e-Book The Atlantis Secret: A Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent download

e-Book The Atlantis Secret: A Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent download

by Alan F. Alford

ISBN: 0952799413
ISBN13: 978-0952799412
Language: English
Publisher: Eridu Books (October 15, 2001)
Pages: 496
Category: Occult and Paranormal
Subategory: Religion

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Rating: 4.8
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For the mythical island seeker, I would highly recommend this book.

In this remarkable book, Alan F. Alford explains how the sages of old drew an astonishing conclusion: long ago, they . THE ATLANTIS SECRET is a truly ground-breaking book that offers a revolutionary, but common-sense solution to some of the greatest mysteries of our age. Alford explains how the sages of old drew an astonishing conclusion: long ago, they decided, a living planet had exploded and seeded the beginning of all life on earth. This 'Cataclysm of all cataclysms' - a forerunner of the modern Big Bang - had been witnessed by no man, and yet it became the cornerstone of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations.

The Atlantis Secret book. In this remarkable book, Alan F.

Plato was initiated into the Exploded Planet secret .

Plato was initiated into the Exploded Planet secret, and used it as the basis for his story of Atlantis. In a theory that unifies all of Greek religion and explains every single aspect of the Atlantis story (a genuine first) Alan. F. Alford explains that the modern-day quest for Atlantis in the form of an ancient civilization, lost beneath the waves, is completely misguided. Books related to The Atlantis Secret - A Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent.

Alford, Alan F. Published by Eridu Books (2001). ISBN 10: 0952799413 ISBN 13: 9780952799412.

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This is The Atlantis Secret: A Complete Decoding of Plato’s Lost Continent. Alford has perfected the art of self-flattery

This is The Atlantis Secret: A Complete Decoding of Plato’s Lost Continent. It is self-published by its author Alan Alford, who wants us to know that he is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient mythology, comparative religion and mysticism. Alford has perfected the art of self-flattery. His book, he informs us early on, is nothing short of a sensation for it contains not only a complete decoding of the lost continent of Atlantis, but also a complete decoding of ancient Greek religion in its entirety.

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Authors: Alford, Alan F.

THE ATLANTIS SECRET A Complete Decoding of Plato's Lost Continent Alan Alford's theory of the Atlantis story is bold, innovative, and radically different from anything ever proposed before. Far from claiming that Plato's story was historically true, as other authors generally do, he argues that the story was 'true' in the sense that it was a 'true myth' describing the cataclysmic origins of the Universe (this kind of myth was held to be 'true' by sages of the ancient world). The reason Atlantis ended up in the deep, he suggests, is because the original Atlantis fell out of the sky. The quest for Atlantis thus becomes a cosmic and spiritual quest - for knowledge of the Mystery of Existence and the meaning of life and death.
A great disappointment. The author of this book did next to no research on this book, merely expresses his opinions, and still manages to drone on for some four hundred tiresome pages. His thesis is essentially this: Plato never meant for his story of Atlantis to be intrepreted as truth (even though, in his dialogues, he does say several times that it is true), and that Atlantis and the mythical underworld, Hades, are one in the same. This would be interesting, could even be interpreted as a new look, but the author does such a poor job of making his case, even in this thick tome, that everything on these pages gradually becomes suspect. Rather than fact piled up upon more fact to make a stronger case, opinion is piled on top of more opinions. The bombastic tone of this book becomes evermore irritating (you will get tired of the author's constant suggestion to 'see his earlier works'), and believe it or not, at the end of each chapter, there are summaries about the chapter's 'ground-breaking' contents. This would be useful in a good book about Atlantis, it comes across as popmous and self-serving in this one.
Professor Christopher Gill also lends his learned talents in the introduction that praises this book (it's respectable for a scholar to appear in any book decrying Atlantis), although this book caters towards the fantastic in such a bad way that one wonders why any academic would want to be associated with it at all. Disecting Plato word for word might be a good exercise, but this author is not the one to do it. Alan Alford is the Rush Limbaugh of the pseudo-archeology set, and, if this book is any indication of his other books, there is no reason at all to 'see his earlier works.' This book is justifiably out of print at the moment. My edition has a nice cover and, at four hundred some pages, something in there must make sense, so I will hold onto it. If you can't find a copy, just imagine your worst college professor, a stalled elevator, him trying to tell you all his theories, and there you will have this book.

different direction of thinking and probably more real than most atlantis books

Alan Alford has created an intellectual paradigm shift of such domino falling proportions with his books that it will probably take a decade at the absolute least before WHEN THE GODS CAME DOWN alone becomes recognized (or ignored) for the incredible service to world culture it is. THE ATLANTIS SECRET, focusing on the myth makying power of the ancient stories of Atlantis, builds upon this foundation brilliantly.

We can read all of the New Age book work, New Perspective Archaeology, Popular Psychology and much of the scientific innovative literature so popular today in one or more of three contexts: the socio-economic (regarding cultural trends and publishing houses), the cultural/psychological reaction to technology and the Information Society, and one powerful other. That third one is simple, and is the unifying belief, stated or unconscious, of every author: regardless of the specific message of the individual book, we are witnessing the dawning of a future world where all our existential questions of spirituality, communication and those of the multi-discplinary sciences meld into one unified linguistical system of an answer. Alan Alford reveals in all of his books that that grand idea, generating such spiritual hopes for the future of the human species, is the mental architecture upon which the past 6000-plus years of human civilization is already based.

In THE PHOENIX SOLUTION, Alford took a radical approach to the decoding of Egyptian religion and mythology to reveal its scientific underpinnings in a way unlike literally anyone before him. He said that the foundation of Egyptological thought and religion lay in their scientific theory of the evolutionary growth process of our entire solar system. Much of the foundational myths, gods and goddesses, he showed, symbolize the theorized outer planets of eons past and their process of raining meteoric bits of proto-life onto our Earth upon their explosion; effectively "seeding" our planet with the beginnings of new life unlike ever before. This foundational solar system-view, not just world view, generated the entire religious philosophy, scientific study, cultural practices and art of the culture for more than three thousand years.

WHEN THE GODS CAME DOWN is Alan Alford's masterpiece in my opinion. Building on the Egyptological revelations of PHOENIX SOLUTION, he showed in the most remarkable scientific, archaeological and literary fashion how this foundational concept of the evolution of our entire solar system is the generating principle behind not just Egyptian religion but ALL ancient myth and religion; from that of Sumer to Babylon; Memphis to Peking; Athens to Jerusalem. He then showed how the great teachers of every age, like Socrates, Plato, and (yes) Jesus, were lauded as such because they knew, mastered and shared this foundational concept of truth in the context of its specfic cultural, linguistic and psycho-mythic implications--though they still did so in such a way that only the most knowledgeable and spritually initiated would fully grasp its implications. In short, Alford reveals the one sublime, ancient religion UNDERNEATH the many modern world religions as we have come to know them, in their "dumbed down" form; from Christian fundamentalism to Ancient Astronaut/Extraterrestrial fundamentalism. In so doing, he reaffirms the majesty and metaphorical human truth within them all.

With THE ATLANTIS SECRET, however, he takes this paradigm-shifting theory and focuses it, like a laser, onto the mind of Plato. In so doing he reveals what may be the greatest theory explaining what Plato was actually trying to tell the world in the TIMAEUS that we have yet heard. Through which, he reveals what may be the actual anthropological/scientific foundation for the entire philosohpical history of ancient Greece--and, by default, our modern world.

My test for the far reaching influence and power of any theorist--particularly of the wannabe revolutionary kind--is three-fold. One, their theory must be completely plausible; i.e. not needing simple revolt from detractors and complimentary but poorly explained aspects of ITSELF to proclaim and rationalize its essential relevance. Two, it must have the ability to completely encapsulate the foundational principles, concepts and findings of the other competitive theories as a part of its own. And third, perhaps most important of all, it has to excite me. There may be things my mind will not be strong enough, educated enough, mutil-lingual enough or quick enough to pick up, but you cannot fool my heart.

THE ALTANTIS SECRET, far from being out of print, continues to catch the attention of highly regarded academics for a reason: it passes all of these tests equally well, in a way that will change those who revere the achievements of ancient Greece forever.

Not everyone is ready for a book like this. It answers more questions than it raises. You will probably have to read it twice to fully grasp it all. But try reading it, and looking at anything regarding culture, religion, the spirit and scientific news the same. I cannot recommend it enough.

Gold as Heart
The author of this book has revealed to the reader a new light on the myth of Atlantis. Reading the previous review I was disappointed to see how D. Hill felt.

Much like the scriptures in ancient mythology to the Biblical Canon, mankind has taken it upon themselves to analyze every line of this literature and take every word literally. Alan Alford attempts a new approach, explaining that Atlantis may in fact not be a real island but instead a story and only a story (I do not wish to spoil the material to the potential buyer).

A. Alford continues on attacking alternative and orthodox beliefs (and research) of Atlantis, claiming the individuals to only take Plato's writings on the location and size of the island while also ignoring the war and the mythology of the people during the time.

For the mythical island seeker, I would highly recommend this book. It is not a disappointment as D. Hill claims it to be.

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