e-Book A Scandalous Providence download

e-Book A Scandalous Providence download

by E. Frank Tupper

ISBN: 0865544697
ISBN13: 978-0865544697
Language: English
Publisher: Mercer University Press (June 1, 1995)
Pages: 484
Category: Religious Studies
Subategory: Religion

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A Scandalous Providence book. Book by E. Frank Tupper.

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product description page. A Scandalous Providence - by E Frank Tupper (Paperback).

Автор: Tupper E. Frank Название: A Scandalous Providence: The Jesus .

Scandalous Providence, A. Tupper, Frank. Bookseller Inventory 1725653. Ask Seller a Question. ISBN 10: 0881462608, ISBN 13: 9780881462609. BRAND NEW Softcover A Brand New Quality Book from a Full-Time Veteran Owned Bookshop in business since 1992!. Bibliographic Details. Title: Scandalous Providence, A. Publisher: Mercer Univ Press.

Similar books and articles. A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza's Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age. By Steven Nadler. Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1998. Alan P. F. Sell - 2000 - Studies in Christian Ethics 13 (1):108-112. Pp. Xviii, 279, Princeton/Oxford, Princeton University Press, 2013, £1. 0. Patrick Madigan - 2017 - Heythrop Journal 58 (3):543-544. Plato and Pythagoreanism. By Phillip Sidney Horky.

Books online: A Scandalous Providence: The Jesus Story of the Compassion of God, 2013, Fishpond. Frank Tupper is professor of Theology at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. He is the author of The Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg.

A Scandalous Providence with E. Frank Tupperby Homebrewed Christianity Podcas.

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Book by E. Frank Tupper
In the interests of full disclosure, I was a student of Dr. Tupper in 1974. My most vivid memory of that class was a discussion of the problem of evil in the world. This current book addresses that difficult issue, but it mainly looks at the providence of God through the earthly experience of Jesus. Tupper's treatment of the birth narratives in Matthew is refreshing, informative, and captures the spirit of God's engagement in history. Another professor of mine during that time was Dr. George Buttrick. In a chapel address, Dr. Buttrick said: "You can't cinch God." Ah! Dr. Tupper catches that spirit. Jesus always surprises. I have always loved the multifacited story of "The Good Samaritan," but Tupper brought yet another dimention to this parable. We are the ones in the ditch. We are the ones in need of God's grace. Tupper explains that grace better than most. Thank you for again teaching me, Dr. Tupper.

Book was as described.

An amazing book that changed my mind, inspired my faith, & is well worth reading multiple times.

I don't really have time for a lengthy review, but, simply put: this was an absolutely great work of theodicy.

Tupper's book takes me back to the wonderous days of seminary as I attempted to capture his passion on paper during his lectures on providence. These pages contain what I failed to document. He asks the questions all seeking Christians ask when facing the hard issues in life. After reading Tupper's book, no Christian would ever again say in an off handed manner "it is God's will". Dr. Tupper's gentle and insightful use of scripture deepens our understanding of God's loving activity in our lives. A must read for pastors.

A wonderful book on providence. Beautiful theological and I found myself in tears during certain parts of the book. I highly recommend this book.

I am forced to demur in regards to the other posted reviews of Professor Tupper's monograph. I was a student at Southern Seminary during the last days of Dr. Tupper's professorship there and I can attest to the fact that this work accurately reflects the content of his teaching at that time. Dr. Tupper's thesis can be summed up neatly in the following: "In times of greatest human need, God always does the best that God can." While that sentiment may work for your local State Farm agent, it can in no way serve as a historically and/or biblically informed definition of divine providence (unless the human language has lost all definiteness of meaning). Tupper has abandoned confidence in the sovereign Lord of the Old and New Testaments, not because the biblical texts supporting the time-honoured doctrine of God's sovereign providence have changed or have been misread. Rather, Tupper has given up on orthodox theology at this point because it does not complement his life-experience (and, of course, that is an infallible basis for understanding ultimate reality). Tupper's methodology throughout this tome is not worthy of the term "scholarship": his "exegesis" of relevant texts is sloppy and his theologizing is largely anecdotal. This is a sadly maudlin piece of self-expression that speaks much more to the nature of the author than it does to the nature of God.

Dr. Frank Tupper's book, A Scandalous Providence, is an example of Open Theism before that theology grew in representation and influence. In that sense, it might be called a pioneering book. However, A Scandalous Providence is far from the best work that theological movement has to offer. In the interests of full disclosure, let me state that I am not an open theist and believe that position to be heretical. However, there are several fairly recent books by open theists that--while I would sharply disagree with their theology--I could rate highly as being cogent, well-argued works expressing their theology. Tupper's work is neither cogent nor well-argued. His argument follows other Openness thought by stating that in the face of evil and suffering, God does the best God can with what he knows and with the resources available to him--sometimes considerable, sometimes not. His theological arguments and exegetical treatments of the text, however, are quite sloppy (remember, I am not rating my agreement or disagreement with Tupper, but his handling of the text). For example, his treatment of the question, "How could God save Jesus from being slaughtered by Herod but not save the other babies?" has to read so much into the Matthew text that the reader will be left scratching his head unless he already buys into Tupper's position. If you are an open theist, there are much better representatives of your position than this convoluted mess. If you are not an open theist and want to understand this theology and seriously interact with the best it has to offer, there are far better works out there.

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