e-Book The Mark of Zorro (Macmillan Reader) download

e-Book The Mark of Zorro (Macmillan Reader) download

by Johnston McCulley

ISBN: 1405076992
ISBN13: 978-1405076999
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan ELT (October 9, 2006)
Pages: 72
Category: Foreign Language Study and Reference
Subategory: Reference

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This reprint is from the hardcover version published by Grosset & Dunlap.

This reprint is from the hardcover version published by Grosset & Dunlap.


MACMILLAN GUIDED READERS, CLASSICS ■ Worksheet ■. ●. ● IWNALEOBBASLDITEEED. 5 Here are some of the other people in the book and a list of adjectives. Connect the people with suitable words. 6 What is The Mark of Zorro ? What would be your mark? Design your own mark. 7 Who is Zorro? Check through the book and make a list of the clues which give you the answer. 8 Adventure stories often have cartoon picture strips to show part of the story. Choose a part of this book where there is lots of action and lots of talking. Make a Zorro cartoon strip from this section.

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Johnston McCulley (February 2, 1883 Ottawa, Illinois - November 23, 1958) was the author of hundreds of stories, fifty novels, numerous screenplays for film and television, and the creator of the character Zorro. Many of his novels and stories were written under the pseudonyms Harrison Strong, Raley Brien, George Drayne, Monica Morton, Rowena Raley, Frederic Phelps, Walter Pierson, and John Mack Stone, among others

Student’s own answer. The student could say, Zorro punishes the enemies of the poor and the weak. First, because Don Diego has not won the love of Lolita. Second, because Diego does not want to join Zorro and the caballeros.

Student’s own answer. Gonzales has beaten a poor, weak man. Zorro’s eyes are cold and angry. Perhaps he does want to kill Gonzales. But the student could also say, Zorro has never killed anybody yet. Perhaps he punishes people in other ways. So he does not want to kill Gonzales.

Mark of Zorro (+ Audio CD) McCulley J. Macmillan Publishers. A dashing romantic story set in California in the previous century. This classic adventure comedy founded a whole genre of its own. Short stories, feature films, highly popular television series and animated cartoons have resulted, all featuring the people's hero with the flashing sword Zorro!, Don Diego Vega is pressed by his father Don Alejandro Vega, to court the eligible daughter of one of the oldest noble families in California.

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Pulp-fiction author Johnston McCulley (1883–1958) began his writing career with magazine short stories, later moving on to novels and screenplays. His subjects ranged from crime thrillers to action heroes of Southern California, most notably Zorro, whose exploits have been repeatedly adapted for movies and television. Библиографические данные.

Электронная книга "The Mark of Zorro", Johnston McCulley

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Narrated by Val Kilmer.

Originally titled The Curse of Capistrano in its 1919 debut, this exciting tale achieved immortal fame thanks to Douglas Fairbanks’s 1920 blockbuster film, The Mark of Zorro—a cinematic triumph that inspired Johnston McCulley to retitle his novel and dedicate it to Fairbanks. Set in Mexican California during the 1820s, the story follows the career of Don Diego Vega, by all appearances an effete and foppish aristocrat. But Vega’s timorous reputation is nothing more than a mask to conceal his alter ego: a California Robin Hood known as Zorro, whose swift blade strikes down those who exploit the poor and oppressed. The inspiration for dozens of film and television adaptations, The Mark of Zorro remains a paradigm of swashbuckling adventure.
A while ago, I decided to give this beloved character another chance by reading The Mark of Zorro, the original novel written by Johnston McCulley and published in 1919. Though we’re not sure who was the real bandit behind the legend of Zorro, the story of the charming Mexican Robin Hood still lives on through films, books and pop culture in general, Since the dawn of time, people were fascinated by heroes who fought for the truth and Zorro isn’t an exception. The masked fencer believes in freedom and justice; therefore he protects the oppressed from corrupt authorities.

"He runs up and down the length of El Camino Real like a goat of the high hills! He wears a mask, and he flashes a pretty blade, they tell me. He uses the point of it to carve his hated letter Z on the cheek of his foe!" (Loc 43) "He has robbed none except officials who have stolen from the missions and the poor, and punished none except brutes who mistreat natives." Loc 125

McCulley’s novel is set in California, in the early 19th century, when this region was still under Spanish rule. On the top of the social pyramid stood powerful aristocratic families whose obsession was to keep their bloodline pure as well as their honour. However, Don Diego de la Vega seems to be the exception to the rule because he dislikes most things a caballero does. He detests violence and the idea of finding a wife of noble blood isn’t too appealing to him. Don Diego is a sensitive young man who enjoys reading poetry and behaves like a whiny dandy. He is so lifeless and unpassionate that even the woman he ought to court mocks him. In contrast to Don Diego’s blend personality, Zorro is courageous risking his life to help the oppressed Native Americans, friars and Caballieros. Unlike Don Diego de la Vega, who avoids combat and shies away from wooing Senorita Lolita Pulido, Zorro is passionate, a skilful fencer and the man who steals the young lady’s heart.

The Mark of Zorro is an action-packed story about courage, heroism, honour, breaking social norms, truth and love. I’ve noticed that the characters are pretty underdeveloped, the dialogue is usually flat, the historical background is very thin and the story is pretty racist and sexist, which reflects the mentality of the time. Despite all its weaknesses, the book is fast-paced, plot-driven and Zorro’s adventures are so seductive that you can’t stop rooting for him.

In the end, though The Mark of Zorro is not a masterpiece in a literary sense, it gave us one of the most famous heroes in pop culture. If you’re looking for a fast-paced action-packed novel, give Johnston McCulley’s novel a try!

I really enjoyed this book. I love Zorro stories, I enjoyed them when I was growing up as well. The book was well written. Being that I already knew the identity of Zorro I felt that the suspense of the reveal was spoiled. The description and characters we done well for a book written many years ago. I wish the ending was a little better but for the time it was written it was enjoyable. I recommend it.

Johnston D. McCuilley used pieces of California legend to create Zorro, and we have seen countless films made from this book since it originally appeared. Douglas Fairbanks made a notable silent film, and Tyron Power a sound version. The one most people my age remember is the Guy Williams television series from Disney. During an age when westerns dominated television, it stood out for two years on the ABC network. This is swashbuckling western fiction at its best.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, as was expected for a Zorro fan. My husband read this also and thought Don Diego was too languid, but I found his charade amusing. We both loved the way Zorro came across in the story, although I have to say I was surprised by his behavior in one scene which I will not spoil for you by discussing it. The ending also really worked for me. Maybe I had been waiting for such an ending all along, for I was very pleasantly surprised. This novel is much fun and hard to put down! I was almost late to an appointment in my zeal to find out what happens next! (I suppose that is what happens when you live and breathe stories.) This is the original story incorporating all five installments of the Curse of Capistrano serial, and I highly, highly recommend it!

I see that other reviewers (particularly the handful that gave this book one or two stars) have published their reviews here complaining the book is riddled with typos when they are speaking of another version of this book- and one was reviewing the audiobook! In this 2002 Kindle edition there were not many, but a couple times when punctuation and spacing caused the need to reread a section, for example when reading dialogue to find there was a shift in character. The punctuation and spacing might make it unclear who is speaking every single time, however as a reader you will quickly realize it when the words don't fit with the character who is supposedly speaking them. Don't let it spoil the book for you- it is a very rare occurrence (less than five times over the course of the entire book) and one you can quickly figure out. There are very few typos in this edition other than that. As a writer, believe me, I notice everything when I read others' works, and there is very little here for anyone to complain about and so much to applaud. Read this version instead of the others and you will be pleased. Yes, give it a chance- especially if you are a Zorro fan! There is so much fun in store for you!

I bought this specific version because I adore Zorro, and Guy Williams is the best...so why not get the cover with him on it?! I was concerned the story would not be as entertaining as the Disney or "New World" TV shows, but I was quite surprised with just how much I enjoyed The Mark of Zorro. It was a wonderful tale, broken down into small chapters (which is always nice if you have only a few minutes here-and-there to read)and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I was shocked with the amount of typographical errors. In a large novel, it can be expected to have one...maybe two...typographical or grammatical errors, but with this verision there were many...as in well over 10...and this is not a large book at all. It was so extensive that at times it was quite distracting and a sentence (or more) had to be re-read numerous times in order to make sure it was understood.
In addition to this version, I purchased the Penguin Classics version, which has an extensive introduction on the history of Zorro, Johnston McCulley, and many of the TV and Movie productions of Zorro. If you have to choose between the two, I would go with the Penguin Classics version.

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