e-Book Some Women (Miniature Edition) download

e-Book Some Women (Miniature Edition) download

by Robert Mapplethorpe

ISBN: 0821221973
ISBN13: 978-0821221976
Language: English
Publisher: Little Brown & Co (April 1, 1995)
Category: Photography and Video
Subategory: Photography

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by. Robert Mapplethorpe (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Regarding the content, the photos are portraits of women in black and white, very sober and elegant. Definitely worth having.

Here in SOME WOMEN published in 1989 is a collection of Robert Mapplethorpe's images of women. There are a few nudes, some photographs of children; but most of these 86 pictures are portraits of women, many of them famous.

Some Women is Robert Mapplethorpe's breathtakingly elega. Again, having just finished Patti Smith’s Memoir of her life with Mapplethorpe, I looked at this book to see his work in black and white portraiture, his career in full swing. Just Kids focuses on their early life together, but it’s clear early on he (and she) liked to take portraits-of Warhol, of his friend Wagstaff, of Patti Smith, many many others. His idea was not to mirror the time, but shape perceptions of the time, to create the time.

by Robert Mapplethorpe First published January 1st 1990. Some Women, Miniature Ed. Some Women (Paperback). Published April 1st 1992 by Bulfinch Press. Paperback, 115 pages. Author(s): Robert Mapplethorpe. (Paperback). Published April 1st 1995 by Bulfinch Press. ISBN: 0821221973 (ISBN13: 9780821221976).

Published by Little Brown & Co. ISBN 10: 0821221973 ISBN 13: 9780821221976.

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Robert Michael Mapplethorpe (/ˈmeɪpəlˌθɔːrp/; November 4, 1946 – March 9, 1989) was an American photographer, known for his sensitive yet blunt treatment of controversial subject-matter in the black and white medium of photography. His work featured an array of subjects, including celebrity portraits, male and female nudes, self-portraits and still-life images of flowers. His most controversial work is that of the gay BDSM subculture in the late 1960s and early 1970s of New York City.

In Some Women, Mapplethorpe presents an exquisite celebration of female beauty. Included in the more than eighty photographs, many new and unpublished, are studies of friends, fellow artists, children, and celebrities-among them Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva, Grace Jones, Sigourney Weaver, Isabella Rossellini, and Yoko Ono. Joan Didion contributes an insightful essay exploring Mapplethorpe as artist and women as subject. Mapplethorpe's luminous vision and his elegant eye are nowhere more evident than in this stunning selection.

The women, as seen in (clockwise from top left) ‘Some Women’ by Robert Mapplethorpe; ‘Robert Mapplethorpe The Photographs’ by Paul Martineau and Britt Salvesen; ‘Mapplethorpe Polaroids’ by Sylvia Wolf.

The women, as seen in (clockwise from top left) ‘Some Women’ by Robert Mapplethorpe; ‘Robert Mapplethorpe The Photographs’ by Paul Martineau and Britt Salvesen; ‘Mapplethorpe Polaroids’ by Sylvia Wolf; ‘Robert Mapplethorpe The Archive’ by Frances Terpak and Michelle Brunnick. Photograph by Amy Feldtmann). It wasn’t a leatherman, a naked man, or a man in a polyester suit that was the subject of Robert Mapplethorpe’s first photograph - it was his eldest sister Nancy posing elegantly outside the family home in Floral Park, New York.

Following the success of the miniature edition of his Flowers, Robert Mapplethorpe's luminous showcase of female portraits, featuring memorable images of Grace Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Sigourney Weaver, Yoko Ono, Susan Sarandon, and others, is also available in a small-format gift book. 85 photos.
Good conditions

Beautiful book. Bought as a gift for my best friend.


For those who don't still know too much about Mapplethorpe this miniature edition is perfect. And if you like it, then you can buy a normal size book. Regarding the content, the photos are portraits of women in black and white, very sober and elegant. Definitely worth having.

Each photo is printed excellently .Minimal text .MY copy lacked the care and attention a good book should have but hte content was in tact .

Here in SOME WOMEN published in 1989 is a collection of Robert Mapplethorpe's images of women. There are a few nudes, some photographs of children; but most of these 86 pictures are portraits of women, many of them famous. A couple of males crash this harem, however: (Thomas, p. 89, David Brisbane, p. 91, and Paul Wadina, pp. 92 and 93). The highly stylized shot of Wadina and Melody on page 92 is one of my favorite photographs in this collection.

Other favorites are portraits of Yoko Ono (p. 79), Susan Sarandon (p. 61) photographed holding a child, on p. 72 the exquisite profile of Brooke Shields (the most beautiful photograph I've ever seen of her), Isabella Rossellini (pp. 33 and 35), and Grace Jones (p. 69).

The nude photographs certainly have the quality of marble, as do most of the portraits for that matter. Like alabaster, they are beautiful though cold. They are usually lit the same way with studio strobe lighting with no facial shadows and shot before a dark or black background. Some of the faces (the cover shot, for example) seem to be floating on a sea of blackness. Certainly at the time of his death Mapplethorpe had long since perfected a style that made his work recognizable immediately. All photographers, by the very nature of what they do, have to be to some degree control freaks-- for lack of a better term. Mapplethorpe was certainly no exception. In her insightful essay included in this book, Joan Didion describes his photographs as "the perilous imposition of order on chaos, of classical form on unthinkable images." (Not so unthinkable here as in some of his male images) Finally she says that Mapplethorpe himself said that he always wanted his work to be symmetrical. These photographs indicate that he was successful.

Not just the women themselves, but the renderings of them. This collection offers many view of what a woman is: young, in her prime, or aging; clothed or nude; even carrying new life within her. These hard-edged black and white images carry the soft curves of well- and un-known women beautifully.

My only reservation comes from some of the pictures of children. Jock Sturges's photos of naturist families show people of every age, happy and at ease in their undress. Mapplethorpe's unclad children distinctly lack that sense of ease - even small children know what they are comfortable with and, in at least a few cases, their comfort seems not to have been taken into account.

Except for that one troubling note, I find this one of the most captivating collections of figure and portrait photography I've seen.

- wiredwierd

I was disappointed by the 86 images of nudes, fashion shots, and portraits in this book. Although they are technically wonderful, well-lit, and beautiful, they lack a good grasp of the inner reality of the subjects. The contrast between this book and his remarkable work in Lady: Lisa Lyon and Flowers could not have been greater.
This book contains modest nudity of the sort that would require an R rating for a motion picture. None of the challenging images that made Mr. Mapplethorpe famous are present here.
In the annotation by Joan Dideon, Mr. Mapplethorpe is quoted as saying "You don't know why it's happening, but it's happening." Too little was happening in most of these images. The exceptions were the girls, who clearly expressed their personalities in an unguarded way. Most of the models are "well known, figures of considerable celebrity or fashion or achievement." As such, "they are professional women, performers before the camera." I think that as such, they were able to show just what they wished to reveal about themselves. So you get a mask, rather than a person. Mr. Mapplethorpe says about himself that his work is "very symmetrical." I agree, and while that works well with his flower portraits (in Flowers) that symmetry just seems a little dull here to me. Ms. Dideon also points out that "the idealization here is never of the present." Certainly, you will see that he is inspired by classical Greek and Roman ideas of female beauty.
Here are my favorites: Lydia Cheng, 1985; Sonia Resika, 1988 (p. 18); Brit Hammer, 1988; Lara Harris, 1987 (p. 27); Isabella Rossellini, 1988 (p. 33); Caroline Herrera, 1988; Alexandra Ellis, 1988; Blake Finkelson, 1988; Eva Amurri, 1988 (p. 58); Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri, 1988; Brooke Shields, 1988 (p. 73); Stella Goodall, 1984; Diandre Douglas, 1988; and Dolphine Neil-Jones, 1987.
As you can see the timing of these images is very similar, so you get a compressed sense of female beauty reflecting a moment in history. In a way, it's like a candid snapshot of beauty, rather than a cultural panorama.
After you finish this book, think about another thing Mr. Mapplethorpe said, "I'm looking for the unexpected." Where can you find and use the unexpected to expand your vision?
Stretch to the limits of imagination, rather than being bound by the vanity of the ego.

ISBN: 0762403527
ISBN13: 978-0762403523
language: English
Subcategory: Christian Living
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