e-Book Newton's Gift: How Sir Isaac Newton Unlocked the System of the World download

e-Book Newton's Gift: How Sir Isaac Newton Unlocked the System of the World download

by David Berlinski

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Newton's Gift: How Sir I. .has been added to your Cart. A thoroughly engaging and sensitive guide to Newton's "soul-shattering worldview.

Newton's Gift: How Sir I.

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Berlinski, David, 1942-. Newton, Isaac, - Sir, - 1642-1727, Physics - History, Physicists - Great Britain - Biography, Newton, Isaac, 1642-1727, Physics, Physicists, Física, Físicos. New York : Simon & Schuster. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on July 18, 2014.

This is a very brief look at the life of Isaac Newton. I'm reading it as a sort of follow on to The System of the World by Neal Stephenson as a gauge to how much was fact and how much was fiction in that tome. This book is readable, quick, informative, and mostly well written, although I would not rank it with the serious biographies of Newton. Oct 22, 2009 Ben rated it really liked it. Whenever I read Berlinski, I can't help but wear a fascinated and somewhat triumphant grin.

In his book Newton's Gift - How Sir Isaac Newton Unlocked the System of the World David Berlinski presents us with an engaging biography of Newton. What I personally liked was the fact that Berlinski avoided the trap of many biographies that merely present names, dates and places. In this book we see the person that Newton was and how it affected his study of mathematics. One of the main reasons that one should study the history of mathematics is to appreciate the human side of its creation. Berlinski presents Newton's human side quite well

But Isaac Newton’s contemporaries knew how thoroughly he had changed . As Berlinski admits, Newton’s Gift is no biography

But Isaac Newton’s contemporaries knew how thoroughly he had changed our understanding and perception of the universe. Mathematician and author David Berlinski set out to summarize Newton’s work in a short, readable book. Despite a few excesses, he has succeeded admirably. As Berlinski admits, Newton’s Gift is no biography. If you’re looking for a brief bio, try James Gleick’s, Isaac Newton. Instead, Berlinski, author of A Tour of the Calculus, aims to offer a sense of the man without specifying in detail his day-to-day activities. And in just 174 pages (plus a barely readable appendix laden with equations) he does just that.

Sir Isaac Newton is among the giants of the scientific er. In this witty, engaging, and often moving examination of Newton's life, David Berlinski recovers the man behind the mathematical breakthroughs.

Sir Isaac Newton is among the giants of the scientific era. It was Newton who conceived the imperial vision of mathematical physics and Newton again who created the first and perhaps the greatest of scientific theories. The story carries the reader from Newton's unremarkable childhood to his awkward undergraduate days at Cambridge and then to the astonishing year in which, working alone, he laid the foundation for his system of the world.

Sir Isaac Newton, creator of the first and perhaps most important scientific theory, is a giant of the scientific er.

In this witty, engaging, and often moving examination of Newton's life, David Berlinski recovers the man behind the mathematical breakthroughs.

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Don't be frightened. David Berlinski is a gifted writer. In "Newton's Gift: How Sir Isaac Newton Unlocked the System of the World," Mr. Berlinski is warm, enveloping, and rhetorically at the top of his game. He writes beautifully.

Mr. Berlinski does not call himself a mathematician. His Curriculum Vitae does not list numerous and continual treatises of interest primarily to mathematicians. He knows the field, at least through three dimensional vector calculus. His mastery lets him control the level at which he presents Newton's accomplishments to the reader. Berlinski mentions that Newton himself was less a mathematician than a physicist, which in no way diminishes Newton's supreme accomplishments. Berlinski compares the approaches of Newton and Leibniz, Leibniz being superior in simple and straightforward mathematical notation -- as the scientific world has clearly followed for the last three centuries. If your aim is to advance or refresh your learning of math, you will need to proceed through additional books, some of which, by the way, could be Berlinski's own.

Nor is Berlinski's intent to be a definitive biographer of Sir Isaac. If that is what you want, Berlinski gives a standard reference. Berlinski's focus is narrower. He presents Newton himself, his personality, peculiarities, personal relationships, and limitations. Are you going to like Newton as you read this book? Perhaps you will, but that is not the point. Perhaps he is not "likeable" as such. You will understand him more, and more importantly you will be introduced to his significance in the scientific world. You will find him as one of the most antisocial of men, most markedly during the so-called "miracle year" of his discoveries. Soon after becoming an eminent member of the scientific world, he loses interest in those studies and leaves it to others to advance them, turning instead to the rather mundane work of a sinecure he is given -- Warden of the Mint -- and waging a highly successful personal war against counterfeiting.

In closing, let me point out the Appendix to "Newton's Gift." Berlinski calls it "Descent into Detail." A nice touch, since as we all know, the devil is in the details, and you can guess what the descent is into. The appendix is a rapid and overall view of the math and physical concepts in the book. The first subheading is called "A Brief Mathematical Chrestomathy." An excellent word choice, for the reader's entry into Newton's world of advanced mathematics and the physical relationships of material bodies, benefits from the aid given by selected terms and figures to help understand the language spoken by the brilliant natives you will find there.

David Berlinski has created a marvelous intellectual history focusing on the progression of Newton's epic breakthrough thinking. He does this in a way that is totally accessible to those who are phobic about mathematics. The explanations are achieved through a skillful combination of simple sentences, symbols, pictures, and diagrams. The presentation is so effective that most readers will find their understanding of important mathematical and scientific principles greatly improved. This is a great book!
Newton was a seminal thinker in the areas of mathematics (developing calculus), physics (with his propositions about gravity and motion), and optics (with his conceptualization of light as being comprised of particles moving in parallel). He also did much work in theology and alchemy, which are recounted here.
A key challenge for David Berlinski was presented by Newton's reticence. He was not a very social person, and wrote almost nothing about how he developed his ideas. Berlinksi does a magnificent job of locating and sharing hints and clues about the bases of these intuitive leaps. This result is enhanced by considering the continuing themes in Newton's thinking, and assuming a connection to his intuition. I suspect that Berlinski is right in connecting the dots that way, but we will never know for sure.
The centerpiece of our story turns out to be the tangent to a curve. From that humble beginning, most of our modern understanding of how physical motion takes place follows.
I also enjoyed better understanding how Newton's thinking was aided by the careful observations and conclusions of Kepler.
If the history of science were always this entertaining, this subject would be one of the most popular majors in colleges.
As Berlinksi tells us in the beginning his purpose in the book is "to offer a sense of the man without specifying in details his . . . activities." This allows us to see the other sides of Newton, but without spending too much time on them. Newton was not perfect. We get glimpses of places where he wasted his time, such as his unsuccessful experiments with alchemy. We also see his flirtations and infatuations. Beyond that, we see what could enrage him, and how he took his revenge. This fleshing out of the whole man makes the scientific history all the more compelling.
If you liked David Berlinski's book, The Birth of the Algorithm, you will probably like this one even better. The asides are much more contained and relevant here.
For those who want a little more math with their scientific history, Berlinski has provided supplementary materials that are quite entertaining.
After you have finished enjoying this wonderful romp, I suggest that you think about where everyday events are unexplained in your life. For example, why do the people you meet with act the way they do? Why is progress slow in many areas, and rapid in others? By looking for connections, you, too, may isolate fundamental principles that can expand our own appreciation as a species of how we achieve understanding. The mysteries of how to improve thinking are still mostly unsolved, and many are relatively unexplored. Perhaps you can be the Newton of this important "last frontier" of self-limiting progress for humans.
Think about it!

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