e-Book My Inventions download

e-Book My Inventions download

by Nikola Tesla

ISBN: 1600969682
ISBN13: 978-1600969683
Language: English
Publisher: Boomer Books (February 28, 2007)
Pages: 97
Category: Physics
Subategory: Math Science

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The world wasn't ready for such an advanced technology. The book includes general information on many of his inventions, which are out of my expertise anyway

The world wasn't ready for such an advanced technology. The book includes general information on many of his inventions, which are out of my expertise anyway.

The Autobiography Of Nikola Tesla. My Inventions is full of fascinating and sometimes bizarre stories. My First Efforts At Invention. Tesla tells us how he narrowly escaped death on several occasions, traveled the world, rubbed elbows with celebrities, captains of industry and the greatest scientists of his time. In one particularly strange incident, Tesla describes being chased by a frantic mob in a case of mistaken identity.

These 7 Tesla inventions never saw the light of da. Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors of all time, but these 7 inventions of the master inventor never came to fruition. Our minds would then, indeed, be like open books. Obviously, this is not how thought processes work, but there is so much we don’t know about the biological mechanism of human thought and consciousness that we cannot say for certain that Tesla wasn’t on to something.

I have always been interested in Tesla and his life/inventions. He is very strange, intelligent, and someone far ahead of his time. In this book, Tesla tells all about what goes on in his head, which sometimes is very weird. He tells about his life, how his inventions came to him, and how his inventions helped save his life.

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My First Efforts At Invention III. My Later Endeavors I. The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. Of all things I liked books the best

My First Efforts At Invention III. My Later Endeavors IV. The Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer V. The Magnifying Transmitter VI. The Art of Telautomatics. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs. Of all things I liked books the best. My father had a large library and whenever I could manage I tried to satisfy my passion for reading. He did not permit it and would fly into a rage when he caught me in the act.

My Inventions Nikola Tesla. My Inventions Nikola Tesla.

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Originally published in 1919 in Electrical Experimenter magazine, here are Nikola Tesla's own reflections on his early years and work. Tesla explains the motivations behind his inventions and reveals many personal and insightful stories about his life. This publication from Boomer Books is specially designed and typeset for comfortable reading.
The book came this morning and I just finished it after dinner it is an insightful book and a good primer to educate yourself about this great man. Nicola Tesla was one of the greatest minds to have ever lived. It is a shame that so few are educated on him. If you buy this book then you will understand it is your duty to pass the book to another. He has been written off, buried, and they did their best to erase him. If they would have followed him then, today Earth would be in a golden age. Anti-gravity, free wireless electricity, mankind spreading to other worlds, and not as the greedy parasites we are today. You might read this and say, this reviewer is nuts! Just take a minute and open your mind to this man and learn for yourself. If he lived today amongst those such as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, I couldn't imagine what each new day would bring. To know this man is to know that your wildest dreams would be reality.

Tesla was a remarkable man not only for his inventions, but also for his dedication and application. It is amazing to read of his "inner life" in a way rarely shared. I was moved by his story and inspired by the clarity and insight he brought to everything in his own life and to the world around us. If you want to find out about his inventions there is scant detail here, but if you want to gain and insight into the genius and humanity this book provides a brief glimpse.

deadly claw
I have been a Tesla fan since I was in grade school but somehow had never read his autobiography until now. It's a great read and it is awesome to hear what he has to say straight from the source. He is an eloquent writer and organizes his thoughts very well. I felt like he was corresponding directly with me while reading this book. And, I learned things about him I had not read elsewhere. The book turns him from this mythical mad inventor and genius beyond humanity's capabilities into a real person. I read the book in two nights; it isn't very long and is interesting enough to binge read. I imagine many people will read the book in a single sitting. If you are a Tesla fan, absolutely read this book. Even if you are one of those boring and misinformed Edison fans, you'll dig this read.

This is an amazing first hand account from a heretofore semi forgotten genius. First at just 90 pages its a great and short intro to Nikola Tesla as told by Nikola Tesla.

Originally written in 1919 there are few (possibly no) edits that I could surmise. This fact along with the the narrative style itself made it a somewhat challenging though highly authentic, informative and entertaining read.

Of course Tesla is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance these days though still I was shocked to learn of his productivity and impact on the development of the world’s electrical equipment and power generation.

Tesla was a genius right up there with other inventors and game changers of his time though he was clearly a bit eccentric and controversial which is likely why we don’t know as much about him as Edison, Ford, Einstein and other giants of the same era.

This book works on a number of levels. For anyone interested in US or World history or technolgy or science or even if you are just interested in knowing a bit more about the man who Mr Elon Musk named his company and incomparable electric cars after this book is good investment of time and money (2.99 USD)

Tesla's autobiography may not be politically correct, but it is part of a
Liberal arts curriculum.

It is invaluable as psychohistory, to understand the mind of this great inventor.
It doesn't hurt that it is fluidly written.

I do not understand the technical aspects completely, since I have not studied
Math and physics beyond the high school level. Whatever university courses I
Have taken, I have ignored.

Tesla may have scoffed at the mystical dimensions, which I do not, since I have seen
Some. Due to his empiricism, for the most part he was a clear-thinking man.

A buy.

I'm fascinated with everything about Nikola Tesla right now. His autobiography from about 1919 is a short but enjoyable read. I really enjoy his account of his younger years, and something we don't get to see much is that he had a wicked sense of humor! The man had an unusual but exceptionally brilliant mind, and didn't get enough credit when he was alive. He thought of the system that we now know as the internet and was ridiculed at the time. The world wasn't ready for such an advanced technology. The book includes general information on many of his inventions, which are out of my expertise anyway. I'm here for the life story and social commentary, which I would always prefer for there to be more of. I would like to find his own words about making Mark Twain nearly soil himself on Tesla's oscillator. Embellished a little? Perhaps, as he was known to say such to the media. But it's still a good read.

One thing I thought was ridiculous is the printing doesn't include a copyright page and the author photo on the back cover is pixelated. Otherwise, the content is good and the print font is easy to read.

Edison sucks.

I've been a Fan of His ever since I read about his "Argonne Theory in Grade School.

It broke my heart that so many were lined up behind him to take advantage of him.
Very good book,but, I'm hope I'm around for the next episode when KARMA GETS THOSE GREEDY BUGGARS that didn't treat him right.

"Life is as shakie as a Fiddler on the Roof !"
When I meet Tessla in the next life I'll be giving him a "HEART TO HEART HUG !"
Sincerely, Rene

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