e-Book The Devil's Daughter download

e-Book The Devil's Daughter download

by Laura Drewry

ISBN: 0843960485
ISBN13: 978-0843960488
Language: English
Publisher: Leisure Books (April 1, 2008)
Pages: 282
Category: Historical
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.7
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Damn, but he was hungry. He’d hoped to avoid cold beans for supper, but if Lucy wasn’t going to do her part, then there was nothing he could do about it.

Damn, but he was hungry. ng to keep up with the chores, he was too tired at night to be bothered with a fire. Maggie ate little but bread and cheese, so there was seldom a need to cook for her. Sooner or later, Lucy would see her way clear, and then he’d eat to his heart’s content. Until then, he could live on cold beans and dried pork a while longer

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The Devil's Daughter (Devil to Pay, Published January 30th 2011 by Laura Drewry, via Smashwords. The Devil's Daughter (ebook). Published April 1st 2008 by Leisure Books. Author(s): Laura Drewry (Goodreads Author). ISBN13: 2940011191275. ISBN: 1428504516 (ISBN13: 9781428504516).

Shovelling sulphur and brimstone can really get a girl down, so when Lucy Firr is offered the chance to escape the fiery depths in exchange for one soul-snatching she grabs her opportunity. But Jed Caine isn't like most men, and soon the seductive Lucy finds herself falling for the charming rancher.

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Devil& daughter, Drewry, Laura.

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com's Laura Drewry Author Page. USA Today bestselling author LAURA DREWRY started out writing poetry - unbelievably bad poetry which hopefully will never again see the light of day. With that behind her, she now writes contemporary and historical romance novels with characters who aren't perfect and who tend to be a little (or a lot) on the sarcastic side. Born and raised in British Columbia, Laura spent eight years in the Canadian north where she learned important things like how to get your bananas from the grocery store to your car without them freezing and turning black in the -40 temperatures.

The Devil's Daughter - Laura Drewry. The school must really need those books. Judging by the excited nods and murmurs going on around them, it was safe to assume the woman could cook.

When Lucy Firr, the devil's daughter, strikes a deal with her father, agreeing to snatch the soul of a Texas rancher, she renegs on the bargain when she finds herself drawn to this rugged man with a tender touch and a hard-won smile. Original.
This was an interesting concept with a strong female character and a not so obnoxious male. The relationship is believable and the main characters pretty well rounded. But the important chargers like brother and sister-in-law needed a little bit more depth since they are central to the conflict.
While I like the idea of the devil's daughter and dealing with all kinds of hell type things, there wasn't enough clarity. Too many unanswered questions by the end kept me from fully enjoying the story. I kept wondering why those souls in particular, or how was Lucy's life in hell really like so I can better understand why she needs out so badly, or maybe introducing Maggie and Sam instead of having his memory be a cutout poster that I can't really see him. There needed to be more world building and establishing of not just the conflicts but the nuances of the conflicts. I would have loved to see more of how a priest and love could help save the day. The paranormal aspect needed a little more work, there was barely any in there. If Lucy had hell powers the whole time why didn't she do her chores with it and what does the red flower on the cactus mean?
Plus some of the plot twists you see coming a mile away like Berta. A little too coincidental and could have been played with more. And the devil brother was a standard mean charger but difficult to take seriously, the ending didn't make much sense with him, his motives seem contrived like it's all for Daddy dearest and he's ok with that, and the ferret is never explained. If he's the main charter for the sequel I hope to hell he gets reworked into a complex well rounded character with some reasoning.

Overall, is was enjoyable with an interesting plot line and doesn't raise any feminist rages despite the story's conception in the bride auction.

Lucy arrives to the town of Redemption with a goal in mind; she has to take the soul of a newborn in order to be free from Hell, as a mean to her goal she will also have to take the soul of the baby's mother and the man that is taking care of her, Jed Caine. She enters an auction for wives and convinces Jed to take her as wife, but afterwards anything happens as she plans. She will have to choose between her freedom and the man she will learn to love.

An original idea with a couple of problems: Both Jed and Lucy's characters could have been developed so much better…we get to read over and over again what they think but it only gets repetitive and slows the rhythm of the story instead of adding up to it.
I did enjoy the humor, especially with Lucy trying to do the ranch chores and failing miserably, and how Jed appreciates her efforts despite the results. I kept reading to the end because I really wanted to know how it was going to be solved and the last part was very nice but the journey to the resolution was too long to truly enjoy it.

Lucy is the devil's daughter, half human, half demon, raised in Hell. To gain her freedom, she has to steal a newborn's soul and deliver it to her father.

Jed, a rancher, has the care of his sister-in-law Maggie, who's heavily pregnant, after the sudden disappearance of his brother. He has no choice but to marry, in the hope that his wife will look after Maggie.

You guessed it : the two meet, marry and move to the farm where Lucy has to make fire out of buffalo chips and sleep in the barn.

The story is a mix of western and paranormal romance, leaning more to the western part. Apart from actually being the devil's daughter and having a sibling popping in and out of town, Lucy is, well, sort of bland. In my book, a half-demon is anything but submissive and Lucy, in an effort to gain Jed's respect, follows his wishes without much of a fight.

Some of the plot's elements could have been better explained (i.e : Maggie's character and beliefs).

Thank you Laura for letting me try this free! Its a fun and fast read with just the right amount of tenderness and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in one sitting. Nice sense of time and place whilst not taking itself seriously (think humorous romance rather than historical), likeable characters and a nice feel good ending. 4.5 stars but I'll give it 5 seeing as it was free!

Hotness level average, somewhat explicit but more sexual tension than graphic content. Well worth your time if you are looking for a lighter read.

I got this book, and at 1st wondered where it would head, and while the ending was not a huge surprise, there were a few bumps along the way I had not anticipated, and found it to be good enough to read in one sitting...

I did have a sense of deju vu at the end - not sure if was similar to another ending I read before...

Now I am off to see what the next book in the series may hold (that's a good recommendation, right?)

The book started off with a nice hook even though it was a Western book. Then as the book unfolds before your very eyes, the reader is drawn into Lucy's big dilemma and hoping that she does the right thing at then end of the book!
I was greatly pleased with The Devil's Daughter and Miss. Laura definitely has a way with relaying the thoughts of the characters so that you feel their inner struggle as much as if it was your own.

I am not sure why I downloaded this book.
But it was surprisingly good.
Not evil and not overly Christian.
It started out well with the auction, moved along to farm life and then to life.
It was very realistic for a supernatural book and I enjoyed it very much.
Christian people that take offense easily should not read this book.

I enjoyed reading this book. I love historical romances and I like paranormal as well the two mixed together was such a delight. It was a good break from the normal straight historicals I have been reading. The tension and build up of the hero and heroine was good too. I kept turning the pages waiting for things to ignite! It was an easy read aswell.

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