e-Book Organic Chemistry, Second Edition download

e-Book Organic Chemistry, Second Edition download

by Thomas N. Sorrell

ISBN: 1891389386
ISBN13: 978-1891389382
Language: English
Publisher: University Science Books; 2 edition (December 23, 2005)
Pages: 900
Category: Chemistry
Subategory: Math Science

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Rating: 4.1
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Thomas N. Sorrell The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Online Homework from WebAssign and Sapling. Students very much appreciated the clarity of the writing and pertinent biological examples. -Josh Rabinowitz, Princeton University. Hailed by J Chem Ed as the new wave in organic textbooks, this book’s mechanistic approach constructs organic chemistry from the ground up.

Organic Chemistry book. Published January 1st 2006 by University Science Books (first published January 1st 1999). Details (if other): Cancel.

Don't look at Organic Chemistry as if it were a monster to be battled problems in the book (I did.

1,384 Pages·2011·219. Don't look at Organic Chemistry as if it were a monster to be battled problems in the book (I did. Organic Polymer Chemistry: An Introduction to the Organic Chemistry of Adhesives, Fibres, Paints. 18 MB·1,010 Downloads·New! This book deals with the organic chemistry of polymers which find tech­ nological use as adhesives. Peter Sykes A Guide book to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry. 56 MB·2,903 Downloads.

Extremely helpful! A wonderful and NECESSARY supplement to the Sorrell text. I found the illustrations and written explanations provided more than adequate explanations. Working through the problems (and then checking them with this solutions manual) in the Sorrell textbook while reading the chapters was a great way to cover material in a small amount of time. This is a great investment for any organic chemistry student who will be using Sorrell as the principal text for the course. Наиболее популярные в Научная литература.

Tom Sorrell Organic Chemistry Thomas N. Sorrell Geen voorbeeld beschikbaar - 1999.

University Science Books, 26 jan. 2006 - 988 pagina's. Organic Chemistry Thomas N. Veelvoorkomende woorden en zinsdelen.

The Second Edition of Organic Chemistry maintains all the innovative features of the first edition in a sleeker, slimmer, and easier-to-navigate design. Hailed by J Chem Ed as “the new wave” in organic textbooks, this book’s mechanistic approach constructs organic chemistry from the ground up. By focusing on the points of reactivities in organic, this text allows students to approach more and more complex molecules with enhanced understanding. Also noteworthy are the biochemical examples for their variety, substance, and depth. Despite its unique emphasis on reactivity, the book facilitates easy adoption by covering organic compound classes in the traditional order. Hundreds of worked examples and student exercises combine with clear writing and sound pedagogy to make this text an exceptional choice. What's New in this Edition? a sleeker, slimmer volume improved organization designed for ease of use more examples and solved exercises fewer specialized topics the first chapter on nucleophilic substitution has been expanded and divided into two chapters, allowing alkyl halides and alcohol substitution reactions to be treated separately oxidation reactions of alcohols have been removed from the chapter on elimination reactions, and a separate chapter on reduction and oxidation reactions has been created (Chapter 11), which also includes discussions about the reduction and oxidation reactions of alkenes the chemistry of dienes, including the Diels-Alder reaction, have been collected in a chapter separate from the one devoted to the addition reactions of simple alkenes the order of topics in the chapters presenting spectroscopic methods has been reversed, so nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is now covered first the chapter that introduces synthetic methods has been largely preserved from the first edition, but it is followed directly by the chapter on enantioselective synthesis the discussion of enantioselective reactions has been completely rewritten, and its emphasis has been changed to encourage students to think about designing enantioselective syntheses without having to memorize a lot of details about specific reagents and conditions the topic of aromatic compounds— benzene and its derivatives—has been moved, and the presentations about diazonium compounds and nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions, have been incorporated into new Chapter 17 the chapter about about aldehydes, ketones, and carbohydrates has been divided into two chapters in the current edition, with the division made according to the reaction mechanisms involved, not according to the functional groups that are undergoing the reactions the chapter on nitrogen-containing compounds has been parceled in this edition among several chapters in the new edition in contrast, the discussions of polymer chemistry, which were interspersed throughout the book in the first edition, have been collected to form Chapter 26 in this edition
Textbook for college course. Came from UK....super fast shipping...much faster than expected and price was excellent for new book compared to even some "used" options. Hard to get excited about a textbook, but it is recommended and this seller delivered nicely. Book was as described-brand new in cellophane & packaged well.

If your professor issues this book I highly recommend getting it. I had to read this book before and after every lecture because organic chemistry is one of those subjects that you have to stay on top of because if not you will just fall behind. This book will definitely help you but there are areas that may confuse you. There are grey areas that luckily my professor helped shed light on but if you don't need this for a class then I wouldn't recommend it. To put in perspective if you are a University of Colorado at Denver student and taking organic chemistry 1 then you will not use this book from the fall of 2012 on however if you are taking organic chemistry 2 in the fall of 2012 then you will definitely get issued this book. The reason for the confusion is because the university is getting new books for the organic chemistry department because there were so many complaints.

confusing, poorly written, not organized in any way. Somewhat valuable as a reference for molecule forms and terminology but our class really didn't use the book very much. Of course we had an amazing teacher so it was hard for the book to compare.

It's a lot less dense than the three organic chemistry textbooks I looked at in the library. No, learning about the nomenclature of chemicals is never going to be fun, but at least this textbook explains all those little gotchas that made me hate my Linear Algebra textbook.


A great Chemistry textbook for organic chem students. Informative and Enlightening, this book sheds light on every aspect of the organic chemistry subject

While the textbook does contain all of the information you could possibly need for an undergraduate organic chemistry class (as well as a number of chapters no professor could possibly have time to cover in o chem 1 and o chem 2), the presentation of material leaves much to be desired. The book is very dry in my opinion, so I would recommend finding another organic chemistry textbook and use it along with this one in preparing for tests, etc.
If you find yourself struggling in either the first or second semester organic chemistry class, get the "Organic chemistry as a second language" by Klein (either 1st or 2nd semester). Seriously. The author makes it so simple you actually start liking the subject!!!
Good luck

Excellent textbook with clear, concise writing and plenty of great problems.

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