e-Book Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia's Longest Road download

e-Book Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia's Longest Road download

by Joe Tennis

ISBN: 1570723230
ISBN13: 978-1570723230
Language: English
Publisher: Overmountain Press (September 1, 2007)
Pages: 200
Category: Writing Research and Publishing Guides
Subategory: Reference

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Following US Route 58 for 500 miles across Virginia, this motoring guide takes you on a journey with stops at haunted hotels, covered bridges, lighthouses, waterfalls, mile-high mountains, and state parks. It also explores the paths of famous Americans along this corridor, including those of Johnny Cash, and Gregory Peck, and George Washington.

Hidden in the mountainous folds of Southwest Virginia, Natural Tunnel awaits the amazement of both seasoned acquaintances and new visitors alike. The main attraction of the 850-acre Natural Tunnel State Park, Natural Tunnel pierces Purchase Ridge for 850 feet at an average height of 50 feet and houses both a creek and a railroad?that's right, trains run through the Tunnel on a regular basis, their horns echoing off the magnificent 300-foot cliffs surrounding the Tunnel.

Discover the best Virginia Travel Guides in Best Sellers. Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia's Longest Road.

Eastern Virginia Brunswick Stew tends to be thinner, with more tomato flavor and less smoky flavor. a b Tennis, Joe (1 September 2007). The main differences between the Georgia and Virginia versions have been the types of meat used. Tradition favors squirrel in early versions of both. The Virginia version tends to favor chicken as the primary meat, along with rabbit. The Georgia version tends to favor pork and beef. The Overmountain Press. p. 46. ISBN 978-1-57072-323-0.

Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia’s Longest Road. Thanks to Beaches to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia’s Longest Road, . 58, at least, holds fewer mysteries.

ru/?book 1570723230 Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia s Longest Road Free, Complete For Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia s Longest Road , Best Books Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake.

The book, titled Beach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia’s Longest Road, is all about places of interest close to . Route 58. Tennis takes the reader on a 760 mile journey along Route 58, giving you not only the places of interest along the route, but also the stories behind them. Each site is covered in text and photos. The book covers such musical sites as the Crooked Road and Johnny Cash’s connection to Southwest Virginia. For those interested in history, rural routes, and appalachia, this book would make a fine Christmas gift. Pooling money for anything you may have to sell off later is asking to be jinxed. Never heard the one about new band. Butch Jackson - Jan 01, 2020.

Places to Brake on Virginia's Longest Road. Published September 1, 2007 by Overmountain Press.

"Beach to Bluegrass: Places To Brake on Virginia's Longest Road" promises a journey with stories and photos of Virginia.
Joe Tennis lives what he writes. This gives it an authenticity missing from many hit and run travel guides. Tennis grew up in Virginia Beach, and through school and writing for a living explored his way westward, following the path of the early settlers, and also returning to live from where his family had come. He shows that this history, the history of Virginia, is the history of America on its earliest way west.

Teniss's book is a good one if you live in the area, or along the route 460 and hwy 56, anywhere from the Tidewater (beach) to Abingdon & the Cumberland Gap (the blue grass of the title). Or if you are visiting, or traveling along 460 as I find myself doing in trips south and west.

I thoroughly enjoyed Teniss's earlier book, Southwest Virginia Crossroads, and this is of the same high quality writing. This book of course is more of a narrative that travels along with the road. A good weekend dashboard guide for driving with the kids and giving them (and yourself) a sense of the place we call home.

I like Joe Tennis's style. He is thorough in his research and does an outstanding job of depicting the area pictorially. I grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and now live in Virginia Beach, so I am familiar with the beginning and the terminus of this travel odyssey. I have traveled every one of the 508 miles of Highway 58 from the Oceanfront to the Kentucky border. This is a good representation of the diversity and beauty of that large expanse though there could be twice or three times as many interesting places that could have been included.

If you like this book, I highly recommend his other book Southwest Virginia Crossroads.

My husband met the author of this wonderfully rich book at a Rotary Club meeting, so it was a no-brainer for Christmas. I have skimmed through it. We live on the road the book is about, and the charming stories with lush photos are very enjoyable.

I grew up along Route 58 in Virginia and really enjoyed the pictures and narrative about the small towns and points of interest along 58. In the 50's my husband was in the Navy at Norfolk and
hitch hiked from Norfolk to South Boston every week end. He enjoyed it, too.

Gave many very interesting reviews on places to see along Route 58 in Virginia.
Maybe one day we'll actually plan a trip all the way out there.

I enjoyed this book so much that I ordered two more to give as gifts to relatives. I was raised in Suffolk, Virginia and this book gives me a great history lesson of the area. I have also visited many of the places mentioned in the book, but I plan to travel Route 58 again to just visit specific places included in this informative book.
My son attended college in Bristol, VA, home of the author, so this book ended on a journey that I have traveled.
While my son was attending college in Bristol, he attended a book signing of Joe Tennis at the library in Bristol, VA. At this time he purchased a signed copy of, The Marble, another excellent book by this author. I highly recommend this author. If you have a interest in history and travel then you need to read books written by this excellent author, Joe Tennis.

This book was a gift for my husband and he couldn't put it down when he first opened it.

ISBN: 0965240711
ISBN13: 978-0965240710
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