e-Book Magic Kingdom (The Magic Kingdom of Landover) download

e-Book Magic Kingdom (The Magic Kingdom of Landover) download

by Terry Brooks

ISBN: 051767355X
ISBN13: 978-0517673553
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing; First Edition first Printing edition (June 8, 1988)
Category: Fantasy
Subategory: Science Fiction

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The location of the novels centers in a fictional world known as Landover that is populated with numerous magical and fairy creatures. It takes its name from a humorous reference to The Wizard of Oz, particularly its "land over the rainbow".

Magic kingdom for sale. Published by The Random House Publishing Group: The Magic Kingdom of Handover: Magic kingdom for sale-sold! The black unicorn. Landover-island of enchantment and adventure rescued from the mists of time, home of knights and knaves, of dragons and damsels, of wizards and warlocks. Magic mixes with iron, and chivalry is the code of life for the true hero. All of your fantasies become real in this kingdom from another world. Only one thread to this whole cloth is lacking-you, to rule over all as King and High Lord. Escape into your dreams and be born again.

Shelve Landover Series, Books 1-2: Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! . Shelve The Magic Kingdom of Landover: Volume 1. Want to Read.

Shelve Landover Series, Books 1-2: Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold!; The Black Unicorn.

Home Terry Brooks The Magic Kingdom of Landover Volume . Magic Kingdom for Sale-Sold! The Black Unicorn.

Home Terry Brooks The Magic Kingdom of Landover Volume 2. Home. The magic kingdom of la. .The Magic Kingdom of Landover Volume 2, . The Tangle Box. Witches’ Brew. A Princess of Landover. The word and the void. Running with the Demon. A Knight of the Word. Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life.

Book 1 of 6 in the Magic Kingdom of Landover Series. liday purchased Landover, he discovered the magic kingdom had some problems. The Barons refused to recognize a king and the peasants were without hope.

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TERRY BROOKS THE HERITAGE OF SHANNARAThe Complete Series After "New York Times" bestselling author Terry Brooks completed The Sword of Shannara trilogy, millions of fans around the world clamored to immerse themselves again in his dazzling world. Spanning topics from the importance of daydreaming to the necessity of writing an outline, from the fine art of showin.

Landover was a genuine magic kingdom, complete with fairy folk and wizardry, just as the advertisement had promised. Such as the fact that the kingdom is falling into ruin. The barons refuse to recognize a king and taxes haven't been collected for years. The dragon, Strabo, is laying waste to the countryside, while the evil witch, Nightshade, is plotting to destroy no less than everything.

Ben Holiday announced to his friends at breakfast that morning. He might as well have been giving a weather report. owed in thought, his gaze directed some twenty feet above the breakfast table at an invisible point in space. The kobolds Bunion and Parsnip barely looked up from eating. The scribe Abernathy managed a look of polite curiosity, but for a shaggy-faced dog whose normal look was one of polite curiosity, that was not particularly difficult.

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Now in one thrilling volumeexperience the magic, the intrigue, and the exciting escapades of the final two novels in Terry Brooks's spellbinding Magic Kingdom of Landover series All appears well with Ben Holiday

Now in one thrilling volumeexperience the magic, the intrigue, and the exciting escapades of the final two novels in Terry Brooks's spellbinding Magic Kingdom of Landover series All appears well with Ben Holiday. He's finally secured for himself the throne of Landover, and he and his wife, the exquisite sylph Willow, are expecting their first child. But their peaceful days are numbered. The conjurer Horris Kews returns to Landover and inadvertently releases an evil sorcerer from the Tangle Box, a magic chest used by the fairy folk to imprison wayward spirits.

Ben Holiday purchases the magical kingdom of Landover for a million dollars only to learn that Iron Mark, lord of the demons, expects him to fight a duel to the death
I read this book as a teen and absolutely loved it. I picked it up on a whim because it was on sale and was a little nervous to see if it was as awesome as I remembered.
Well...it’s not quite. Lets get the bad out of the way first. It’s pretty “tell” heavy. And Willow’s insistence upon “fate” and the fact that a pretty girl magically helped Ben heal from some of his past issues was a bit annoying.
I still had fun with it. It’s still got the whimsical, light hearted ness I remember from the first time I read it. If you go into this expecting a unique, fantastic, magic-and-worldbuilding-heavy novel with layered characters and a twisty plot...you’re going into this book with the wrong attitude. It’s just a fun little romp through a whimsical fantasy world where you can expect everything to work out for the heroes and there’s not too much heartbreak. I love heavy books, but I’m also very attached to the whimsical side of fantasy as well, a side that sometimes feels sorely neglected in anything other than MG books nowadays.
There’s a bit of objectionable content in this—a few swears and some non-explicit nudity—but nothing that kicked me out of the feeling of fun and whimsy. Don’t expect anything more than a trope-y 80s light fantasy from this, and it’s pretty close to perfect.

watching to future
although my first impressions of Terry Brooks was "Sword of Shanara" I saw a book in my uncle's house and became interested. The Magic Kingdom series(starting with this one "For Sale Sold") was the one I truly read from start to finish(ending with Princess of Landover). I have read the first leg of the journey three times over about three decades, the second trilogy, Starting with "Tangle Box" and Witcehs Brew I read more recently and Princess of Landover I read the entire book the day it was released to public on hard back and enjoyed it thourghly. however it was dealing this the daughter of the protagonist, not Ben Holiday. The first trilogy is most interesting as it deals primarily with the struggle to kingship by Ben Holiday and trials dealing with it when he does obtain his throne and his power over Landover. This first book deals with the Quest to become a king, my favorite of all the books. Black Unicorn deals with loosing what he had, but a delusion, and Wizard at Large is a mishap, not as interesting but good read. this is the first of the Landover series and was released to us in 1986 the second is equally as good, the others, were good but these first(IMO) were the best. although Tangle Tales was also very intriguing. and Witches Brew the aftermath preachy at times, but still fun. Princess of Landover ties directly to Witches brew. The entire series is very tight with continuity as most of Terry Brooks's books. This deals with consistent characters giving you the same feeling as chumming with old friends. The Shanara series does not. it deals with hundreds even thousands of year spans between books. no characters last that long. I prefer Landover but recommend also any Shanara ttile! beginning with Armageddon if you are bored with backstories I'd recommend Sword of Shanara first. for Landover read this first! A must!

Well how can you start a fairy tale in modern Chicago and New York with a lawyer for a hero? Terry Brooks figured out a excellent way and it's here in this first book. Who would have guessed that a ad in one of those uber expensive Christmas Catalogs for the amazingly rich was for a real magic kingdom. Ben, a disillusioned rich lawyer having a life crisis, can't actually believe it even though he coughed up a million dollars to purchase it. He keeps trying desperately to explain the Court Wizard's magic, or the talking dog, or the very tarnished Sterling Silver Castle that he seems to have acquired. But it's the Dragon that makes him a believer.

A very fun book which has all the usual themes but somewhat different in the way they were set up. Clever.

I have really enjoyed Terry Brooks for many years. I recently re-read the previous installments of the Landover series and decided that I would add this one as well. It fits right in with the other books, but (as is often the case) isn't as strong as the first book in the series, Kingdom for Sale - Sold.
But, setting that aside, it is a great story. I have had a long relationship with many of the characters, so that gave the book a head start. I was already familiar with the backstory... so the "catch-up" for new readers did drag me down a little... but then things picked back up and the new characters brought new life into the series. I would certainly recommend it for any Terry Brooks or Landover fans.

This, the first book in Terry Brooks' Landover series, introduces readers to Ben Holiday, a successful Chicago attorney whose life has lost its meaning after the death of his wife. Needing desperately to find new challenges and purpose, he is intrigued by one item in a prestigious New York department store's Christmas catalogue: a magic kingdom showing castles and a knight battling a fire-breathing dragon. Impossible! It can't be real. But the department store has a strong reputation for delivering on its promises, and it fully stands behind this one-of-a-kind entry. After Holiday makes the purchase, he discovers the kingdom is all that is advertised--and quite a bit more. It is indeed real. Too real, in fact. It's a kingdom that has very real, very dangerous problems--and some of those problems could very easily be the death of Ben Holiday. If you enjoy well thought out stories in which the protagonist must rationally think (and fight) his way to a solution to seemingly insurmountable problems, this engaging fantasy may be for you. Terry Brooks is at the top of his considerable form here!

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e-Book Wizard at Large (Landover Series) download

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