e-Book Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes download

e-Book Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes download

by John R. Holum,James E. Brady

ISBN: 0471100420
ISBN13: 978-0471100423
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (December 29, 1995)
Pages: 1104
Category: Chemistry
Subategory: Math Science

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540. The Physical Object.


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Offers accurate, lucid and interesting explanations of basic concepts and. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes. by. James E.

James E. Partial table of contents: The Structure of Matter: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions Stoichiometry: Quantitative Chemical Relationships Energy and Thermochemistry Atomic and Electronic Structure Chemical Bonding 1 Properties of Gases Intermolecular Attractions and the Properties of Liquids and Solids Solutions Acid-Base and Ionic Reactions Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Thermodynamics Kinetics: The Study of Rates of Reaction Chemical Equilibrium-General Concepts Acid-Base. Equilibria Solubility an. ONTINUE READING.

Keywords (Audience): First-Year Undergraduate, General. Brady, Joel W. Russell, John R. ISBN 10: 0471358754 ISBN 13: 9780471358756.

Brady,James E. Other Authors: Holum, John R. Format: Book. Published: New York: John Wiley, 1993. Chemistry : the molecular nature of matter and change, by: Silberberg, Martin S. 1945- Published: (2009).

Chemistry : The Study of Matter and Its Changes - Solutions Manual. by John R. Holum and James E. Brady. Offers accurate, lucid and interesting explanations of basic concepts and facts of chemistry while helping students develop skills in analytical thinking and problem solving. Students are taught, in a variety of ways, to think of skills as tools that can be used to solve complex problems. Several aids are included to help focus and inspire student interest-frequent reference to common chemicals in commercial products, numerous photographs of reactions

by James . Senese, Frederick Brady (Author).

Offers accurate, lucid, and interesting explanations of basic concepts and facts of chemistry, while helping readers develop skills in analytical thinking and problems solving.
I'm a autodidact. I've dug through just about every chemistry textbook there is on pure chemistry, most published after 2005 but a lot earlier on early alchemy, chemical and mathematical physics, and AP chemistry and honors chemistry. I've made this my one chemistry book.

You will need to be scoring well and have memorized anything around AP math and Pre-Calculus, mostly Algebra, 3d geometry, and measurement systems. Also scientific method and SI.

Like most American text books on the subject, a lot of material around nuclear chemistry and organic synthesis are omitted, despite what is popular rumor, it was like this well before 9/11. I suggest european or russian texts if you want those subjects or more logical&thourough teachings on the subjects in this book..

This book covers plenty of bases in chemical analysis, and is organized very well. The new editions have made great improvements in details and thorough explanations on concepts. They've added more about where the material comes from, which is a big plus for me. It's important to get a deep understanding on why what we learn is considered valid. I've seen other books that are make things seem far more complicated than they really are, and some are just really hard to follow. The creators of this book put in a lot of effort to see how readers view the material.

I have not finished the book but have concentrated on chapters with information that I have had trouble with in the past with chemistry. So far it has not disappointed and has cleared up some of the issues that have often kept me awake at night. I hope it will continue to do that.
The book is complete in it's presentation of the subjects of general chemistry with extras. It is superbly illustrated and clear in it's explanations and the example sections are superb as well. You can get it cheaper than it's pricey ($160) retail cost but if you have to pay more I think you will find it worth it.

The Apotheoses of Lacspor
In general this is an excellent chemistry book. I had just finished Linus Pauling's 1970s text and I wanted something a little more up to date.
First, like most modern texts, I found it dummied down compared to the older text.
Second, I find the format difficult to read. The extra wide pages make speed reading very difficult.
Finally, like most American based chemistry books, I get a little bothered with the importance of the SI units, but then have a section
of questions in feet, miles, teaspoons. If SI is important (and I believe it is), stick with it.

All in all, good text. As good as Pauling's ..... well, they will be both on my book case, but Pauling might be a little closer to my desk.

The Sphinx of Driz
Very helpful with my chem course. It was easily understandable and a great help in my chemistry course. I am very pleased.

I got this book so quick. I mean very quick. I bought it for school and I got it right before school even started. I am very happy with my purchase. The book doesnt have any signs of major wear and tear which is really good. So yeah im glad I purchased it from this company.

Fast Lovebird
Awesome! Big thick and cheap. It has everthing.

An easy book to follow

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