e-Book The Charmed Sphere download

e-Book The Charmed Sphere download

by Catherine Asaro

ISBN: 0733551637
ISBN13: 978-0733551635
Language: English
Publisher: Luna (2004)
Pages: 384
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 237
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I would like to express my gratitude to the readers who gave me input on The Charmed Sphere.

I would like to express my gratitude to the readers who gave me input on The Charmed Sphere. Any errors that remain are mine alone. For reading the manuscript and giving me the benefit of their wisdom and insights: Doranna Durgin, Tricia Schwaab and Jeri Smith-Ready. To Aly’s Writing Group, for their thorough and patient critiques of scenes: Aly Parsons, Simcha Kuritzky, Connie Warner, Al Carroll, Michael La Violette and J. G. Huckenpöler.

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Award-winning author Catherine Asaro, creator of The Skolian Empire, creates her first full-length fantasy novel in a world rich with magic and power.

Award-winning author Catherine Asaro, creator of The Skolian Empire, creates her first full-length fantasy novel in a world rich with magic and power.

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Catherine Ann Asaro (born November 6, 1955) is an American science fiction and fantasy author. She is best known for her books about the Ruby Dynasty, called the Saga of the Skolian Empire

Catherine Ann Asaro (born November 6, 1955) is an American science fiction and fantasy author. She is best known for her books about the Ruby Dynasty, called the Saga of the Skolian Empire. Catherine Asaro was born on November 6, 1955 in Oakland, California and grew up in El Cerrito, California. She attended Kennedy High School in Richmond, California as part of the Richmond Voluntary Integration Plan.

The Charmed Sphere book. This was my first book by Catherine Asaro her characters were likeable and real and the story just developed so well i couldn't read fast enough and went on to read the next three in the series.

The Charmed Sphere Asaro Simon & Schuster 9780373802036 : Once a revered shape mage, Chime, an outcast in Aronsdale, and Lord . Book two in a new series set in the world of Catherine Asaro's Skolian Empire series. Major Bhaajan achieved the impossible

The Charmed Sphere Asaro Simon & Schuster 9780373802036 : Once a revered shape mage, Chime, an outcast in Aronsdale, and Lord Muller, the former heir of the new king, join forces to expose a . Major Bhaajan achieved the impossible. Born to the Undercity, the slums below the City of Cries on the planet Raylicon, she broke free from crushing poverty and crime to become a military officer with Imperial Space Command.

Catherine Asaro eBook Online Read. Author: Catherine Asaro. Published Year: 2004 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2010 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2006 History & Fiction. The Moon's Shadow (Saga of the Skolian Empire). Published Year: 2007 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2016 History & Fiction.

Award-winning author Catherine Asaro continues to explore her Shape Mage world, introduced in CHARMED DESTINIES.

I’ve been wanting to re-read this series for some time now, and I was finally able to make the time to read the first book. Actually, I purchased the ebook/audio package from Amazon since it was around $5 for both, and I started listening to the book on Audible before moving to the ebook and finishing it with the physical book.

Here’s an abbreviated history of how I came to initially love this series. I judged the book by its beautiful cover, looked for it at every used bookstore until I found it a year later (limited money as an early teen), read it, loved it, discovered there were more with similarly amazing art, purchased and devoured them as they came out (with money from my part-time job), and last year, I contacted the author to acquire signed bookplates!

So, I discovered two things during my re-read. 1) I still love the characters, world, and magic system that Asaro built. 2) There was definitely a pacing issue throughout. This was the largest of the 5 book series, and I believe the other 4 books were edited to be more concise. But, that was the only issue I had really. The magic system is based on shapes and hues of colors, which lent itself to the reader paying more attention to descriptions. I think the magic was the best part of this first book, which does feel like an introduction to the magic system and the main country of focus.

I do hope that I can find time to continue re-reading this series because I enjoy visiting this world. And if the author ever has a chance to write more stories in this wonderful world or with these characters, me (and my money) will be there waiting.

This is an interesting read that will leave you spellbound at times. The character dialogue isn't hard to follow (a pet peeve of mine when it is) and the characters do tend to draw you in. The storyline was interesting enough and kept me hooked from the beginning, although there were those times when the story draged on with too much description. One thing that did bother me about the story was the fact that it seemed to start in the middle of something already going on. We are expected to know that the protagonist, Chime, did not want to be a mage and that Della, the "mage finder" went around the land of Avonsdale searching for mages, and many things like that. It is a little hard to describe but the details were explained as if they were already told to us in a previous book and we needed to pick up on what we missed. It made the job of getting to know the characters a little tedious but I did grow to care for them. And as I stated earlier, the storyline was interesting enough to pull the reader in. The use of magic in this book is completely unique, at least to my knowledge. The magic is harnessed from within the characters as is usual, but the harnessing is aided by perfect geometric shapes as well as colors, and only certain mages, depending on the level of power they contain within themselves, are able to use certain colors and shapes.

This story begins with Chime, a girl who lives with her family in the town of Avonsdale and helps to run the family orchard. This is a blissful job for her and she can't imagine doing anything else. The only black spot on her white shirt is the fact that she is a mage. She tries to hide her powers because all mages end up at the castle, working for the king. Chime definately does not want this and tries to keep her powers at bay.

Then king Daron comes to town, followed closely by his advisors, including Della, one of the chief advisors, a seemingly formidable woman and one who seeks out mages to train them so that they may aid the King and Avonsdale. Chime's response is to hide in a tree and praying no one spots her.

Della ends up at Chimes home anyway, stating that she is an extreamely powerful mage and wants her to move into the castle and begin training. A side note: since she is currently the most powerful mage at her age, she is also expected to marry the future king. Her family is excited at this news and good fortune for their family and sends her on her way. this story begins it's twists and turns soon after... Chime is powerful, but has a hard time learning how to control that power and put it to specified uses. She doesn't get along with prince Muller upon finding out his true identity. Another mage is found with greater powers than her own, another heir to the throne is found as well. Soon after, there is war with an even greater threat to the people of Aronsdale.

What bothered me about this story, interesting as it was, is the fact that certain details about the characters flaws for instance, was repeated over and over again, practically drummed into my brain. The author did the same with other details of interest too, as if she was afraid we might forget.

Then the final battle left me a bit bewildered. It wasn't described as well as it could have been, leaving my imagery of what was going on very choppy. It was also uncanny that the mage antagonist was so powerful that he could blow up buildings, and destroy practically everything in his wake, why did he not do this at the beginning? Why did he need the opposing town of Harsdown in order to defeat the king at Castle Suncroft?

All in all this was a good story, and though I'm not clamouring to get the sequels, eventually I will get them as I do want to find out what happened to the characters and what new oppositions arise. If you're a lover of fantasy books, get this one anyways despite it's flaws. (I can be critical at times.) It is a griping story and definately a page turner.

I'm a big fan of Mercedes Lackey and bought the Charmed Destinies collection because she was 1 of the 3 different authors. Since Catherine Asaro was one of the others, I also bought The Charmed Sphere. After reading the short story in the anthology (Moonglow), I started reading TCS. The first half of TCS is pretty much the same story as Moonglow, but told from other characters' points of view. Moonglow is basically Iris and Jarid's tale, while TCS focuses more on Chime and Muller. If I had started reading TCS without reading Moonglow first, I would have found the character development to be lacking. My recommendation is to read Moonglow prior to reading TCS if you don't mind going though the same story twice. It will give more depth to TCS without being too boring since you see things from different points of view in both stories. Overall, I liked the book, it's a nice story that doesn't require you to think too hard. If you want a light read with fun characters, this is a good choice.

Tension builds as the characters learn to become themselves. A book that's hard to put down. I look forward to reading more by Asaro.

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