e-Book Worlds in Collision download

e-Book Worlds in Collision download

by Immanuel Velikovsky

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Publisher: Pocket Books; 1st edition (August 1, 1977)
Category: Astronomy and Space Science
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Worlds in Collision, the most discussed book of our time, propounds the startling theory that more than once . Immanuel velikovsky studied natural sciences at the University of Edinburgh, history, law and medicine (.

Immanuel velikovsky studied natural sciences at the University of Edinburgh, history, law and medicine (. in Moscow, biology in Berlin, the working of the brain in Zurich, and psychoanalysis in Vienna. Since 1939 he has lived in the United States.

First published in 1950. The author gratefully acknowledges permission WORLDS. With this book Immanuel Velikovsky first presented the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long. 35 MB·81 Downloads·New! With this book Immanuel Velikovsky first presented the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long. Stochastic equations through the eye of the physicist basic concepts, exact results and asymptotic approximations. 81 MB·15,664 Downloads·New!

Worlds in Collision is a book by Russian-American independent scholar Immanuel Velikovsky published in 1950

Worlds in Collision is a book by Russian-American independent scholar Immanuel Velikovsky published in 1950. The book postulates that around the 15th century BC, the planet Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet or comet-like object and passed near Earth (an actual collision is not mentioned). The object allegedly changed Earth's orbit and axis, causing innumerable catastrophes that are mentioned in early mythologies and religions from around the world

by. Immanuel Velikovsky. GENERIC RAW BOOK ZIP download.


With this book Immanuel Velikovsky first presented the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary .

Immanuel Velikovsky (/ˌvɛliˈkɒfski/; Russian: Иммануи́л Велико́вский, IPA: ; 10 June 1895 – 17 November 1979) was a Russian independent scholar who wrote a number of books reinterpreting the events of ancient . .

Immanuel Velikovsky (/ˌvɛliˈkɒfski/; Russian: Иммануи́л Велико́вский, IPA: ; 10 June 1895 – 17 November 1979) was a Russian independent scholar who wrote a number of books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collision published in 1950. Earlier, he had played a role in the founding of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, and was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

First published in 1950. Worlds in Collision is a book of wars in the celestial sphere that took place in historical times. In these wars the planet earth participated too. This book describes two acts of a great drama: one that occurred thirty-four to thirty-five centuries ago, in the middle of the second millennium before the present era; the other in the eighth and the beginning of the seventh century before the present era, twenty-six centuries ago. Accordingly, this volume consists of two parts, preceded by a prologue.

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Immanuel Velikovsky - a biographical sketch. Velikovsky was born in 1895 in Vitebsk, city of western Russia, then counting about 7. 00 inhabitants, many of them Jews, native city also of Chagall. Third son, his name was chosen by father during a solitary promenade in the nearby woods.

Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky.
I have two copies of this book and at last count I have probably read it cover to cover 4 times. First I was fortunate to get an original hardcover copy (1950) passed on to me by my stepmother some thirty years ago as a young man in his twenties. I read the book with much interest and was fascinated by the cultural cross-referencing of significant celestial events as observed by ancient races, and how much of these same cataclysmic and 'ultra-natural' events may have found their way into religious texts on both sides of the world. Not the least of which was the Torah or the Hebrew 'Old Testament.' This in turn gave me a new understanding of what exactly might have taken place in biblical times. For me it was no less than a new lens with which to glean insight into the true nature of these often bizarre events (i.e. the Plagues and Exodus, The Sun standing still, the mythology surrounding Mars as the warrior god and Venus as the "Light-Bringer," et al, etc. etc.) and to see them in another light, one much different from the divine nature that has been traditionally touted. Ironically reading "Worlds in Collision," had me re-reading the "Old Testament" with a renewed interest and a much deeper appreciation of what those unfortunate souls had to cope with.

After shelving this book for some thirty years, I decided to re-read it and did so in 2007. Now older and much more skeptical, I next decided to do a quick Google search on Velikovsky to see what I could find out about the man; I was appalled to find the self-righteous vitriol that was and still is leveled at this remarkable scholar. To get a sense of that, just take a look at the 'one-star' reviews on this site.
For a time, I decided that if the world was against this man in such a vehement way, then maybe we had all been fooled and he was nothing more than a charlatan and hack. So I started reading books about him, and found it strange that many things he had posited about the planets in the solar system, this years before we had the ability to send space probes, were slowly coming to light and proving him right, as the science and exploration finally caught up with his claims. So much so that toward the end of his time on this dangerous little globe, major institutions of higher learning were glad to invite him come and speak to packed auditoriums of students and faculty. Let's just say that this man was - like so many great intellectuals throughout history - way ahead of his time.

Perhaps not everything that he postulated is spot-on or even scientifically viable, but neither was Darwin's; as much as his theory of evolution has been accepted by mainstream science; even Darwin would admit that the fossil record has not been as forthcoming or cooperative as he had hoped it would be some 150 years into the future. But that's not what we are told, so I think we should try to keep an open mind when it comes to Velikovsky's unique brand of insight; especially his insight into the arcane and mysterious world of the past. Someone else (in one of those scathing 1 star reviews) questioned Velikovsky's scholarship due to the fact that he wasn't a geologist or astronomer or physicist, or a whatever. I think this is blatantly unfair and simple-minded. It is perhaps our good fortune that he was not hamstringed by these disciplines, and that he was able to 'think outside the box.' Can you imagine the grief one would have to suffer at the hands of 'peer review' for each scientific discipline involved. His book would never have been published in the first place, and oh how the academic powers to be, did not want this book published in 1950; sight-unseen and unread! However after a change of publishers, it was, and it then went on to be a number one best-seller for some 50 weeks (as I recall reading) running. Obviously he had struck a chord with the common person on the street; people fascinated and intrigued, people ready for something beyond the traditional "Sunday School Paradigm."

I'm glad I did my homework, I now have this, 'New, unchanged edition (2009)' to read and I have read it with a new insight to this remarkable individual. I've also read "Ages in Chaos," which was intended to come out before "Worlds in Collision;" it too is controversial and captivating, more historical in content than the 'far-out' nature of 'Worlds.' There are also numerous books that discuss this man's life and the cross he had to bear. I would recommend "Carl Sagan & Immanuel Velikovsky" by Charles Ginentha, its fairly in-depth and revealing, and puts Dr. Sagan in a whole new light.

Scholars the likes of Velikovsky or Zecharia Sitchin, were unfortunately never destined to be fully appreciated in their own time, and yet I would like to believe that future generations will recognize their accomplishments and their contributions to knowledge and ancient history, even though they might not might be mainstream now.

"Worlds in Collision" and is a must read for anyone who has an open mind about science and history. The great "scientific" minds who hit themselves in the nose with their knee jerk reactions at the mere mention of the name Velikovsky, are idiots. Even Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock don't seem to want to mention him and yet 70 years after Velikovsky wrote they go out and see the evidence for Noah's flood and other catastrophes themselves and act like they are the discoverers. Velikovsky after a generation of abuse and slander is still "The one who must not be named" in science and history.

Velikovsky's earthshaking conclusions in this book are slowly being verified, including the fact that Venus is much hotter than it should be if it was just an ordinary planet as conventional science has it. Below is the latest (Aug. 2016) verification:

Verification of Velikovsky’s theory about vast flooding, waters higher than mountains, after earthquakes killing millions in Worlds in Collision (2009 reprint)
[Articles were in google news on 8/5/16]
From Andy Coghlan article in New Scientist (2016) (also in Scientific American):
Legend has it that a great flood engulfed China 4000 years ago. Lasting for more than 20 years, it was finally tamed by the heroic efforts of Emperor Yu, whose Xia dynasty marked the birth of Chinese civilisation and its transition into the Bronze Age.
“This was the first stage in the founding of Chinese civilisation,” says Wu Qinglong of Nanjing Normal University. “But no scientific evidence had been discovered until now.”
This lack of evidence for such a flood had prompted some to challenge the truth of the story.
But we now have the first compelling evidence that the flood did actually happen at the time and place chronicled in the legend.
In the Jishi Gorge, along the Yellow river, his team discovered rocks and sedimentary formations that could only have existed as a result of a cataclysmic flood.
They also found evidence of an earthquake and analysed the skeletons of three children (see picture below), which helped them recreate the timeline of what happened.
“The first thing was the earthquake, and this triggered a huge landslide that blocked the river,” says Darryl Granger of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The dammed water became a lake 200 metres deep.
“The lake built up behind and took six to nine months to fill up before the water overtopped, causing the dam to fail catastrophically,” he says.
This released a huge volume of water, estimated at between 12 and 17 cubic kilometres, two to three times as much as contained by Loch Ness in Scotland.
The floods engulfed Lajia, the archaeological site 25 kilometres downstream where the bodies of the three children killed by the earthquake months earlier lay buried, and where the world’s oldest noodles were found.

Solid research in the ancient texts and folklore.
A bit dated. We've sent probes to Venus and Mars, that disapprove some predictions, however the main body of his argument is unscathed.
We can quibble, for instance that oil is found under kilometers of sediment and therefore is indeed biological in origin, however that does not preclude hydrocarbons falling from the tail of a comet.
I was pleased to see E V mention eddy currents, because I hypothesize that the reason Venus attained it's circular orbit and extreme temperature was because of it being conductive and intersecting the magnetic fields of the Birkland currents that power the sun.
The resultant interaction of the electrical currents circulating in the body of Venus and the Birkland currents would have slowed the rotation of Venus, heated it and robbed it of it's orbital angular momentum.
This process would have ceased when Venus no longer intersected the magnetic fields of the Birkland currents, but ran parallel to them.
The heat we see is a remnant of this process.

Thus endeth my critique.

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