e-Book Giuliani: Nasty Man download

e-Book Giuliani: Nasty Man download

by Ed Koch

ISBN: 156980155X
ISBN13: 978-1569801550
Language: English
Publisher: Barricade Books Inc (October 1, 1999)
Pages: 176
Category: Social Sciences
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Giuliani Nasty Man, is a compilation of newspaper columns by former Mayor Ed Koch about Giuliani.

Giuliani Nasty Man, is a compilation of newspaper columns by former Mayor Ed Koch about Giuliani. The book is not indexed, there is no table of contents, and it is sometimes hard to follow. It is interesting to read the two books together and see how two different authors write about the same events. Jim Fiorentini, Mayor, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Giuliani: Nasty Man. New York: Barricade Books. Goodwin, Michael, ed. New York Comes Back: The Mayoralty of Edward I. Koch, powerHouse Books, 2005.

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Giuliani: Nasty Man is a collection of articles written by former New York City mayor Ed Koch for new York's top newspapers, criticizing the current mayor Rudy Giuliani. This is a challenge book in tradition of Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot by Al Franken. Koch, who became popular all over again as the presiding judge on The People's Court, pulls no punches in discussing some of the biggest names in New York City, including George Steinbrenner, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, and David Dinkins. Many incur the wrath of Ed's pen, but none more so than "Ruthless Rudy"

AbeBooks Giuliani: Nasty Man. Ed Koch. ISBN 10: 156980155X ISBN 13: 9781569801550. Publisher: Barricade Books Inc, 1999.

2 Books about Ed Koch. In 1999, the columns were compiled into the book Giuliani: Nasty Man. He resumed his attacks, and had the book re-published, in 2007, after Giuliani announced his candidacy for President.

Is Ed Koch sampling Janet Jackson lyrics? The former New York mayor and current "People's Court" presider is putting out a book poking at his prickly successor, NYC Bully in Chief Rudy Giuliani. The title of the collection of Koch-penned newspaper columns: "Giuliani, Nasty Ma. Koch boasted to the New York Times that he picked the name himself. Nasty means what it says," he told the paper. You try to disembowel people. That's what he tries to d. Koch says he sees his book as "almost a Greek tragedy.

A collection of previously published articles addresses the New York City mayor's administrative style, asserting that his "nasty" character dooms him to failure as a leader
Giuliani Nasty Man, is a compilation of newspaper columns by former Mayor Ed Koch about Giuliani. The book is not indexed, there is no table of contents, and it is sometimes hard to follow.

I suggest reading this book in conjunction with Prince of the City, by Fred Siegel, a much more flattering (and better written) book about the Giuliani years. It is interesting to read the two books together and see how two different authors write about the same events.

Jim Fiorentini, Mayor, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Giuliani is described as petty and vindictive and Ed Koch's observations were seconded by David Dinkins who succeeded him. As Koch correctly points out crime in NYC went down consistently year after year during Giuliani's term in office. But Giuliani would do his best to take sole credit for it. Totally ignored is the fact that after peaking in 1990, crime started dropping under Dinkins in 1991 and 1992 before Giuliani took office. It also helped enormously that under Clinton some 40,000 police officers were added to the rolls of America's cities and NYC got its proportionate share.

He hated free speech when it did not suit his purposes, hit against his control issues or worse, when it criticized him. Instead of outwitting and disarming his adversaries with humor as Koch did rather brilliantly, Giuliani would attack.

In April 1999, Giuliani earned a dubious distinction from the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression: a "lifetime Muzzle award," given to spotlight his attacks on the First Amendment. Noted First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams, who was Giuliani's adversary in the Brooklyn Museum controversy (another story Koch notes) and other First Amendment disputes during the mayor's tenure. So often in fact did he take authoritarian action in direct and unambiguous violation of the First Amendment that he was reprimanded by the Court of Appeals.

My favorite bit is the anecdote about the case of the bus ads for New York Magazine. In 1997, the magazine purchased space on the sides of city buses for ads with the slogan, "Possibly the only good thing in New York Rudy hasn't taken credit for." Giuliani directed the Metropolitan Transportation Agency to remove the ads, and when he was refused, brought the issue to court where Giuliani lost. Ed Koch probably have turned it into something everyone could enjoy a laugh from. Giuliani was never capable of something like that due to his outsized ego.

As a life long New Yorker I agree that Giuliani did a great job with crime but he does not deserve all the credit. And what Koch talks about in the book is the unnecessary nastiness and need to control people's right to free speech that unfortunately Giuliani also brought to the table.

great ant
Ed nails the Fuhrer! From his earliest heinous misteps, this lisping loser of a mayor has proven that New York is still home to aliens! Koch has nailed him in print like so many others have done from the op-ed pages to talk radio. It's funny Rudy labels Hillary Clinton a carpetbagger, when he understands so little about the heart & soul of the greatest city in the country. From trying to arrest jaywalkers, to driving all the old New York cabbies out of business, to trying to regulate picnics in Central Park, and now wanting to censor the art at the Brooklyn Museum, Giuliani has proven how far removed he is from the essence of this city. Hitler "cleaned up" Germany, too. Thank God he's leaving, and woe be the nation if this monster gets a vote in the U.S. Senate! Way to go, Ed! You're doin' great! Keep at it so we don't all have to be embarassed by this baffoon!

Those who repeatedly label Giuliani 'nasty' fail to understand him. It's true that he's a tough mayor, but his toughness has actually been an asset in governing New York City--and he's also genuinely a good man who cares about people. Just listen to his radio show or watch his press conferences (in full--not the media's 10-second excerpts).
With crime in New York City cut in half over the last six years, homicides down 70 percent, and something like 350,000 private sector jobs created, Koch's criticism comes off sounding like sour grapes. I like Koch as a man and as a mayor, and am disappointed that he resorts so freely to petty assaults on Giuliani's character. This is a tired drum for Giuliani's critics to continue beating.

As a NYC resident I found this book to be a necessary read for those who plan on voting in the senate race! Congratulations Mr. Koch on an honest and critical critique of the man who has disneyfied NYC.

First off, this book doesn't get 1 star simply because I disagree with his opinions. I give it that because it's poorly written with underdeveloped arguements that would lead me or anyone who reads this book to think poorly of Rudy. Notice WHY Guiliani was elected: it was because the City was in need of a good right Wing mayor to set the city straight from all of the horrible democratic mayors' screw ups.

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