e-Book Delusion In Death download

e-Book Delusion In Death download

by Susan Ericksen,J. D. Robb

ISBN: 1469223260
ISBN13: 978-1469223261
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition edition (September 1, 2012)
Category: Romantic Suspense
Subategory: Love and Romance

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Rating: 4.8
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D. Robb (Author), Susan Ericksen (Reader).

D. Book 45 of 47 in the In Death Series. New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben. Book 1 of 49 in the In Death Series. J. D. Robb’s In Death novels are can’t-miss pleasures. Anchored by terrific characters, sudden twists that spin the whole narrative on a dime, and a thrills-to-chills ration that will raise the neck hairs of even the most jaded reader, the J. Robb books are the epitome of great popular fiction. New York Times bestselling author Dennis Lehane.

This book reminded me of creation in death and delusion in death, in regards to gory torturous scenes. Robb is the pseudonym for a number-one New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including the futuristic suspense In Death series. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print. This book reminded me of creation in death and delusion in death, in regards to gory torturous scenes. This was a bit too much like a Patricia Cornwell Dr Scarpetta book. I didn't like the story line, except for the police procedurals.

Narrated by Susan Ericksen. Books related to Delusion In Death.

Слушайте Divided in Death (автор: J. Robb, Susan Ericksen) . Robb, Susan Ericksen) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. The mystery of Divided in Death essentially centers on espionage and betrayal - its a bit convoluted and stretches the boundaries a little but in all its tight and twists nicely. Betrayal is also an issue for Eve when she discovers something new about that night in Dallas, how she and Roarke deal with the knowledge is spectacularly handled. I have to say I. fell in love with Roarke in this book. samantha71020Go to samantha71020's profile.

Susan Ericksen delivers another outstanding performance as futuristic detective, Eve Dallas. Eve is hunting for a rookie serial killer and struggling with her in-laws’ upcoming visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. Erickson deserves kudos for her creative characterization of this feisty heroine.

Two novels by "New York Times" bestselling author J. Robb "Calculated in Death"On Manhattan s Upper East Side, a woman lies dead at the bottom of a brownstone . Read by. Susan Ericksen. Robb "Calculated in Death"On Manhattan s Upper East Side, a woman lies dead at the bottom of a brownstone s basement steps, stripped of all her valuables. Most cops might call it a mugging gone wrong, but Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows better.

I love her voices for the main characters

Delusion in Death – J D Robb. I think after 45 books, novellas and short stories it may be time to start another series, since this one seems to be bogged down and a caricature of what the series used to be. This book is written with the patented JD Robb formula and you cannot get away from it. The book opens on a horrific scene of people murdering each other during a casual after work drink in a neighborhood bar-over 80 people are dead. I love her voices for the main characters. There were a lot of side character so some of the minor, minor character began to sound the same but it was forgivable.

I very rarely rate any books by J. D. Robb less than 5 stars if I like the case she's working on. So if you're looking for a completely unbiased review, you should look elsewhere.

I love the characters. I love the interactions. I know to some it feels like these characters never go anywhere. To me, every six months to a year I feel like I got to catch up with some really great friends.

In this book I love the case. It's intriguing and really sucked me in.

There are so many detailed reviews of this already, I'm just going to skip that part and add my 5 stars to the list and tell you I loved it.

Since I have read every "in Death" title twice (except my least favorite titles), I decided to identify those titles in the series which are my favorite.

What do my favorites have in common?

1. These are the ones that have (for me) interesting cases.
2. Funny interactions between Eve and the rest of the world. Eve has a unique tale on the world and her comments are often hilarious.
3. Because of her abnormal childhood, she odd lapses in her education and social development that she is only now overcoming as an adult. It's fun for me to watch this fictional character learn to become the best human being she can be despite that horrid childhood.
4. Lots of page time for the ongoing collection of returning characters. I love her supporting characters. The cops on her team and her friends.
5. Some other unknown quality that calls to me.

Things that are NOT considered in my favorite ratings:
1. The sex scenes between Eve and Roarke. Not a factor for me. Most of the time, the pages of description of their sexual couplings could be omitted without changing the book for me. I know from reading the reviews of others that the sexual relationship and the love relationship between Eve and Roarke are all that matters to some readers. I am not one of those readers.
2. Foul language. Yeah, I was shocked when I read my first "in Death" book by the prevalence of foul language. Now I mostly ignore it.
3. Whether other reviewers like the book or hate it. I decide on my own whether I like something. My parents taught me to think for myself.

Why this title is a favorite: The whole craziness of this crime is very interesting. Figuring out how it was done and who did and why makes this an interesting case.

I love Eve Dallas and all the other characters in the "In Death" series, but as I read this book I honestly felt like there was nothing different except the crime.

Eve was doing whatever she was doing and gets a call that there's a new crime.

Peabody drops whatever she's doing and shows up as well.

Roarke uses his electronics to hunt for info and is of course brought into the case as an expert civilian consultant...again.

The fat cat weaves in and out of everyone's legs.

Eve searches for insults to hurl at Sommerset.

Eve has nightmares.

Eve has Dr. Mira do crime profiling and also makes time for her personal life to discuss and is given tea she doesn't want.

McNab is in weird clothes as usual and they're described as usual.

While working on clues the killer strikes again.

Eve and Roarke make love.

A big deal is made about the police stations bad coffee.

With so many of these books on the market, Ms. Roberts (J.D. Robb) really needs to shake it up now. Someone needs an unexpected pregnancy.
A main character needs to get very ill or die.

Doesnt matter WHAT changes. What matters is that SOMETHING changes. This book was boring. There were even mistakes and typos not caught by the pros.

There's no denying Ms. Roberts (Writing as J.D. Robb) is a great writer because she is. She's also one of my favorites but she's stuck in a rut.

New York To Dallas was much, much better.

Now that everyone is back in N.Y. and back at their regular jobs, something needs to change and in a big way if this series is to continue.

There are too many of these books to only have had a small amount of time go by. (I think a year or two at the most)

Simply put, this was boring and did nothing for me in the way of interest.

Shake up this series!!!

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