e-Book Handbook of Solvents download

e-Book Handbook of Solvents download

by George Wypych

ISBN: 1895198240
ISBN13: 978-1895198249
Language: English
Publisher: ChemTec Publishing; 1 edition (September 2000)
Pages: 1680
Category: Technology
Subategory: Math Science

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This book is a comprehensive and extensive textual analysis of the principles of solvent selection and use. It is a balanced presentation of solvent performance, processing characteristics, and environment and health issues

Print Book & E-Book. George Wypych, ChemTec Laboratories, Toronto, Canada. 4 general principles governing dissolution of materials in solvents.

Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9781895198645, 9781895198782. Simple solvent characteristics.

by George Wypych (Author). This book guided me to select solvent by its solubility properties, evaporation properties, toxicities and their relation to the appropriate applications. ISBN-13: 978-1895198249. 4 people found this helpful.

The book is intended to help formulators select ideal solvents, safety coordinators to protect workers, legislators and inspectors to. .Dr. George Wypych, born in 1941, studied chemical engineering and obtained his Ph. D. in chemical engineering in 1968.

The book is intended to help formulators select ideal solvents, safety coordinators to protect workers, legislators and inspectors to define and implement technically correct public safeguards on solvent use, handling, and disposal. The contributors are members of prestigious universities and industries from around the world. Altogether, they have written 47 books and hundreds of paper on the subject of solvents.

Databook of Green Solvents - George Wypych. It can be easily predicted from the properties of solvents included in this book and a few examples given above that for any given solvent it will be still difficult to fulfill all requirements of the green material listed in the second paragraph of this chapter. Therefore, some ranking of the greenness of solvents is required.

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George Wypych has a P. in chemical engineering. He has published 18 books, 47 scientific papers, and he has obtained 16 patents. He specializes in polymer additives, polymer processing and formulation, material durability and the development of sealants and coatings. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Volume One, Properties and Handbook of Solvents, Volume Two: Use, Health, and Environment. Together, these books provide the most comprehensive information on the subject matter. The books are the authoritative sources of knowledge, with information updated from the most recent literature and developments occurring in the field of solvents.

New Book Received . Handbook of Polymers. By George Wypych, ChemTec. solvent, Good solvent, Non-solvent). Flammability (Flammability according to UL-standard; thickness . /0. Publishing, 2012; 680 Pages. temperature, Autoignition temperature, Limiting oxygen index, Heat release, NBS smoke.

This book was written by a group of experts on various subjects of solvents’ use, the fundamental principles governing their application, effect on health and environment, residual solvents in products, their concentration in industrial environments, current regulations, safer substitutes, non-emitting technologies of use, contamination cleanup, personal protection, and the most modern trends in future technology. The authors, who are the members of prestigious universities and industries from around the world, altogether have previously written 47 books and hundreds of papers on the subject and here they give a synthesis of their experiences and opinions on how best to change the global use of solvents in order to obtain benefits of technology and at the same time limit risk and health effects, and more.

All 25 chapters of this book were written between summer of 1999 and spring of 2000 and contain over 5000 references to source literature, enabling the user to find specific information on any subject related to solvents. The text is illustrated by figures and tables which compare in number with multi-volume encyclopedias.

The book contains a synthesis of a large sample of data and information to reveal fundamental principles which data helped to discover. The actual data on 1141 solvents are in the form of a searchable database on CD-ROM (see separate information on Database of Solvents, ISBN 1985198259). The database contains 110 categories of data (fields) and almost 40,000 single data entries, making it the largest extant database on solvents.

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