e-Book Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony download

e-Book Invoking Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony download

by Constantina Rhodes

ISBN: 1438433212
ISBN13: 978-1438433219
Language: English
Publisher: SUNY Press (October 8, 2010)
Pages: 291
Category: Hinduism
Subategory: Religion

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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 657
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A multi-faceted portrait of Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Includes translations of verses used to invoke this goddess.
I really enjoyed this book, finding it a fantastic resource for those interested in the worship and devotion of Lakshmi.

It's also a fantastic resource for learning more about Hindu devotional practice in general, using Lakshmi as the focus example. The different types of devotional practices are covered in-depth, with extremely erudite explanations and breakdowns as to the "whys" of the various ritual elements.

As a long-time student of Eastern-oriented religious studies, I found this book to be refreshing, easy-to-read, and packed full of resources that one could almost immediately put to use. Though, one would not have to be aiming to put this into practical use, to gain a great deal from the knowledge contained in here. In fact, looking back on my university class on Hindu Ritual Worship, this book far outstrips what was used as a textbook, really educating the reader on how and why certain actions are taken, certain words and songs are said and sung & mantras are chanted. It's really great.

This would be an excellent resource for anyone studying Hindu ritual, as well as for any devotee of Lakshmi to help them deepen their understanding and practice.

Every page of this book breathes with the spirit of the golden goddess of abundance. The writing is captivating and engaging and drew me into the colorful, sumptuous ceremonial and meditative life centering on Lakshmi from the very first sentence. The book is based on time in India among worshippers of Lakshmi and study of Sanskrit songs that praise and invoke her, which are beautifully translated here. The author divides the book into devotional practices that envision the goddess as a divine being and Tantric methods that awaken the presence of the goddess within. The book offers the best ~ most insightful and elegantly written ~ explanation of Tantra I have ever encountered in my decades of study. Invoking Lakshmi is an absolute must for anyone interested in Lakshmi or in Tantra or who wants to understand the true nature of wealth as a spiritual state of radiant well-being and free flow of resources into and through one's life in enriching, inspiring, enlightening ways. A magnificent book on a magnificent topic...to read it is to commune with Lakshmi and invite her blessings into one's life.

Despite the popularity of the Goddess Lakshmi, only a few books are written about her. This book is very well written and researched. From hymns to rituals, this book contains excellent information that is not available anywhere else.
I first bought this book in Kindle format. But I loved it so much, therefore I purchased a hard copy of it. This book is an excellent read and contains more information about the beloved Goddess Lakshmi then any other book that is published. I highly recommend it!

Thanks a lot for this well written book! Translations of the Mantras and Shlokas are commendable. The image of beautiful Shri Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, affluence and prosperity, is a very powerful subconscious programing. Think of her, her grace and what she bestows upon you...for at least 5 minutes a day, when the mind is fresh and receptive. Keep a journal to document your dreams...

I have really just begun to ready about Goddess Lakshmi and her beautiful blessings. She is the Goddess of wealth and all women. She will bless you in every area of your life. There are beautiful prayers to her which are very peaceful when you read/pray for her blessings. I feel her beautiful presence with me daily now. I am very thankful and excited to see what is to come. Thank you Goddess Lakshmi!!

I wanted to understand more about Sri Lakshmi, in particular what chants invoke Her Grace and their meaning, and this book does that and much more. I am familiar with this author which drew me to preview this particular book. It is easy to read and contains so much food for thought. I find that sentences from this book play in my mind during the day and draws me into a deeper place within myself. I tend to flit like a butterfly in reference books and that tendency works with this book. As someone who continues to search for a personal relationship with Supreme Consciousness, I am fortunate to have found this book. I highly reccommend.

This book contains beautifully written songs of praise and invocation to the goddess Lakshmi. it is full of very wonderful information that helps one to begin to understand the deity from a Hindu perspective. a very wonderful book. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn to do puja in their own home.

I was thrilled to find such a comprehensive book on the worship of this well-loved Hindu Goddess. The chapters are well organized and the content is in depth and detailed. This is probably the most extensive information I have ever found on one Goddess in one place.

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