e-Book The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health download

e-Book The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health download

by Stephanie Mattei,Leah Troiano,Christine Davis,Angela Grassi

ISBN: 0615217842
ISBN13: 978-0615217840
Language: English
Publisher: Luca Publishing; 1st edition (June 15, 2009)
Pages: 172
Category: Medicine and Health Sciences
Subategory: Other

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The doctor said I'm insulin resistant. What does that mean? Will I ever be able to have a baby? I hate my body. Will it ever change? I try to lose the weight, but I m hungry all the time. Why can t I just stop eating sugary, fattening foods? I don t have diabetes? Why do I have to watch my sugar intake? Why do I have hair growing everywhere and will it ever get better? I am so depressed and moody. Is this related to my PCOS? If any of these statements sound familiar, this workbook can help you! The PCOS Workbook, a practical and comprehensive guide, helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS, but what you can do about it. Step-by-step guidelines, questionnaires and exercises will help you learn skills and empower you to make positive changes in your life that might not get rid of PCOS, but will help you live with it harmoniously: Lose weight, take control over your eating and improve your health Understand your medical treatment Improve your fertility Manage the stress in your life Be mindful with your eating and in life Challenge body image myths and insecurities Overcome obstacles to becoming more physically active Cope with the challenges of infertility ...and get closer to living the life you want to live!
There's nothing wrong with this book, per se. It had a lot of good information, a lot of exercises to help people deal with any habits they may want to change, or thought processes to challenge.

But as someone newly diagnosed with PCOS/Insulin Resistance, I found that most of the information in this book is stuff I've already become intimately acquainted with over the 15 years I've struggled to lose weight because of the undiagnosed PCOS. If you're the kind of person who has done a lot of research about good nutrition, the benefits of exercise, the effects of stress, etc., and are already living a healthy lifestyle incorporating fresh foods, exercise, and you don't struggle with binge eating or body image (or maybe you've already had to deal with those issues in your own personal journey), this book may be of limited help to you.

I think this book would be best for someone who has realized that their current lifestyle needs to change, rather than someone who has already changed their lifestyle to be pretty austere and has done the corresponding homework along the way.

There's a lot of useful and helpful information in this workbook. I appreciate the focus on how stress and mental health are impacted and how to improve these. I found the information about carbs to be especially helpful as dieticians and physicians I've seen always suggest very low carb diets which I struggle to maintain (because I LOVE carbs). Instead, this workbook focuses on balancing carbs and making better carb choices, not cutting them out - this is something I can actually do!

I'm a little surprised that this Workbook recommends dairy, given that dairy is on one of the most highest contributors of Insulin Growth factors there is. Was disappointed to see that....

I've lived with PCOS for 15 years now and this is the first time I actually understood why my body behaves like it does. Fantastic workbook for anyone looking to understand their disease, develop a plan, and feel better about themselves.

Was delivered quickly. Very useful. It gave me a more in-depth look at what is going on with my body -- things that were just glossed over when I was diagnosed. I also enjoy the interactive aspect of it -- makes you want to go on to the next chapter. If you're a little lost as to what PCOS is and how it affects your way of life, this is a very informative book. Also lets you know ways to keep it under control. My biggest issue has been weight loss (always heavy since I hit puberty) and this book taught me exactly WHY it is hard for me to lose the weight with PCOS.

I got this book in 2011, when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. I would recommend it to anyone with a new diagnosis. The workbook helps break down the illness in a way that makes it feel manageable, and that makes you feel much less helpless and alone. I think its strongest suit is the emotional aspect -- it really reduced my anxiety and sadness regarding my DX. Four years later and I'm so much healthier!

This book was VERY helpful for me over all as it gave me insight into what to look for medically to help make sure that I am balanced hormonally. Through this workbook I have been able to be more open and educated when it comes to discussing this with my doctor. I don't know a ton about PCOS so this was a wonderful book. It has tidbits I think that would help everyone who's trying to manage their PCOS.

UGH! The struggle of living with PCOS. I have found this workbook to be VERY helpful figuring out the basics. It educated me to ask my doctor more questions and be prepared with basic information. I encourage every woman struggling with this to purchase this book. My OBGYN loved it so much she now keeps a copy on hand to talk to woman about it and to encourage them to purchase it.

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