will Charles allow his inability to be truthfully with his wife to get in the way of his happiness? Will Lydia find her happily ever after with Morggi or will she settle for the first proposal she gets? You'll have to read it to find out all the secrets.

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