e-Book Springsteen - Photographed by Lynn Goldsmith download

e-Book Springsteen - Photographed by Lynn Goldsmith download

by Lynn Goldsmith

ISBN: 028399214X
ISBN13: 978-0283992148
Language: English
Publisher: St Martin's Press (September 30, 1984)
Pages: 94
Category: Music
Subategory: Photography

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Bruce Springsteen photographed by Lynn Goldsmith, I worked with Bruce's mom, Adelle, in the early :-) Super Seventies - Bruce Springsteen on stage, Photo by Lynn. Live: Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour- 1978 He looks like an Irish dancer. Bruce Springsteen by Lynn Goldsmith 1978. For Sale: CIRCUS DREAMS BOOK BY LYNN GOLDSMITH Webstore.

Lynn Goldsmith (born February 11, 1948) is an American recording artist, a film director, a celebrity portrait photographer, and one of the first female rock and roll photographers. Lynn's photographs have appeared on the covers and in publications in many countries for the past 50 years. She has done over 100 album covers.

The photos are all in black and white and they perfectly capture the spirit of Bruce Springsteen.

The photos are all in black and white and they perfectly capture the spirit of Bruce Springsteen

Lynn Goldsmith Photography.

Lynn Goldsmith Photography.

Lynn Goldsmith is an American recording artist, a film director and a celebrity portrait photographer. Her work has appeared on the covers and inside almost any important publication in every country for the past 35 years. Books by Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith начал(а) читать she is a light to those who need to stand and fight for their rights, for those who persist in spite of what tries to pull them down.

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Lynn Goldsmith Best Music Artists E Street Band Bruce Springsteen Music Icon Elvis . Debbie Harry photographed by Lynn Goldsmith. Book "The Police" - b/w fotos taken from famous photographer Lynn Goldsmith.

Lynn Goldsmith Best Music Artists E Street Band Bruce Springsteen Music Icon Elvis Presley Rock Music Sunday Scaries Suit Jackets. The Police: 1978-1983 by Lynn Goldsmith (Hardback, 2007). Lynn Goldsmith Rhythm And Blues Music Love Cool Bands Rebel. Book "The Police" (1983) - b/w fotos taken from famous photographer Lynn Goldsmith. And My Soul Has Been Psychedelicized.

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1970s Modern Black and White Photography.

Lynn Goldsmith (American). 1970s Modern Black and White Photography.

If someone had asked me what I'd like from a book of photographs of Bruce Springsteen, this would pretty much be it. While I wish the book was bigger (page size), the photos are exactly what I had hoped for. A good mix of performance shots, band member shots onstage and off , studio recording shots and some shots of Bruce out and about. I didn't want a book of photos of Bruce posing. This book is exactly what I was looking for.

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I just recieved "Access All Areas" today, and let me be the first to say, this is a MUST HAVE for all Bruce fans. Being a major Bruce Fan, and coming off the Meadowlands shows last summer, (I was at six of them)I always wondered what it must have been to seen Bruce and the band back then. Well I don't have to wonder anymore. "Darkness" has always been my favorite album, and this book shows why those shows are so legendary 21 yrs. later. For all you "Darkness" fans out there this book is for you.

I have just read the reviews and actually started crying. My intention with this little book was to share with those who loved Bruce what it was like to be on the Darkness Tour. I did not do this for money. I never made a dime on this book. I did it so that there could be a manifestation of a time that will never come again except in our memories. I hope it is a time that you can share more closely with a younger generation who did not have the opportunity to witness what was truthfully the spirit of rock and roll. Thank you to all who shared your appreciation of my work.

I grew up a huge fan of Springsteen. I remember seeing him in high school in 1978. Pictures brought back many many memories. if you are a Springsteen fan you should consider getting this.

was in a very good condition , except for a print of a glass on the cover ,but I was able to remove it ,very quickly delivered !

I am a big Springsteen fan and after reading a couple of lengthy biographies of him this year, I was ready for a picture book. The author is an ex-girlfriend of Bruce's (as referenced in the "Bruce" biography) and she had good access to him. While she is definitely a talented photographer with great access, the photos are not quite as striking as some of the more popular photos that have been published of Bruce and the band. The photos are not glossy, and I'm not necessarily saying that they have to be but it is not as high-quality as other picture books. There are no captions or labeling of some of the people in the photos and it might have been nice to have for some of the photos. While I know the band members and I could figure out that the picture of Bruce with three women were his mom and sisters, there were a few people in Bruce's inner circle that I don't recognize immediately, especially the 1978 versions of them. A few of the pictures were not in focus which I understand could be for artistic effect except that I didn't find them all that arty. There were even a few photos of just fans but they didn't quite fit in with the "backstage" all-access theme, and they weren't necessarily always the kind of photo that showed a reaction that the viewer would connect with. So, while it was nice to see a book of photos from the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour, they left something to be desired.

Rollers from Abdun
This is a beautiful little book which captures perfectly a moment of music history.
Springsteen's 78 tour is widely regarded as one of the seminal moments of his career. Coming of the back of Born to Run, the settled courtcase with his ex-managers and the Darkness album, Springsteen undertook a triumphant tour accross America, playing 1,000 to 5,000 seater concert halls.
This tour was a pure celebration of rock n'roll and Lynn Goldsmith's unrivalled access (she was Bruce's girlfriend at the time) allowed her to record it for posterity.
The concert shots capture the excitement of the shows perfectly, the sweat pouring off the performers, Bruce's mock collapse, the interaction with the audience. I've seen bootleg videos and heard many tapes from the tour but I have to say that Lynn Goldsmith's book captures the excitment of being in the crowd at one of those concerts better than any medium I have seen.
But this is more than a collection of superb concert photos, it also captures the quieter moments backstage both pre and post show (including the infamous Bruce shower shot!) Shots of the band eating breakfast, Bruce writing etc.
This book is pricey but will definately appeal to all Bruce fans and admirers of outstanding photojournalism.

Lynn Goldsmith's Springsteen Access All Areas is a photodiary of his 1978 Darkness On The Edge Of Town tour. The photos are all in black and white and they perfectly capture the spirit of Bruce Springsteen. Ms. Goldsmith was Mr. Springsteen's girlfriend at the time and she uses that cache to give us glimpses of the man and his band that other photographers may never have been able to get. For those of you old enough to remember or even attend a show at the tour, this book will bring you back to that time and for those of us who were too young to know, it provides us with a look at an artist establishing himself as an icon.

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