e-Book War in the Woods download

e-Book War in the Woods download

by Mart Laar

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Publisher: Howells House; 1st Edition edition (July 1, 1992)
Pages: 324
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War in the Woods book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival, 1944-1956.

Mart Laar was born in Viljandi. He studied history at the University of Tartu, graduating in 1983; he received his master's degree in philosophy and his doctorate in history in 2005. Laar taught history in Tallinn, and served as president of the Council of Historians of the Foundation of the Estonia Inheritance, the Society for the Preservation of Estonian History, and the Estonian Students' Society

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With the Soviet reoccupation after World War II, Estonians faced a choice of submitting to Communist puppets or trying to survive in the traditional refuge of their forests while waiting for help from the West which never came. Those who chose the second course, Estonia's "Forest Brothers", mounted an armed resistance which, for more than a decade, seriously challenged Soviet rule.

This never materialized, and according to Mart Laar many of the surviving former . War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival, 1944–1956, translated by Tiina Ets, Compass Press, ISBN 29590-08-2.

This never materialized, and according to Mart Laar many of the surviving former Forest Brothers remained bitter that the West did not take on the Soviet Union militarily. When the brutal suppression of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 did not bring about an intervention by, or a supportive response from, Western Powers, organized resistance in the Baltic States declined further  .

Mart Laar is an Estonian politician and historian. on Estonian and Soviet history, among them

Results from Google Books. Lithuanian partisans. National Committee of the Republic of Estonia. Library descriptions. Laar taught history in Tallinn, and served as president of the Council of Historians of the Foundation of the Estonia Inheritance, the Society for the Preservation of Estonian History, and the Estonian Students' Society

This is the story of the Forest Brothers, who failed to stop the Soviet invaders during WW II, but their spirit ignited the flames of patriotism that led to the "Singing Revolution" of 1988.
A great look into a little known time and area of history. This book covers quite a lot of information and gives a great overview of the partisan fighters in Estonia who fought against the Russian occupation in the years following World War II.

Very interesting book on a little know subject.

Gripping, absorbing. I can't put this book down for more than a few minutes. Very readable and a real eye-opener.

I visited Estonia at the end of the 1990s and learned a little of its history while there. I had been unaware that many of the Baltic people resisted their communist overlords for years after 1945 in the forlorn hope the the 'defenders of liberty and justice' in the west would come to their rescue. One of the last Estonian resistance fighters died in the forest resisting the KGB in 1977. When people in the west criticise the Baltic men who fought for the Germans against the Soviets they forget why they fought. In 1940, Stalin's armies rolled across the borders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and were assisted at every turn by local communists, overwhelmingly Baltic jews. These countries had been peaceful, contented societies since they gained their independence in 1918, but now they entered a period of unrelenting terror. Tens of thousands of the leadership class were murdered in classic communist style, while hundreds of thousands were exiled to Siberia. It is hardly surprising that the people enthusiastically welcomed their German liberators in 1941 or that thousands of young Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians volunteered to fight against the Soviet system which had caused so much suffering to their lands. Unfortunately, they were on the losing side and they were reoccupied by the same terror system again in 1945. However, unlike in 1940, this time the Baltic people knew what to expect and prepared for long term resistance. The environment of that part of eastern europe is conducive to guerrilla warfare and Laar's book, which is a good translation, describes the progress of the Estonian arm of the resistance. They were known as the 'forest brothers' and were successful for many years, primarily because of widespread support from the civilian population. Many of these men were skilled at survival in the outdoors and there are many interesting descriptions of methods used to disguise their habitats in the forest. In addition, he describes the type of environment that the Estonians had to live under. The continuous unease which people experience under a communist system and the boredom and constant shortages of consumer goods. The book adds another piece to our knowledge of the history of the struggle against communism.

I found this to an interesting book. Most books covering this period gloss over the Baltic States and their history. The book covers a short history of the Estonians centuries of struggle for independence then leads into it's main focus, of the Estonian's struggle for survival and hope for western intervention after the Russians returned following a brief Nazi occupation. During the first occupation brought about by the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact many Estonians including the President and his cabinet were deported and later died in gulags if they weren't murdered outright. In fall of 1944, the Russians returned and recommenced their Russification policy, mass deportations and executions ensued while Russians were sent to fill in the lands where Estonians had been deported from. This spurred the guerilla movement. Many who went to hide in the woods were just waiting for the west to intervene as everyone thought that the Americans and British would not allow the Communists to stay in formerly independent territories. Unfortunately, the Russian occupation lasted until 1991. The book describes how collectivization was instituted to eliminate the small family farms which supported the guerillas and everything in Estonia was turned into an economic support system for Moscow.
A great read, well worth the money!!!

Written by the current Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar, this book gives many first-hand accounts of the Forset Brothers doomed struggle against the occupying Soviet forces in Estonia after WW2.(The Forset Brothers were groups of armed resistance fighters based in the woods of Estonia).
While some stories tell of heroic and unbelievable battles against the KGB, most are unfortunately tragic and sad stories of Soviets killing and raping innocent civilians. However these stories must be told to preserve Estonian history and to account for Stalins Holocost in the East.
Necessary reading for anyone of Estonian descent.

This book hit home with my Dad who lived through these times. He is currently reading it. Some areas are a little difficult to read because of the translation.

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