e-Book Fascinating Womanhood download

e-Book Fascinating Womanhood download

by Helen Andelin

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Publisher: Bantam (January 1, 1992)
Category: Parenting
Subategory: Parenting

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Fascinating Womanhood book.

Fascinating Womanhood book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fascinating Womanhood. by. Helen B. Andelin.

Helen Andelin 87 Founder of Fascinating Womanhood. This book has been inspired by the highly successful Fascinating Womanhood marriage course founded by Helen B. Andelin, Pierce City, Missouri, USA. Dedicated also to my mother, Bonnie Coory, a gentle, loving woman who instinctively knew most of the Fascinating Womanhood secrets all along, and to Marie my wife and sweetheart of 43 years, who is fascinating in her own unique way. David Coory. This marriage course has saved and enhanced thousands of marriages. The author is grateful for her kind permission to use the true experience stories contained in this book.

Fascinating Womanhood is a book written by Helen Andelin and published in 1963. Derived from a set of booklets published in the 1920s and 1930s by the Psychological Press, the book seeks to help women to make their marriages "a lifelong love affair".

With the success of her marriage classes she conceived the idea of writing her book, Fascinating Womanhood. The first printing of her book was an immediate sell-out. The classes continued to grow and soon other women requested permission to teach the Fascinating Womanhood course. This created a greater demand for her book, which in turn created a demand in the book stores. Her husband formed a small publishing company to meet this need. In nine years sales totaled near 50. 00 copies in hardback.

Fascinating womanhood. Andelin, Helen . comp. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Marriage, Interpersonal relations. Santa Barbara, Calif. Uploaded by sf-loadersive. org on November 11, 2009. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

This is a book that reveals that there is another side to women’s history that needs to be explored by scholars. Donald Critchlow, professor, Arizona State University, and author of Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism and When Hollywood Was Right.

Fascinating Womanhood is an immensely powerful force for good in. their response. When you sincerely apply and consistently live all the ten secrets revealed. Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood: To show you how to unlock all the love and tenderness in your. 67 MB·610 Downloads·New!. Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood. 58 MB·1,404 Downloads. How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love Affair. Fascinating Womanhood offers timeless wisdom, practical advice, and old-fashioned values to meet the needs and challenges of today’s fascinating woman. Inside you’ll learn: ∑ What traits today’s men find irresistible in a woman ∑ How to awaken a man’s deepest feelings of love ∑ Eight rules for a successful relationship ∑ How to rekindle your love life ∑ How to bring out the best in your man-and reap the rewards ∑ Plus special advice for the working woman-and much more!

Fascinating Womanhood offers guidance for a new generation of women-happy, fulfilled, adored and . Helen Andelin is the founder of the Fascinating Womanhood movement and is also the author of The Fascinating Girl. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fascinating Womanhood offers guidance for a new generation of women-happy, fulfilled, adored and cherished-who want to rediscover the magic of their own feminine selves. About Fascinating Womanhood.

How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love AffairWhat makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman?

Inspire, don't demand a great relationship. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 12 years ago. While there are some aspects of this book that are clearly old-fashioned and not for everyone (being a stay at home mom, for example), most of this book simply teaches good manners. Most everyone is familiar with the Golden Rule.

How to Make Your Marriage a Lifelong Love AffairWhat makes a woman fascinating to her husband? What is happiness in marriage for a woman? These are just two of the questions Helen B. Andelin answers in the bestselling classic that has already brought new happiness and life to millions of marriages. Fascinating Womanhood offers timeless wisdom, practical advice, and old-fashioned values to meet the needs and challenges of todayâ?™s fascinating woman. Inside youâ?™ll learn:∑ What traits todayâ?™s men find irresistible in a woman∑ How to awaken a manâ?™s deepest feelings of love∑ Eight rules for a successful relationship ∑ How to rekindle your love life∑ How to bring out the best in your manâ?”and reap the rewards∑ Plus special advice for the working womanâ?”and much more!Fascinating Womanhood offers guidance for a new generation of womenâ?”happy, fulfilled, adored and cherishedâ?”who want to rediscover the magic of their own feminine selves.
I am a 53 year old woman who left my husband a year before I came across this book. I found myself on every page having done All the wrong things. I was so ashamed- I have read this book once and have applied some if the principles and see a difference. My husband is in a relationship and the thought of flooding him is terrifying- however I'm not giving up. I pray to God everyday for forgiveness and strength and reconciliation. F W has not only shown me what I did wrong but also how to correct it.. God bless the woman who allowed God to use her to write this spiritual book.

I bought this book because I heard a lady speak at a conference on it and she hated it but applied the principles and how her husband and her together built a multi million dollar business together.
1. Remember that it was written in the 60’s where women were still homemakers predominately.
2. I took the most from the understanding a man section. I feel that was what I needed. I know now how I failed in my first marriage and why my first husband cheated on me. Of course he is partly to blame also.
3. Due to my independence of being on my own with a child for 12 years I found it hard to read some the sections that requires so much submissiveness from a woman but I can compromise on those if I feel it doesn’t make me a doormat and makes my husband feel like a man.
4. I skipped though the last section of the book and read highlights. I can learn character from the Bible. I really just wanted to know what men look for and really in this book, I understand that it’s underlying principles are like other books I’ve read as far as femininity is concerned.
Some notes that I feel could be compromised on
1. The author is a woman who wrote the book so I doubt she was the perfect little submissive wife and obviously worked outside the home.
2. My husband and I have business together. He does the heavy lifting and I take care of everything else including the books and finances. I think in that case the finances should be left to the person who is most capable in that area. He wants me to handle it because I’m better at it.
3. My husbands first wife is the complete opposite of me. Could not handle a household or finances. Could not juggle schedules and very childlike. We have discussed this and he is very happy to have a capable woman who can manage home, kids, schedules, can cook so that he can focus on his business and being a provider. This book help me to see that I can add some of those traits in but I’m not doing a 180 turn because my husband has lived with incapability and is relieved to have capability.
4. I found the chilikeness offputting but I read through and discovered that I have some of the traits. I thought I was just brutally honest but apparently that’s childlike. My husband likes that quality and now I understand why. He sometimes will just smile or laugh so I get it but I don’t think I’ll be stomping my feet or shaking my curls anytime soon.

In summary I suggest to read it to take what you want from it which to me is understanding a man section predominantly. I love my husband very much and want him to be happy and I found that I can apply the principles that doesn’t undermine who I am as a strong woman. Nothing wrong with making your husband feel like a man and making him happy. My next book will be how a husband makes a wife happy though. ????

I am a young woman currently engaged and preparing to marry a wonderful man, and this book has certainly given me some excellent advice in specific areas such as respect, admiration, the importance of domesticity/femininity in a wife, not competing with your husband, and even the joys of submission to a man you trust. However, this book should be read through the lens of the man you are with. My fiancé has told me numerous times that he loves me for my quick wit and above-average intellect. To pretend that I cannot grasp concepts or perform tasks in order to make him feel needed drives him crazy - I know, because I have tried this. It does not win his affection, he just thinks I'm ridiculous. I am already a very pliant person, and so to take this advice would be wrong for my relationship. But it may be perfect advice for someone else. If you are unsure about how your man would react to anything in this book I encourage you to ASK HIM. This, I think, is the best way to read and apply this book. Apply what you know needs work, disregard things that you know/have been told won't work, and experiment with the rest.
Also, I know this book was written by a Mormon woman, so it makes sense for this to be so Christian/God centered, but it is a bit distracting for someone who isn't Christian. The sections that quote Scripture are definitely not accessible to someone who isn't Christian, and there are a lot of them, fyi. I didn't mind too much, but if you are an avowed Atheist it may be a bit much to get through.

Yes, It works, but it will be hard for most women to digest, because it is countercultural. I loaned it to my mom and it worked for her too. Try and reserve judgment while you read. You might even discover, like I have, that you like being Fascinating. Beware though... I tried to tell my friends about it, and not only did they find FW disgusting, but they tried to sabotage my happiness...

This book is great. It teaches women how to enjoy being a woman.

I am only partway through but so far it's amazing. It is not at all what I thought it would be. It's such a different take on being a wife, one I have never heard but is very interesting. Now to put it into practice and see what happens.

Would highly recommend this book for anyone married or contemplating marriage.

A bit dated but has some good advice about being a woman who loves her man and is willing to let him wear the pants even as his equal

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