e-Book God Is Always Happy: The Beginning Material 2-CD Set download

e-Book God Is Always Happy: The Beginning Material 2-CD Set download

by Venus Andrecht

ISBN: 0975913093
ISBN13: 978-0975913093
Language: English
Publisher: Artichoke Publishing; Run time: 120 minutes edition (May 1, 2007)
Category: Worship and Devotion
Subategory: Religion

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God Is Always Happy book. In this two-CD set that contains two-hours of spoken recorded transcriptions, Venus Andrecht reveals the teachings given to her by a group of non-physical energies she calls the Beings.

God Is Always Happy book.

In 2006, Venus Andrecht began a series of dialogs with nonphysical energies she eventually named the High Beings. As her communication with these energies evolved, she was given a startling series of revelations that completely altered her understanding of the world and the nature of life and death.

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The Beginning Material 2-CD Set.

Published May 1, 2007 by Artichoke Publishing.

Venus Andrecht God is Always Happy.

by Venus Andrecht · data of the Audio CD God Is Always Happy: The. Audio CD. details (USA).

When she was fifty-three, Venus Andrecht had an epiphany, a kind of near-death experience of the mind and her emotions. After a lifetime of grief with men in which she chose one bad relationship after another, she woke up in another country entirely. Suddenly, she had the proverbial eyes that could see, and what she saw in her life was amazing. Awake and clear-eyed, she knew who Certain Men were and what they were about. She suddenly understood the 20-Minute Rule, and she could see how and why certain types of men always found their way into her life

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Experience a startling series of revelations that will completely alter your understanding of our world and satisfy your questions about the nature of life. In this two-CD set that contains two-hours of spoken recorded transcriptions, Venus Andrecht reveals the teachings given to her by a group of non-physical energies she calls the Beings. These Beings comment on life's most complex issues, such as: why we suffer, past lives, death, why we came here, who we are, what happens to loved ones who ve passed on, why animals suffer, the best way to live, and more. At its basis is the fundamental idea that God is always happy, which is supported by a simple framework of related ideas that neatly account for all the vagaries of life. For Venus, what began as simply jotting thoughts and notes into a notebook bloomed into a daily dialog with forms of consciousness whose broader understanding and penetrating insights into the nature of life finally convinced her that this experience was real, and the information profound. She presents their teachings in this double-CD set in the hope that others can be similarly helped by their insights. For sample text from the teachings, visit her website www.VenusAndrecht.com.
Lahorns Gods
Dear Venus,

I received your God Is Always Happy cd last night. I listened to some of it on the way to work this morning. I felt God wanted me to get it, even though I resisted for a long time, so I stopped resisting.

I know it probably isn't the cause, but I have to tell you that getting back to your show and the information from the beings is part of new perspective energy coming in to me this month. And nothing is a coincidence, right?

Something happened this morning that is part of the energy. My boss was going to buy a lottery ticket and offered to buy one for me. I told him I was working on seeing money as blessing type energy instead of as worry energy. He asked me to follow him to his office. He said he had been carrying this around for a long time, as a symbol of blessings. He reached into his wallet and pulled out a worn $20 bill. On it were the words, "God's blessings!" "Abundance" "Prosperity" "Joy" and maybe something else.

Venus, I was shocked! It was one I had written on several years ago and sent out to the universe! And there it was! I knew that if I ever received one of them back, blessings were on the way.

So I'm watching for the blessings. I just wanted you to know that you are a blessing to me and to many. Keep up the great work!

I first knew of Venus Andrecht on Hayhouse radio as the lady who can go into people's heads and find out what they're thinking (after she gets their permission). She also has a wonderful sense of humor and it is an uplifting experience just listening to her.
One day, she started hearing voices (uh-oh!) and began writing it all down, calling it "the higher beings". She asked them about God, why He allows suffering, where He came from and many other things. Every question was answered and then some.
The reason this is such a revelation for me is this: the beings don't always give the answer I expect--but 100% of what they say always makes perfect sense. Which means that I have to do a little adjusting, a little learning and a little understanding.
Venus reads her own part here, and the part of the beings is read lovingly by her daughter Summer McStravick, who also has a Hayhouse show called "Flowdreaming". Summer has one of the greatest voices I've ever heard, and she gives the recordings just the right amount of levity, wisdom and fun. God without guilt.

I enjoyed listening to this work. I have already bought this CD set some time ago and now I am listening again after some years.

I had known the work of Venus from the time she did Hayhouse Radio shows. I liked her because she does all this new age work without being boring or heavy, in fact she is full of life and has great sense of humor.

Beyond agreeing or disagreeing about each word in this work, what I appreciate in these CDs is to be able to listen to a material that makes me think about life and God under a positive and different point of view.

This one struck me as a little bit goofy. But I continued to listen because somehow it seemed to be on my level. Now what does that say about me? I enjoyed the fact that at times the souls that she discussed seemed to change. I would say that it is something worthwhile to listen to, though you may not have any epiphanies from it.

Very interesting, will listen to it regularly to fully understand meanings of what "Beings" are trying to get us to understand.

Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
These 2 CD's are good for anybody who's on a spiritual/life quest to learn about life (and after it...) itself: the good, the bad, the reason for, and many other questions.
I myself, was looking for answers for the bad in the world (AKA New World Order and such) and found somewhat of an answer. I say "somewhat" because, the explanations that "The Beings" give the author are so new too our human minds, that they can take up to 3 listenings to fully grasp them.
Although these ideas are sometimes hard to understand...or accept, I believe that they will make much more sense to us as the spiritual part of planet Earth expands more and more.
That said, I can't wait to get the future CD's and meanwhile, I am regularly going on the author website ([...]) to get more input.

Venus is an amazing gift to our world. This cd offers so much insight into a new perspective of our lives and the life beyond this physical life.

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