e-Book Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Piano Lesson Book, Level 5 download

e-Book Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Piano Lesson Book, Level 5 download

by Willard A. Palmer,Amanda Vick Lethco,Morton Manus

ISBN: 0739005448
ISBN13: 978-0739005446
Language: English
Publisher: Alfred Music (June 1, 1983)
Pages: 48
Category: Music
Subategory: Photography

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Alfred's Basic Piano Library is a piano method for beginners that uses position-based reading to promote freedom of movement around . By Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, and Amanda Vick Lethco.

Alfred's Basic Piano Library is a piano method for beginners that uses position-based reading to promote freedom of movement around the keyboard. Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course: Lesson Book. Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course: Solo Book.

Morton Manus (Author), Amanda Vick Lethco (Author) & 0 more.

By Willard A. It also introduces the major scale through the concept of tetrachords.

I am a piano teacher. I recommend this book to adults who had learned how to play the piano but haven't played for a while. My students catch up quickly and easily with this book and they like it. This book covers theory, piano techniques and musical terms enough.

I am a piano teacher

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course : Lesson Book, Level Two. 96 Pages·1984·8. 53 MB·4,400 Downloads·New! I am a piano teacher. I recommend this book to adults who had learned how to play the piano. Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book, Level 1 by Willard A. Palmer. The music in the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library encourages music, the effort it takes. 9 MB·20,766 Downloads·New!

40 p. - (Alfred's Basic Piano Library Series). ISBN-13 9780739019689. Piano For the Young Beginner.

40 p. Composed by Willard A. Method/Instruction; Piano - Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course; Theory. Designed to coordinate page-by-page with Lesson Book A. Contains enjoyable games and quizzes that reinforce the principles presented in the Lesson Book. Students can increase their musical understanding while they are away from the keyboard.

After Lesson Book D, the student may progress to Prep Course, Lesson Book E or choose to go directly into the faster paced Level 2 of Alfred's . Morton Manus, Willard A. Palmer, Amanda Vick Lethco.

After Lesson Book D, the student may progress to Prep Course, Lesson Book E or choose to go directly into the faster paced Level 2 of Alfred's Basic Piano Library. The complete Prep Course consists of six books (Levels A through F). Product Identifiers.

Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Recital Book 2. Willard A. Got this book for my girlfriend's son who has Piano practice. His teacher wanted him to practice from these books that weren't being sold at the local music place that he practices at. She continues to be happy with the progress that he is making.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company. Pages: 96. ISBN 10: 0882846345. ISBN 13: 9780882846347. Method/Instruction; Piano - Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Cour.

This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and note reading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 5 concepts include the ornaments: long appoggiatura, short appoggiatura, trill and mordent; plus arpeggios; the A Major scale; and the keys of B minor and C minor. Also introduces the playing of minuets, sonatinas, preludes and arias. For reinforcement of each principle as it is introduced, supplementary material is carefully coordinated, page for page, at each level of instruction. Coordinating supplemental books for Level 5 include: Classic Themes * Ear Training * Merry Christmas * Recital * Repertoire * Theory and Top Hits! Solo. Songs include: An American Hymn (Lowry) * Aria from "The Marriage of Figaro" (Mozart) * Bagatelle (Diabelli) * Ballade (Burgmuller) * Brazilian Holiday * Loch Lomond * Magic Carpet Ride * A Miniature Overture * Minuet (Bohm) * Prelude in C Major (Bach) * Prelude in C Minor (Morovsky) * Rondeau (Mouret) * Scene from "Swan Lake" (Tchaikovsky) * Sonata in the Style of Scarlatti * Sonatina on Three French Folk Tunes * Sonatina, Op. 36, No. 1, 1st Mvmt. (Clementi) * Spanish Dance * The Tailor's Song * Theme (Corelli) * Variations on a Sea Chanty * A Very Special Day (Palmer)
The Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course book is the perfect addition for any new piano player. These basic piano teaching books are easy to follow, easy to read, and easy to teach. The pages are filled with a good use of white space. The book itself is made of good quality and I do not feel that they will easily deteriorate. I believe that these books by Alfred's Basic Piano Prep are the basic books for piano knowledge and a great place to start a beginner. I have already purchased other of the Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course books and will continue to purchase from this publisher. I have also steered my student's toward purchasing their own sets of these books to help with practicing outside of the classroom setting. These books will definitely stay around in my teaching library for years to come!! I look forward to seeing what other prep books are written and how they supplement the current books!

I have been teaching private piano lessons for 15 years and I am delighted with the Alfred series. This book specifically has quite a few songs that the kids will recognize. It starts by introducing the dotted quarter not, which is often difficult for students. It ends with great coverage of the primary chords, I, IV, V7. I love the approach Alfred takes to introducing those chords, then using them so much for the accompaniment. At first the kids are always very confused by it, but by the end of the book, they recognize them easily in all their pieces and can name them without any trouble. Be aware that some of the supplements in the series are substantially harder than the corresponding lesson book.

I have been a pianist for the last 25 years, and my 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to learn. We don't have any instructors in our city, so I decided I could teach her in the beginning. I remembered using the Alfred books when I began lessons, so I was happy to see they were still in print! I ordered the Alfred's Basic Piano Course Lesson Book, Theory, and Technic (Level 1). They are meant to go together.

The books are well laid out and simple for a child to follow. My 5 year old is an early reader, and with me, she has no problem following these books. They are illustrated and the print is large.

The books will let you know when to incorporate the lessons from the Theory and Technic books, as the lessons taught will coincide and help build on each other.

In the beginning, your child will learn the basics on reading music, but for the first half of the books, a numbered finger system will be used in place of a traditional staff. This is to build your child's ability to use their separate fingers correctly.

If you are using this as a parent to teach your own child, my only advice is to go slowly and patiently. Make sure that the child understands and is using the correct technic before moving ahead. It is a simple book, but speed is not key. This takes time and practice in order to build confidence.

This is the perfect first lesson book.

I would call myself a beginner piano teacher, as I play the piano myself but have had no instruction as to how to teach others to play. I now have four beginner students, whom I have been teaching for a little over a year.

I love the Alfred method. The four books: technic, lesson, solo/recital, and theory all seem to really work well together. The songs coordinate with each other, so for each new concept taught in the lesson books, the student has a warm-up, a solo piece, and some theory work to back it up. I find this to be very effective. It gives the students a chance to see several examples of each concept, and practice each new concept in different ways until they achieve perfection with it. It also really walks the teacher through each concept very clearly, giving definitions for musical terms and clear instructions for which songs go together. I feel like the order in which concepts are taught also makes a lot of sense.

Overall, it's a good method for a teacher who doesn't know a whole lot about HOW to teach another person to play the piano!

I currently have some of my students on this level, and others on the regular beginner levels. I love how all of the different levels are interchangeable, so gifted students can advance more quickly, and students who need a little extra reinforcement can stay on the lower levels. The map for how this all works is on the back of all of the books, which you can see on the book preview. So many great things about Alfred!

This product arrived within a few days of ordering. It was in pristine condition. I use this set of books because they are what my piano teacher prefers to teach from. Although the book says for later beginners, it should be a bit more specific. It is definitely not designed for adult learners (the songs are geared more toward children or adolescents). I do not mind so much, but others might. All in all a great buy. I recommend the seller. Delivered as promised and had a very accurate description of product. I am very pleased.

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